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election fraud

Where's the Kerry/Edwards "legal fund" money?

The Kerry/Edwards team and DNC reportedly had a huge financial reserve (I heard something on the order of $100 million) specifically set aside for legal work and costs associated with verifying and/or challenging the election results. What happened to all those funds? Why are they not being spent as the contributors intended?
Are those charged with administering those monies quietly dividing it up among themselves while allowing organizations like BlackBoxVoting (and others) to go begging for the (comparatively) paltry sums needed to pay for election documents sought in their Freedom Of Information requests?

I think everyone ought to start making a stink about THAT! It was for EXACTLY such purposes that the "legal fund" money was collected in the first place! This is more than a bit like having to sue your own lawyer to get the legal representation you've already paid for.
Democrats Don't Care 12.Nov.2004 03:57


Get it through your head. The Democrats are just as much an enemy as the Republicans.

The Democrats helped Bush steal the 2000 election. Why shouldn't they do the same for the stolen 2004 election?

Any real expose of the 2004 Coup will be done outside the Democratic Party, got it?

Don't trust the Democrats, or you will be played for suckers once again.