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a boycott can be sand in the war machine, heres how

here's an idea to stop the lie machine!
First, we need to pick the most insanely right wing show we can think of. One that decieves the masses into throwing thier sons and daughters into the war machine.

Then, we need to all start boycotting, calling, faxing and emailing the first commercial advertizer on he show. This would allow for our efforts to be more concentrated, and eventually make it so no one wants that spot.. or even to advertize on that show at all.

Lets say a major computer company was the first ad. Instead of people calling to by pcs, thier sales lines, fax machines, emails, even their corporate office were overrun by people calling to let them know how upset they were about the company sponsoring the right wing media.

If they can't get advertizers, they can't stay on the air.

The right wing has used similar tactics to get material they find objectionable off the air, why can't we?
I say we Boycott Starbucks 11.Nov.2004 07:31

miss enfranchised

I bet if you looked at a US Map that pinpoints all the Starbucks stores.... You would see that the majority of them are in northern (Blue) states. And I KNOW that Starbucks contributed to the Republican effort in our recent election. WE HAVE AN OPPERTUNITY HERE. We can make a difference ... And save ourselves money at the same time. Lets lean on Starbucks!!!!!