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3Monkeys 11 minutes support the OHIO Diebold hearings!!

Action Saturday 1pm. Terry Shrunk..
11 Flash Mob meditation in support
of OHIO league of pissed off voters!
Saturday in Columbus is the first of the public hearings into the
Ohio voting debalacle.  http://www.indyvoter.org for details.
Voting precinct workers,voters and reporters will testify.
We will stand for 11 minutes in our Humandala, you
don't have to believe in the effect of non-physical projection.
Some call it prayer, others meditation. Silence is the great
common denominator.

Theme is the 3 monkeys; here know evil, see? know evil, speak! know evil..
Ear muffs, sunglasses and tape on the mouth? Doesn't matter.
In the stylee of flash mobs we all get there to be ready AT 1pm..
Silence for 11 minutes staring at the federal building then back on
your bike and off to your day. If you can't make it down geography is
not a barrier, just take a break from 1:00-1:11 pm sat in support.

homepage: homepage: http://www.itsALLlove.com