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government selection 2004

ohio sit in postponed due to FBI

ohio sit in postponed due to FBI

Hello all,

I have been debating all night whether or not to share this info with everyone (because I know how quickly it will spread and how paranoid everyone will become), but have ultimately decided to do so.

Earlier today, the FBI showed up at my door. Apparently someone (*cough*right-winger*cough*) had reported me to them for attempting to organize a 'terrorist' activity.

Gee, I didn't know the AMERICAN tradition of civil disobedience was considered terrorist. You know, there was the Boston Tea Party, and the Greensboro Sit-Ins, and they were champions of democracy. But gee, we certainly don't want to continue THAT tradition, do we?

But just because I want a fair count of the vote means I'm a terrorist? Just because I want to make sure we still live in a true democracy where every vote counts I'm to be considered a danger to national security?

Luckily, I'm NOT in jail tonight, but I fear that they are still watching me. After a few minutes of talking they seemed content that I was not a threat to national security, and left.

Honestly, I do not know what to do. I'm fairly sure the only reason they showed up is because a right-winger reported me, not necessarily because of what I was trying to organize. But apparently under the dreaded Patriot Act civil disobedience CAN be considered terrorist, and I can be thrown in jail without formal charges or rights.

So I'm postponing the sit-in for now... The point has been raised that holding it on the same day as CASE-Ohio's hearing would be splintering our resources, and I do believe I agree. We need to regroup and examine our options a bit.

Just because I'm postponing it does NOT mean that it will not happen. We WILL organize and we WILL protest this election before the electorial college meets...just not this Saturday. I'm currently trying to work with other groups to see what I can coordinate in terms of numbers and places. Even if we have to wait a week or two, the more people we have the harder it will be to ignore us.

I'm NOT caving...we're not caving. We're GOING to protest, even if I have to get thrown in jail because of it. I won't just roll over and take it. None of us will.

When did being a patriot become equal to being a terrorist?

Check this site daily for updates. I will try to update at least twice each day with as much information as possible on this Stolen Election.

They won't get away with it. We will catch them and make whoever is responsible face the legal music.

? 10.Nov.2004 22:44


I take it "libertyordeath" is a bit of puffery?

11.Nov.2004 02:34

Apparently so.

Thank You 11.Nov.2004 10:05


Thank you to the thousands of people working hard to ensure that our election was not stolen. I am grateful for the tremendous amount of work being done by everyone especially those of you who are not afraid of jail time in the name of democracy. Our country was founded on those exact principles that the hard core right are trying to do away with, freedom of expression and freedom to dissent. Thank you again

All FBI Don't Agree 11.Nov.2004 10:54


Just reading about the new Attorney General appointee Gonzales, and it appears there are conderns withing the FBI about his, and Cheneys torture allowances for military prisoners. I don't think ALL FBI are Bush supporters. Of course those who aren't must be careful. You need to find the real "Fox Mulders" within the Bureau and try to talk to them.
It's a shame they are implementing such suppression of evidence. It is a real conspiracy come to life. This is no TV show. It's real.

united states? 11.Nov.2004 12:35

rosey ( k_rosey48@hotmail.com)

i spent ten years of my life in the u.s.army, where is the united states i was raised in ? the constitution i swore to defend ? it appears i was captured and brought to this place, and given a con job! where is the pension i was promised, or the "first-rate medical care" i was promised . sign me lied to and screwed.

From a Vietnam Era Veteran 11.Nov.2004 13:16

U.S. Navy Vet

This is all so sad.
The Right WingNuts and NeoCons have turned this once great country of ours into
a Monster!

Nixon tried it in the late 60's and early 70's and failed, but not before he
wreaked havoc on many innocent U.S. Citizen's lives.

Deja Vu.

Voter fraud 11.Nov.2004 18:36

Adam vavroski@yahoo.com

What really gets under my skin is when I'm talking to other liberal people; and they say, no way the election was stolen, he won by 4 million votes. As if their is some limit as to how corrupt politicians can be. What the hell is the matter with these people, Bush cheated in 2000, whats to say he won't cheat again. I for one think it's highly likely he cheated, but for people not to even entertain the possibility, is ignorant. Epecially when their is some pretty suspect voter turnout, Florida being an example. This president and his adminisration will go down in history as the most corrupt, ever to sit in the white house up to this point, god help us all if it gets any worse.

Voter Fraud 12.Nov.2004 01:51

Sean4489 seanrutledge4489@yahoo.com

I totally agree with Adam. Just because the "official numbers," show Bush won by 3 or 4 million votes doesn't mean shit. It is no coincidence that the people in charge of the companies that manufacture those touch screen voting machines are big time Republican supporters. Look, after the 2000 election the Republican party become very aware of the fact that they should have lost to Gore. They also became aware of the fact that paper ballots leave a record. It is impossible to have a recount if large numbers of votes are on computers with no computer record isn't it? Don't think it is just a coincidence that the claims of voter fraud are taking place in Ohio and Florida, which happen to have large numbers of computer voting machines. Diebold, a major manufacturer of voting machines and major supporter President Bush has just setteled a lawsuit in California brought by the founder of blackboxvoting.org. The lawsuit claimed that the voting machines were defective and resulted in many California voters being disenfranchiesed. Diebold paid out over 2million dollars to make the case go-away. Do I think mass voter fraud took place this election? Your damn right I do.

I heard John Zogby, CEO of Zogby International.... 12.Nov.2004 08:43

U.S. Navy Vet

...on Tuesday, November 2nd, at about 8:00pm, PST, on KGO AM 810 radio from San Francisco.

At THAT late hour on election night, he predicted Kerry would win the Electoral College with 312 votes!

This was a result of their exit polling research.

Zogby has called every major election for decades correctly with an error of less than 5%!

What does THAT tell you?

CNN and MSNBC changed their polling predictions the next day to coincide with Bushie's "win".


Nixon TRIED to cheat (Watergate break-in) and was caught and impeached. He resigned in disgrace.

Bush and Company don't even have the personal integrity of Richard M. Nixon. The Nixon/Agnew regime was nowhere near as evil as the Bush/Cheney regime and Nixon/Agnew were quite evil.

Deja Vu!

Appalling misuse of the Patriot Act 21.Nov.2004 00:28

Gerry Peters gerry_peters@bellsouth.net

I've been hearing about misuese of the Patriot Act, it's chilling to see an actual occurance. I just hope by some miracle this Election Fraud will send Bush/Cheney packing in Jan/05 and start returning America to it's ideals of Freedom and fairness with the repeal of the Patriot Act