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get ready!...the sh!t is about to hit the fan

repost of latest THE VOICE OF THE WHITE HOUSE by TBR News...very sobering!!!
TBR News- November 8, 2004

The TBR News will now appear twice a week: on Monday and Friday

The Voice of the White House

In recent past issues, we have carried comments from a very well-iniformed source inside the White House. Some of these remarks, most especially one about Bush's physical and mental problems, drew an enormous number of viewers and hundreds of inquiries, most especially from foreign press entities. Our source was the first to expose, and we were the first to make public, the accusations that the President of the United States was a man that suffered from serious psychological problems. He also revealed ongoing plans to attack Iran. Since our initial publication of his postings, there has been increasing interest in the subject and herewith, we present additional input from inside the White House. If you have a weak stomach, do not read the following material. Not being able to either confirm of deny any of this information, we present it without comment or endorsement.

November 7, 2004: "As you can well imagine, the White House is euphoric. God has spoken, they say, and Our President has been validated! God had nothing to do with it. Position papers I have read make this very clear. Most talking head think that terrorism was the major issue in the election but it was not. Men kissing was. And abortion was. And future teachings of Creationism in public schools was. What Rove did, and I must give the scumbag credit for it, was to get the redneck Mafia going. And there are other factors as well. Of course there was wholesale cheating at the polls. Faked returns, Democrats, mostly blacks, kicked off the rolls (the Bush people, especially Ashcroft who had been told to keep quiet during the last weeks of the election, detest blacks whom they call "dopers and welfare queens.") Note this: Bush will overturn Roe vs Wade and do everything he can to trash the gay community, at least in the eyes of the Jesus freaks. But there has been plotting at much higher levels. The White House did not want Dean as the Demo candidate because he was not part of the machinery and was too popular so they set out to dump him. The press was all to eager to help out with this. I hope you notice that, unlike the Demos in 2000, the Kerry people very suddenly packed it all in and walked away. Although there were numerous examples of vote fraud, perhaps not enough to influence the outcome but who knows? challenges were threatened, and the Republicans were all ready with armies of lawyers, nothing materialized. By conceding as fast as he did, Kerry made it impossible to challenge. We know here that deals were cut with his people just like Roosevelt made a similar deal with his Republican opponent, Wendell Willkie in the 40s. Was the fix in? Oh yes, the fix was in. The agreement was that if it looked like Bush had the vote, Kerry would not challenge. The rewards? Kerry's father was a senior CIA man and Kerry is a player in the game. But the problem here as I see it (but not Rove and his gang of poison dwarves) is that Bush will go the way of Nixon in his second term. Bush now honestly believes, and I have heard not only Bush but his top people echoing, that God put him back in the White House to do God's will. Of course this is delusional crap but these wierdos believe it. Mark my words, kids, Bush will take this as an ironclad mandate to Rule the World and he will embark on all kinds of really vicious programs. The real problem here is that Bush is so delusional that he believes his own bullshit while Rove is only interested in the results and to preen like a bloated chicken over his exceptional cleverness. By the way, Fat Karl is not happy with my attacks on him and threatened to "ruin forever" the perp. The Trained Hunchbacks are turning over rocks and putting bugs on phones even as I speak. Now, to other matters. There will be an "expansion" of the military, believe it. Congress will be loathe to pass a universal draft but the machinery is now in place for a "specialized, emergency draft" that will go after: Medical people like young doctors and nurses and MTAs and most especially anyone between 18 to 34 who is a computer engineer. And you can put money on that one, believe me. Bush will expand into Syria because they do not have the Bomb but Iran is still at the top of the list of "Evil People" to remove from the earth. The plans to hit that country are still very much alive and they are waiting for the inevitable terrorist attack here in the US to blame Iran and attack it. Just like Iraq, it doesn't matter whether Iran was behind this certain attack, or attacks, Bush will get Goss to submit the usual faked CIA papers and then they and Israel will smash Iran flat. As a lesson, to help Sharon and to get at the oil. And speaking of oil, the stories that Iraqi oil is flowing into American gas tanks is pure crap. The Iraqi resistance fighters have so trashed the oil industry there that the Bush people, who so innocently thought they and their oil company friends would be rolling in easily-concealed wealth from the stealing and selling of captured Iraqi oil, are really SOL. I don't like to sound like a classical Marxist but it isn't love but it is money that makes the world go around. China and Japan need oil badly. They are buying it from Russia and Iran. They are buying more and more of it. The Russians and Iranians would much rather sell their oil to the Chinese and the Japanese than to the Americans whom they fear and loathe. Chavez does not like us and oil is not flowing from Venezuela. Look at the situation this way: the Jesus Freaks elected Bush because they trusted he would deliver on his "Moral Issues." What will they do when gas gets to $3-4 per gallon and their beloved son, husband or father comes back to the local funeral home in bits and pieces? They will view themselves as betrayed and like women, hell hath no fury like a voter scorned. And here is some news for everyone. There will be major Congressional elections in two years! No Congressman wants to get away from the easy money pubic hog trough and if the redneck Mafia starts screeching about their marriage with the Fuehrer going sour, guess who will make a show, and probably an effective show, of supporting their very own voters against some of the certain- to- come Bush fascistic nonsense. Again, kids, remember Nixon. And the Bible was right: Pride does go before a fall and a haughty spirit before destruction. More next week. And I think you are right to double your output."
well.... 10.Nov.2004 17:09

skeptical believer

I've been an avid reader of Voice of the White House for some months now and while some of what s/he has written has come to pass I wonder about some of the rest. A part not included in this repost was the claim that s/he has the names and credit card info on the patrons of a male brothel in DC; I sure hope that gets put up soon.

The analysis sounds true to life. 10.Nov.2004 17:54


All of the characteristics of a true delusional megolomanic are there.

all of THE VOICE OF THE WHITE HOUSE 10.Nov.2004 17:59


Does anyone read this seriously? 10.Nov.2004 22:56

Go back two months

Perhaps this commentary could be taken more seriously if it wasn't so absurd.

The old columns predicted two things with certainty: 1. the election would be cancelled and 2.Bush 'really' had an approval rating of 20%.

People who make predictions or who have 'inside' information should at least be called on it. Does the memory of Indymedia readers extend beyond last week?