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Bush Warning Label in French

This is a clothing label from a small American company that seels product in France. Here's the translation of the French part of the label.
Wash with warm water
Use mild soap
Dry flat
Do not use bleach
Do not dry in the dryer
Do not iron
We are sorry that our president is an idiot.
We did not vote for him.
Merci Beaucoup 10.Nov.2004 20:00


My kind of action (personal choice)creative not violent. Thank you just made my day. Anybody want to help me paint peace signs on the top of parking garages? Would agardener please advise me when is the best time to sow wildflower seeds on a golf course?

Oh, those French... 10.Nov.2004 20:28

Bin Franklin

Arrêtez la guerre!
Plus jamais ça!

great marketing idea! 10.Nov.2004 20:47

know your customer

this is a great idea.

I'm sure it will sell far beyond what it normally would have if they had left the label alone and Kerry had won instead..

je l'aime 10.Nov.2004 21:52

fille rebelle de paix - peace rebel girl

quelle idée brillante. grande manière de protester. droit dessus !

translation with the help of Babel Fish Translation ~ but i've always wanted to speak french

golf course ecology.... 11.Nov.2004 08:11

dan quaiyle?

Monkey wrenching is good theatre, but if you spread wildflowers on a golf course, it is likely to cause management to respond with some additional evil herbicide which the watershed might not have to ingest otherwise.

Dan 11.Nov.2004 10:13


Good point, do you know anyone who breeds and trains moles, other than the government?