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November 10, 2004


There is a question that has been haunting my soul lately. It's been keeping me up late at night. It awakens me in the wee hours of the morning. It occupies my day-time thoughts......

"What will I do if my child is drafted?"

You see, a few weeks back I watched an incredibly moving video called "Arlington West". In one scene, a baby boomer told about when he was 12 years old in the 1960's, when the Vietnam War was in its 'infancy'. He had heard then that there was a chance that he would one day be participating in that war.....And low and behold, six years later.....he was drafted and is now a Vietnam Vet.

Fast forward to today. My 12-year-old son......Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran....oil quest...oil quest....oil quest. Even though I am a peace activist, my son still is in awe of military equipment, Hummers, aggression. He's bright, but he's a perfect candidate to 'be all that he can be' when the recruiters hit his high school campus in two years.

And what can this distraught mother do? How can I protect my CHILD, my SON? Will he, too, slaughter innocent life one day for the cause of, of, of....global corporate greed? Will he be yet another insignificant casualty in this ever-expanding, corporate-driven, preemptive global war?

Well, in my humble opinion, I feel that there is an obvious solution to this preemptive war prescription that is being overlooked by we, the anti-war community......


Let me repeat....


A simple, focused anti-war boycott. A SIMPLE, FOCUSED, MASSIVE BOYCOTT.

A boycott that is structured to unite, not splinter into smaller factions, different causes.

A boycott of some simple product in the U.S. that we all use in our daily lives.

A product that isn't expensive, yet in its totality of sales, yields huge corporate profits.

A product that anti-war folk can easily and readily refuse to purchase, that will cause a corporate entity to falter, a corporate entity with ties to political lobbyists, with ties to U.S. senators/congresspeople in any ONE chosen state.

A boycott so massive and effective that those lobbyists who represent this product will be on their hands and knees begging their political representatives to change their pro-war stance lest they lose their fat-cat, multi-multi-digit paychecks.

But an effective boycott will take research, brainstorming, education, long-range planning, thinking, rethinking, organizing, uniting, and outreach. It will mean strength, perseverance, mobilization, enthusiasm, PATIENCE, INTELLIGENCE, work, work, work, and commitment.

Is the anti-war movement up to the challenge of a BOYCOTT? A UNITED BOYCOTT? A boycott with an absolute, resolute fervor?


It is ultimately money that will change how our government representatives run this country. Money from our pocketbooks....Remember?....Money talks! We, the people, have the power to change how they, the corporate-driven political representatives, deal with global problems.

So, I ask, will my 12-year-old son someday find himself as a fallen soldier, a killing soldier in the midst of these protracted, preemptive Iraqi/Afghani/Irani wars for fossil fuel?

Well, this particular hard-nosed, driven, anti-war mom will give it all that I can (including my life) to insure that this polluted tide of U.S. global aggression subsides.

Corporate America & Politicians have forgotten:


Please send your suggestion/comments my way.
(Stay tuned!)

DF, mom, educator, peace activist, author: A MOM'S FYI series,
a Citizen for World Peace
Orange, CA U.S.A.
I'm on 10.Nov.2004 17:37

good idea

How does one sign up?

Revolution 10.Nov.2004 17:56

Mother of Sam

Sam is 16. Sure, a boycott is a really great start, but I'm down for bloody revolution if need be. Who's down with me?

read this article 10.Nov.2004 19:35

peace rebel girl

i wrote this article about your issue; it received nearly 80 comments. you can read it here:


re the idea of a boycott, i have recently read that the most effective boycotts are of items that we know are made from slave labor, otherwise we end up hurting those who are just working to support their families, that may be perfectly legit. so, with that in mind, let's all boycott NIKE for starters. I despise nike, and will never purchase any of their stuff. also, boycott walmart. now, those two boycotts would be big, since they are huge.

by the way, with re to the article i wrote, my sister's son is still wanting to join the marines, so she feels there is nothing else she can do, though there are so many great suggestions in the comments that she never tried. so, i do not think that she has done everything...

Yes Revolution 10.Nov.2004 19:49

Joeys Mom

Boycott what? Are you talking about not paying war taxes? We would have to boycott every business that supports the war.How realistic is that? Yes Revolution. I am with you Sams Mother.My boy,my only will be 12 in Dec. We won't let them take him for cannon fodder. We will resist!

Boycott Corporations that buy politicians and support war 10.Nov.2004 19:56


There is an organized boycott in the works. It's coming.

If you sign up at the www.codepinkportland.org listserve, you will receive information about the companies and which products and how to communicate to those companies in the next few weeks. That information will be distributed AND you will also be kept current on actions and activities that empower women and others in this community to resist war mongers.

Boycott is good 10.Nov.2004 21:58

stop watching

A great place to start is by boycotting television.

Turn it off. Tune it out. Get rid of it.

Then quit reading newspapers.

Then simplify your life.

And the only ways out of the draft is through refusal to fight and/or commitment to truth. The former may get the refuser thrown in jail, the latter should release the individual from any miltary commitment.

I realize that Christ has gotten an awful bad rap from the propaganda mill, but the teachings of Jesus Christ -- love your enemies -- are the only alternative to the rule of law offered by state and the state's use of power and force.

Read Mathew chapter 5,6.7.

Read Luke chapter 6.

Read 1 John chapter 4.

These are very good places to beging to understand the difference between the lie and the truth about Jesus Christ.


Boycott War Taxes 10.Nov.2004 22:02

P. Greene contact@wrlpdx.org

To this mother, and to the mother in all of us: The first thing that comes to my mind is a boycott of war taxes. War taxes are at least 50% of your federal tax bill. War taxes make it possible for the Halliburton's and Boeings of this world to produce and the "depleted" uranium weapons and fighter jets and - sigh - all of that stuff that our sons and daughters are brainwashed into using to perpetuate horror onto others, losing their lives, minds, body parts or souls in the bargain...

General Alexander Haig said it best: "Let them march all they want - as long as they pay their taxes."

Many (most?) of us cannot refuse/redirect most or all of our federal taxes. But most (all?) of us can refuse and redirect something, and do so openly by informing the IRS and your elected representatives of your action and why you are doing it. It may only be the 3% federal excise tax on your phone bill, or it may be that and $10. or $100. that you redirect to a peace and justice group. Resisting and redirecting war taxes is a peaceful statement of conscientious objection to war available to any of us who take personal responsibility for the war crimes committed in our name.

I urge anyone who resonates with this mother's declaration to consider this form of resistance.

The next workshop offered by Portland War Resisters League will be November 15th at 7PM (next Monday), at Laughing Horse Books, 3652 SE Division. A good internet resource is www.nwtrcc.org. Laughing Horse Books always has copies of War Tax Resistance, A Guide to Withholding Your Support from the Military, which is probably the single best handbook, covering types and degrees of resistance, pros and cons of each, as well as some truly inspiring personal histories.


more info on not paying fed tax on phone bill 10.Nov.2004 22:07


can you tell me more about this?

Disband The Military 11.Nov.2004 06:00


Well lets just get rid of the militay all together no more wars PEACE all the time sound good Yes and YOU ARE STUPID or a drug addict or just plain DUMB how do you think you get the right to Vote and be FREE to voice the IGNORANT VIEWS that are posted here. But they are yours and you are FREE to express them OH YES they are provided by the US MILITARY from previous wars and the current military soldiers today.I have been serving for 25 years,MY SON is in the US ARMY serving PROUDLY TODAY providing your freedom now and in the future and IF you think that all will be just grand if the military is disbanded just look to other SHIT HOLES around the world that should give you some idea of what a state this country would end up in. We have already been attacked (911 HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN)JUst think no military to prevent terroists from training and KILLING.NO one wants to give up there son or daughter to serve in the military However our freedom has been assured by the sacrifices of the miniorty of men and women who have served and to those who served

Withholding taxes 11.Nov.2004 09:58

Won't work

Our so-called taxes do not go to run the government.

Our government, and its military, are run by the congress borrowing money from the Federal Reserve.

Our taxes are payments on the interest on the loan to the Federal Reserve.

And since the power brokers of the Federal Reserve are the true rulers of this country, it doesn't matter whether you give them your fake money or not because they produce as much money as they want.

Money is simply nothing but fabricated numbers on a check or in a computer or on a bill. All money is debt. None of it has any value in its own right.

Withhold your lives from the state. Start by living simply.

Then think about creating your own vision for how to live in the world.

Can you create a society built on love, forgiveness, honesty, truth?

Then let us begin with what we have, right now.

And let us release everything that does not serve this end.

"The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, against such there is no law."
Galatians, 5:22

Here is where we want to go.

Peace. Much love. Many blessings.

or.. 11.Nov.2004 14:01


Build a baricade. Grab some rifles. Don't let the draft board near your house.

Draft board 11.Nov.2004 19:11


If you can read the above comments, think a teacher.

If you can read the above comments in ENGLISH, thank a Veteran.