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Vietman Veteram's Memorial...

In honor of AK...............
The little WALL
The little WALL
Last year, I promised here that I would meet "AK" up at the Portland's version of the "WALL" in Forest Park to sit with him, even in the rain........ I woosed out and didn't make it and he passed on a few months ago................. Only one person showed up last yearto sit with him to honor our fallen brothers and sisters in what has finally been admitted by the government as a "wrong war".......... at leat it has been admitted by SOME politicos... ALL WARS ARE WRONG... I am one of the surviving draftees from '72, lukily assigned to 4th Inf Div. when they came back to Colo. insead of going to 'Nam. I feel that, on top of my promise last year to AK, I want to give something back and contemplate the dead... What good is war for anyway?, NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL! AK's spirit will smile when he sees us all kind of celebrating a portland version of an Irish wake up there tomorow. Some of my best memories have their physical connection to Forest Park, it seems... Want to create some good memories with me and enjoy am awesome sunset ??? the forecast doesn't call for rain... AK will smile on us...
Rather a Live Friend 10.Nov.2004 19:24


Its inforgivable to be forced to die for a war without honor. The same thing is happening to any soldier unfortunate enough to be stationed in Iraq. Aye, it's a fine thing ye be doing for your friend and others like him. I will no be able to make it, but will raise a toast later in the evening!

I'll stop by and visit... 10.Nov.2004 19:37


during one of my runs on the Wildwood Trail. I'm a former grunt with the 173rd Airborne Bde in RVN (1970-71).

if i need to dump 11.Nov.2004 12:40

thats where it will be

11/11---november fools day

Dump???? 11.Nov.2004 13:29


Unless I am misinterpreting your response, it sounds highly disrespectful. So you have a problem with someone paying their respects? So anyone who was in the military is a problem for you? Confused.

dear dump 11.Nov.2004 17:07


you should grow up. i am very antiwar, but the idea of anyone desecrating the vietnam veterans memorial with feces makes me sick. you should be ashamed.
you will recall, perhaps you learned it in history class - there was such a thing as a DRAFT during vietnam.
and even if there wasnt, the dead deserve respect regardless of their actions in life. especially if they died a violent death.

i'm on my way there right now. and if i see you doing anything even close to "dumping", your ass is mine, punk.

Thank you tt01 11.Nov.2004 18:58


I was one of those draftees. I had my tickets to go to Woodstock and was drafted the same weekend. I shared foxholes with later to be Black Panthers, anti war activists and regular guys who were as human as you can get. We were put in bad situations and were merely defending our asses. We're not all the gung ho fucks you think. If you were alive then, you very likely would have been there in the red tropical mud with the rest of us. You missed out on the Oj's (opium dipped weed) my friend. Peace dude.

thank YOU 13.Nov.2004 00:52


if guys like you hadnt of been there my old man would of never made it back. and i would not have been there to light a candle to AK and all the rest 11/11/04. and that would be bad. may we all learn to love our enemies.