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NPR Exposes Vote Fraud (Listen!)

NPR Exposes Vote Fraud (Listen!)
NPR Exposes Vote Fraud (Listen!)


homepage: homepage: http://www.npr.org/dmg/dmg.php?prgCode=ATC&showDate=10-Nov-2004&segNum=14&mediaPref=WM&getAd=1

Don't bother to listen to this 11.Nov.2004 09:16


It's just government coverup. It was posted here with that title in order to sucker you into listening. What do you expect from NPR?

yeah 11.Nov.2004 09:21

king friday

yeah, when was the last time that fox news wrapped in classical music bunch of scumbags ever exposed anything.

Great Article! Thanks NPR 11.Nov.2004 09:22

a fan

Its about time someone exposed the truth.

Cover your ears! Propaganda alert! 11.Nov.2004 10:19


It ain't called National Propaganda Radio for nothing!

What a whitewash 11.Nov.2004 10:31


The RNC couldn't have done it better if they had Joseph Goebbels as their script writer.

Thanks for the post Exposing NPR Fraud! 11.Nov.2004 11:23


After listening to this, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that NPR is a fraud! The "P" clearly does not represent the "Public". They are usually more subtle about their "P"ropaganda, but this is just blatant.

But consider how many liberals have listened to this and are now ready to just roll over and play dead, acquiesce, give up, concede just like kerry. There is a corporate media blackout, on the subject of voter fraud. Now the propaganda machine is gearing up -- the other day AP put up poll results to mollify us and now this gentle attack on our anger and sensibilities by NPR.
bush won? Prove IT!
bush won? Prove IT!

The truth can be a scary thing to face 11.Nov.2004 11:29


The truth can be a scary thing to face.

some people seem to not have the courage to face it.

NPR is not a right wing tool. Its time we sallow our pride and face some cold hard facts.

From the Seattle Times 11.Nov.2004 11:44

yui linn

Conspiracy theories about presidential election flood Internet

Ultimately, none of the most popular theories holds up to scrutiny. And the people who most stand to benefit from the conspiracy theories the Kerry campaign and the Democratic National Committee are not biting.

"At this point the number of irregularities brought to our attention is not going to change the outcome of the election," said DNC spokesman Jano Cabrera. "The simple fact of the matter is that Republicans received more votes than Democrats, and we're not contesting this election."

FULL Article :


I call NPR Rockefellar TV 11.Nov.2004 12:51

just another mind twister

To prove Bush won the election would violate propriatory trade secrets of USA inc. Diebold, ES&S, Sequoia, NPR ect. are simply tools to give the perception to the brain numbed that we are not slaves of the controllers of the State.
The awakening must go to the painful root of the problem. This country has bigger problems then NPR and the lies they perpretrate on the masses.

npr 11.Nov.2004 14:10

king friday

anyone who wants to investigate the tool npr is, and opb by bond, might check out david barsamian's book "the decline and fall of public broadcasting"

also I have two audio files on pepperface in the section: The Myth of NPR as Progressive or Fact Based Media
one norman solomon and the other david barsamian. both which pick out the strategy behind and some of the methods are of npr.


actually the current slave revolt radio picks on npr as well.


Lets give ourselves an anal probe shall we? 11.Nov.2004 14:21

get over it...

Ok, lets say that Ralph Nader had won by 3.5 million votes against Bush. And lets say that the mainstream press, 90% of the population, including Bush and his campaign acknowledged that Ralph Nader was indeed the winner of the election.

However, a small group of people were trying to tell everybody that it was a grand conspiracy cooked up between Nader, the media, the Bush Campaign, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Moore, The entire Yale Skull & Bones class, the manufacturers of electronic, voting machines, punch card machines, county precinct people, and who knows who else.

What would you say then? What side would you be on? Would you be just as consistent in your argument if this were the case?

Don't shine the question on about Nader never having a chance in Fasicst AmeriKa or some other cosmic bullshit, just answer the fucking question. Would you still be consistent in your theory?

I would be. I voted for Nader, I would have preferred Kerry over Bush, but until someone can present a reasonable argument based on hard facts and not wishful thinking and mindless dribble, I'm not going to foam at the mouth and look like an insane fool.

and this is all beside the point. 11.Nov.2004 15:14

this thing here

there were voting irregularities on november 2, 2004. period. look in the PIMC archive. search on google. people can whine and whine all day long about this, but the fact is, there were irregularities in the vote.

did these irregularities affect who the winner and the loser were? did these irregularities give the majority vote to bush? did these irregularities take away the majority vote from kerry? these are the important questions which deserve further investigation.

everything else is beside the freaking point.

He wants us to believe this, why? 11.Nov.2004 15:33


Rush Limbaugh today said he wants Kerry supporters to believe the election was stolen.

Short Audio File (~38 seconds)
Short Audio File (~38 seconds)

get over it 11.Nov.2004 17:10

king friday

I'm not going to foam at the mouth and look like an insane fool.

- so then instead you prefer to look like a pedantic imbecile?