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West African Drumming Thursday !

Watoto Wa Dunia is a Portland/Kenyan based organization founded to empower the people of Kenya and build community in Portland. Come help celebrate our successes. Thursday, November 11th
Come join the celebration of community

with WEST AFRICAN DRUMMING and Comedy Troupe "Kick the Squirrel & Friends".

Thursday, November 11 - 9:00 PM to Midnight

Mississippi Pizza Pub at 3552 N. Mississippi Blvd. In Portland

$10 suggested donation (but any amount appreciated)

No host bar & restaurant


This is a benefit for Watoto wa Dunia (Children of the World) an organization founded to Empower the Voiceless, Create Collective Strength, Provide Hope, Power, & healing for Generations to come.

This year Watoto wa Dunia has purchased land in Kenya, and is beginning to build an Empowerment Village which will provide services to more than 140 women and children. We have finally attained our NGO status in Kenya, built up a wonderful volunteer base of blossoming young leaders, and established an incredibly successful microfinance program, began developing AIDS education services to our stakeholders, and sponsored 27 children who would otherwise have no chance in life.

If you would like to meet the wonderful leaders and passionate activists that made all this possible, or you just want a chance to eat some of Portland's best pizza, hear some great music, and have some hearty laughs please come join us and bring your friends and family!


homepage: homepage: http://www.wwdhome.org

Awesome! 11.Nov.2004 10:56


Nice to hear from the NE community and nice to hear about positive action taken to build radical community in Portland (and our sisters and brothers in Kenya). West African music and dance is amazing. I saw a performance of this drumming and dancing at the Oregon Country Fair this summer. Come on out and stop being so isolated. It's time to build community!