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Prophecy Nov 11 : Iraq and Iran

You can see the illogic of it all...Washington's foreign policy just makes perfect nonsense when you stop to think about it...

Iraq and Iran

You might recall how the 9-11 commission, which was assigned the sacred duty of investigating 9-11, bailed out George Bush when it looked like he might be about ready to sink under a pile of mendacious and always changing ever creative perjuries and lies about the Iraq War, which was never clearly about anything (except O-I-L) since it seemed to be about a whole bunch of different reasons, which seemed to change from time to time, depending on what might be believed. According to 9-11 commission, composed of Democratic and Republican politicians, thus being bipartisan, proving how right and fair its results would be, the Iraq War was a terrible mistake having been based on bad faulty intelligence. After looking over that bad intelligence failure and going throw it with find toothed comb, the 9-11 commission discovered that once again, the government of the United States of America had an intelligence failure, which led them to attack Iraq, when actually the right country to attack was Iran, which is right door to Iraq, since Iran unlike Iraq is real chummy with al Queda, and was having meetings with known al Queda operatives before 9-11, which was very fishy, and so when something is that fishy naturally you have to launch one of those international war crime wars by launching a preemptive strike against Iran, stopping Iran in its tracks in Iran, before you wind up having to stop Iran in Cincinnati, Ohio, which is what happens when you obey the International Law thus allowing some country to attack you first perhaps ten or twenty years in the future, or whenever Iran got around to invading the United States.

So then we know then, based on the testimony of the government of the United States, that the war in Iraq is mistake, and that therefore American boys are dying for a mistake in Iraq, which is what Washington has already told us. Now one would think that once the terrible truth dawned that the Iraq War was a terrible mistake caused by a lack of proper intelligence in Washington, that suddenly the American government would call an immediate halt to the hostilities in that mistaken, not to mention illegal preemptive strike war. With profuse apologies troop withdrawals would promptly being, as Washington led the entire country in apologizing to the people of Iraq, as well as paying war reparations to Iraq. But apparently once you start a job you really should finish it, and so we see Washington fighting its mistaken war, since apparently there is nothing worse than leaving anything half done.

As for mistakes, well they exist to be corrected, so we can assume that once the Pentagon finishes fighting its mistaken Iraq War, which we already know was the wrong war, according to both the Democratic and Republican parties, but nevertheless really should be finished to the bitter bitte end, thus leaving nothing unfinished that it ever started, well once the wrong war is finished we can expect the right war to finally at long last get done, as it should have been done in the first place, yes, we can expect that mistake to be fixed thus getting everything all straightened out over there, once for all, leaving no stone unturned (and no O-I-L well unturned).

That the Washington does indeed still plan to attack Iran was shown this week as the Bush administration once again enforced the sanctions on Iran, thus hopefully meaning that Iran won't be pumping out to much O-I-L before Washington finishes off Iraq, meaning there will still be lots left in the ground when Iran gets neo-liberalized and its O-I-L profits to flow into the American bank accounts of the exclusive HAVE MORES of America.

Yes when you think about it, truly American foreign policy has reached a high point in its illogical, for its all so unreasonable and it just makes perfect nonsense. The degeneration of what passes for Washington's propaganda machine is really quite striking and such amazing nonsense could only come from the mouths of a ruthless robber baron dominated state whose oppression and control now rivals the old Soviet state thus accounting for the unbelievable stupidity of their blind hubris, given how much more clever and subtle they were in the past, thus being less likely to be caught, but then when you have destroyed Democracy and the media and when you can therefore get away with anything, I guess that means that you get lazy, and just don't try as hard as you used to in the past, for there no longer exists any reason to go to all the bother, right?

Given the destruction of the government and even Democracy itself, all that remains is for one to launch the Second American Revolution, for truly it is do or die (on a cross) when it comes to this nation, and as one can see, for all the other nations of the world, who will now become targets of America's criminal robber barons and the Capone gang in the Pentagon who are now employed in committing shocking International War Crimes of the sort last seen over fifty years when Adolph also went plundering on a global scale. Given the enormity of the crimes and the gravity of the clear and present danger to both the American people and the citizens of the world the very minimum that could be asked of the American people is that they launch the Second American Revolution. We don't ask for much, just Revolution, which is the very least one could expect.

The Second American Revolution