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best way to repost?

I've found over time there's been some really good discussions which would be great to have continue, but eventually they get buried.

what's the best way to repost? I was thinking one could copy the text from the original and repost it, but without formatting it with html it would look like a mess. any tips?

actually I'm going to try this and see if the text is bold [b]text[/b]
if so I guess the prev text could be formatted that way, it would take some work on the part of the poster but for certain issues worth it.

regardless, can I get a calling on this?

### 10.Nov.2004 18:09


No thanks.

This is really NOT what this site is for.

The editors would be likely to perceive this kind of behavior as further degradation of the wire's signal-to-noise ratio and take some sort of steps to correct it. The wire is for original reporting of news stories, and the comment feature is for correcting errors of fact, and other uses of the site are more tolerated than encouraged.

the best way is to not do it 10.Nov.2004 18:09

indy reader

This site is for news not discussions. If it's not news I don't want you wasting my time. There's already enough non-news on the NEWSwire. If you're liking a conversation encourage people to use email or a discussion board.

Indy reader 10.Nov.2004 18:24


except you? your comments aren't news. Comments are important so are non-organised people no leaders even you.

my comments are a direct response to this "article" 10.Nov.2004 18:32

indy reader

There are thousands of discussion boards out there. If that's what you want you should go seek them out. What I want is to read people who are empowering themselves to report news, to highlight the corporate media for what it is, and to show that corporate backing is a poor authority for truth. My understanding is that indymedia is here for these purposes, not for endless discussions.

indy reader 10.Nov.2004 18:47

George Bender

I don't think I care what you want.

Indy Reader and all of Indy 10.Nov.2004 19:25


Silencing people isn't news. The right does it everyday. Telling peole they may speak, elsewhere, isn't freedom. Someone posting as Indy Reader has been ranting in several posts, for a couple days, who can speak when and when. Best you find some other way to steer this site.

nobody's gonna tell me what I can and can't post ! 10.Nov.2004 20:23

they'll just hide stuff ... and maybe redesign the site

Open publishing is a tool, not an end in itself. This site is being managed, and its managers have goals for it. Go ahead, post whatever you want. Watch what happens.

a vision for the site 10.Nov.2004 20:44


so, at the general meetings on saturdays, we do talk about vision for the site.

and the collective vision definately isnt to have this be a reposting hub for corporate media articles. it is recognized that sometimes the corpo's fuck up so much, that it is worth an analysis or so, but the purpose is definately not to just repost articles.

Personally, I would like to offer a space where people feel comfortable reporting on local issues, things that are going on in your community and that you or someone you know wrote. There is a lot of stuff going on right here in portland, the stories fly past us everyday, we just need to begin to feel empowered to write them down.

By reposting corpo articles, it adds a disempowering air to the site. readers will feel that the way that it is presented in the corpo media is the way that it must be presented and perhaps even the way that it is!!!

you do not have to write the way the corpos do, it is still news if you dont have impeccable writing styles. write the news the way it is!!! make this your site, for your news, for southern cascadia!!

If you feel that you MUST repost articles, I would recommend reading them first, and then getting a few together, post a quick synopsis of each and a link to the original article. Also, please check the newswire to make sure that the article that you want to repost hasnt already been reposted.

a clarification 10.Nov.2004 21:07


king friday's original question was actually about reposting older COMMENT THREADS back at the top of the newswire ...

and more quibbling 10.Nov.2004 21:20


And this isn't the first time it's been pointed out, but it's still true: Portland is, in fact, in the north half of Cascadia. Slightly. Southern Cascadia is southwestern Oregon and northwestern California.

and even more quibbling 10.Nov.2004 23:14

always one for quibbling

well, it depends of course on how you define cascadia. i've always thought about it going up into canada, into B.C., in which case the halfway border would be around the columbia river or even a little more north.

No Commentary? 11.Nov.2004 08:36

commentary queen

If Indymedia is not meant for commentary, then why is the following included as a required selection on the publishing page?

genre of article: (required)
select the type of article you are posting: announcements COMMENTARY coverage CREATIVE reposts

Just curious

Indy is screwed up IMO 11.Nov.2004 10:48


posts that generate interest should not disappear, but move to the top like a discussion board instead of becoming obsolete by postings in which no one responds.

okay, Southern Cascadia wins 11.Nov.2004 13:47

(near the margin of error)

> well, it depends of course on how you define cascadia. i've always thought
> about it going up into canada, into B.C., in which case the halfway border
> would be around the columbia river or even a little more north.

I just found the world's most convenient arbiter of this question:


It says Lassen (the southernmost Cascade) is four miles closer than Meager (the northernmost), so I guess I'm wrong :-( stupid me. But it also says this is close to the margin of error. Clearly Portland is near the center of the Cascades. Undoubtedly Portland Indymedia is the most popular Cascadian indy site.

Here's the friendly, easy-to-find, and misleadingly nationalistic propaganda map that led me astray:


and an interesting seismic map of the Cascadia Subduction Zone:


Here's an idea: 11.Nov.2004 16:45


I realize that it might take some work, and I'd volunteer if I knew anything about websites and programming, but how about this?
A link on the front page to a discussion page, maybe in the same format as the newswire, with ongoing discussions in the middle, and new posts on the right.
If it's a good idea, talk about it at the next pdximc meeting and see what people think.

Indy media does fill 11.Nov.2004 19:12


a great role as lightning rod for bile and angry talk...a community cess pool. It shouldn't change as the first choice among the left for left bashing. Why gum up the other boards when indy media is so good. The community is small and well served. Kisses.