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Why election rigging still important issue: It deligitimizes KERRY!!

Here's the point: if the results are thrown clearly into doubt, it forces Democrats to answer the question, Why did Kerry concede without a fight???

I've long thought that Kerry was an indefatigable self promoter and political careerist, motivated by little more than his own personal advancement. But the best proof that the Democratic standard bearer was a shill is being given now, in the wake of Kerry's premature concession, and his campaign manager's assurances that the Republicans won "fair and square":

'No one would be more interested than me in finding out that we really won, but that ain't the case," said Jack Corrigan, a veteran Kerry adviser who led the Democrats' team of 3,600 attorneys who fanned out across the country on Election Day to address voting irregularities.

I get why people are frustrated, but they did not steal this election," Corrigan said. ''There were a few problems here and there in the election. But unlike 2000, there is no doubt that they actually got more votes than we did, and they got them in the states that mattered. ...


But now that the Nader/Camejo and Cobb/LaMarche campaigns are demanding recounts (in NH and OH respectively so far, at a cool $80,000-$100,000 a pop) we may get to see more ugly evidence of the fallacy of these excuses. Already, the statistical anomalies reported in numerous Florida counties (http://www.commondreams.org/views04/1106-30.htm), as well as voluminous anecdotal evidence of voter suppression, are mounting. The pressure is on the Democrats to account for their passivity. Or rather, it would be on, if such stalwart establishment mouthpieces as NPR were reporting on this. However, the truth will out, and the sooner the better. Not that it will change the results of these elections, but it will put the lie to the sorry excuses the Democrats continue to use for their indefensible capitulation.

If it's established with any kind of preponderance of the evidence that these allegations of voter suppression and outright fraud are justified, then Kerry will have discredited himself as a credible candidate on both practical and principled grounds:

As a practical matter, if your real political goal is something other than advancing your own personal career, you don't concede while CNN is still reporting 6 million votes left uncounted! You don't concede while there are numerous credible reports of major irregularities and probable fraud. Nevermind what the rightwing corporate media are saying. Nevermind whether the same Supreme Court that shot Gore down will shoot you down too.

If your plans are to fight for your constituents, you start doing it from the beginning. That sets the whole tone for the future. If your plans are to capitulate and sink into the corrupt cesspool of "buy-partisanship," then there's no better way than to give up without a fight from the very beginning. What better predictor could there be for the Democrats' future behavior?

As a matter of principle, those uncounted votes were not Kerry's to throw away or give to his opponents. Those votes were the expression of the sovereign democratic rights of millions of Americans. All those people at the grassroots who gave of their time, money, and energy should have had some say as to whether those famous "armies of lawyers" got mobilized. Instead, without the slightest accountability to their constituents, Kerry and Edwards called the whole thing off. Indefensible.

If anything positive could come out of this debacle, it would be the final disillusionment of too many gullible, well-meaning liberals. That's why it's still important to prove how wrong Kerry's casual dismissal of the fraud allegations was.

Make no mistake about it: the Democratic Party establishment may have even more invested in proving the "legitimacy" of these results and thus of King George than even the Republicans!! That's another reason why you will continue, in the spirit of "buy-partisanship," to hear practically no echo of these controversies in the corporate media. It's left to third parties and independent media to do the indispensable work of establishing the truth.

Where's the "legal fund" money? 11.Nov.2004 08:07


The Kerry/Edwards team and DNC reportedly had a huge financial reserve (I heard something on the order of $100 million) specifically set aside for legal work and costs associated with challenging the election results. What happened to all those funds? Why are they not being spent as the contributors intended? Are those charged with administering those funds quietly dividing the money up among themselves while allowing organizations like BlackBoxVoting (and others) to go begging for the paltry $50 thousand needed to pay for election documents sought in their Freedom Of Information requests?

I think everyone ought to start making a stink about THAT! It was for EXACTLY such purposes that the "legal fund" money was collected in the first place! This is more than a bit like having to sue your own lawyer to get the legal representation you've already paid for.

Kerry's Strategy 11.Nov.2004 12:30


I have another theory. Remember how in 2000 Gore was ridiculed and called a sore loser. Even if he would have been able to squeak out a victory, we would have never stopped hearing the right scream that he stole the election.

I believe the Kerry is laying low and letting others do the dirty work. If the PEOPLE are able to prove the election was stolen and turn the election around. Kerry then becomes a legitimate president that was brought back by the people and not his campaign. Politically he will be much stronger. So, don't worry, be patient, donate time and money to Nader, Blackboxvoting.org, etc. It's up to the people of this country to expose the fraud that sElected Bu$h!

Election Rigging or not 11.Nov.2004 23:01


Kerry GAVE UP WITHOUT A FIGHT loooong before the corporate media discovered what was happening all along: vote fraud. Kerry IS spineless. He gave up before all the votes were counted! How "leader" was that? Pathetic.

The voting system is truly fucked. And a recount is needed, but sadly, Kerry=Bush effectively. So the result doesn't matter. The US is screwed either way.