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Arafat is dead

Arafat is dead
President Yassir Arafat (aka Abu Ammar) of Palestine has died at the age of 75. He died at 3:30am Thursday in the Paris hospital where he had been placed under close supervision. Palestinian officials have yet to say what the specific cause of death was. At the time of death Arafat held three posts of primary importance: President of the Palestinian National Authority (the governmental organization of Palestine), Leader of Fatah (the insurgent group Arafat founded 39 years ago), and Chairman of the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization- a party of Palestinian organizations fighting for a Palestinian state and the party that has controlled the Palestinian Authority since its inception).
The inheritor of these positions will be Mahmoud Abbas, the original Prime Minister (preceding the current Ahmed Qureia) chosen primarily by the United States and Israel and ratified by Palestine. Qureia will run the government for the next 60 days until elections can be held, but the title of President of the Palestinian Authority has been bestowed on Rauhi Fattouh (Speaker of the Palestinian Parliament). Fattouh will have very little power for the next 60 days, and, since the Palestinian Authority voted unanimously to install Abbas in the three positions, the popular vote will have only one candidate.
Abbas is a critic of the current intifada, and has fought against terrorism for some years now. It can be expected that he will crack down on armed groups, even though he was one of the founders of Fatah with Arafat. Whether he changes the course of negotiations with Israel that Arafat began remains to be seen.
Israeli leaders, at this point, seem to have only positive things to say about Arafat's death. United States President Bush expressed his feelings with vague terms, but implied anti-Arafat sentiment.
There will be a formal burial service in Cairo Friday morning to be attended by dignitaries, and a more restricted service in Ramallah later that day.

Long Live Palestine!
Long Live Abu Ammar!
Long Live the Palestinian People!
Stand Behind Palestine 11.Nov.2004 08:12


I know it's Veteran's Day; however, the flag I hang today will be the flag of Palestine, even if I have to make one.

good 11.Nov.2004 09:29


Arafat was a terrorist and the Palestinian people (and the world) are better off without him. Now maybe someone with some political sense can step into his shoes and stop the violence in the occupied territories, and bring the palestinian people closer to actually getting some land. Arafat was an admitted terrorist who used violence as a tool to incite more violence. A viscious cycle. As for flying a Palestinian flag on Veterans Day like another poster had mentioned, that is a slap in the face to every veteran who has served in the US military. That's the only message you will send. You'd be better off not flying any flag at all.

Ada 11.Nov.2004 11:43


Heavy on the coffee today? Actually Armistice Day is a great day to fly the flags of all the nations the US has fought, starting with the First Nations people, the French, the British, the Spanish - Wait this will take a long time but that's the point, too many martyrs and too many deaths.

The Russians don't forget the Russians, with 1/3 of all the fresh water in the world how soon do you want to talk about that great campaign? Remember the Russians shoot back.

There is no glory in war just death, why do you think none of your leaders went into the Army?

The Devil and George Warmonger Bush 11.Nov.2004 16:00

The Devil and George Warmonger Bush George Warmonger Bush@Hell.org

His Unholiness George Warmonger Bush to the Palestinians: "Boo Hoo Hoo here's some Flowers for you. Poppies from Afganistan. Sorry to Oil the Poison but Oil (The Haifa Pipeline) comes first."

666-666-Hell Ext.666
The Tenth Level of Hell and going down