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Fwd: [recall-mr-bush] Act Now:Kerry’s Considering Unconceding!

Kerry's considering unconceeding and having a recount. He asked people to send firsthand experiences of disenfranchisement to his brother's law office and his office is eagerly counting calls that are encouraging him to unconceed and ask for a recount!

Wednesday 10th November 2004 :
Fwd: [recall-mr-bush] Act Now:Kerry's Considering Unconceding!
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Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 12:13:25 -0800 (PST) From: "Ted J. Cooper" Subject: Fwd: [recall-mr-bush] Act Now:Kerry's Considering Unconceding!

Cheryl Guttman wrote: To:  recall-mr-bush@yahoogroups.com From: "Cheryl Guttman" Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 14:06:59 -0500 Subject: [recall-mr-bush] Act Now:Kerry's Considering Unconceding!

— Please Forward

Kerry's considering unconceeding and having a recount. He asked people to send firsthand experiences of disenfranchisement to his brother's law office and his office is eagerly counting calls that are encouraging him to unconceed and ask for a recount!

In This Post (1)Call/fax Kerry's senate office--contact info below (2)If you have first handexperience of voter disenfranchisement (not just articles) contact his brother (3) Support 3 organizations that are uncovering hard evidence of fraud:blackboxvoting.org and votewatch.us

(1)Kerry can still request a recount in Ohio (and he may have the best chance of winning with a recount there)and perhaps elsewhere! He has until they count the provisional ballots 11-15 days after counting the provisionals. (It doesn't matter if he'll have a hostile Congress to work with because even if he can't get much done as president at least he would prevent the havoc and destruction of 4 more years of W in which our rights, environment,economy, social security, and our very lives are at stake!)

When I called they put me through to someone who asked for my state: they are adding them up! Contact Kerry at (202) 224-2742 -Phone (202) 224-8525 - Fax and urge him to unconcede and do a recount in Ohio (and perhaps elsewhere)

(2)If you have witnessed or experienced disenfranchisement you can contact his brother's law office--they are collecting this information which will be vital in considering unconceding at  CKerry@Mintz.com (Don't just email articles or they will be inundated with emails. They already know about the articles.)

(3)Help These Three Organizations Prove Fraud There is anecdotal evidence of widespread fraud with the paperless voting machines (see links at the end of post for votefraud links . There are three groups working to uncover hard evidence who need your support

(a)If your in the Ohio area this group needs volunteers(don't have to have special skills) www.neohioact.org/electionaudit and is co-ordinating with the next group

(b) Please support the work of  http://blackboxvoting.org-- which is the only group uncovering hard evidence of fraud of the paperless electronic voting machines--with donations and/or volunteer work--they need to raise $50,000 to file freedom of info act requests for as quickly as possible to pay for records and the fees some states charge for them. If you can't donate funds  http://www.eservicescorp.com/form.aspx?fID=912 , please donate time.

E-mail to join the Cleanup Crew. (they need all types from doing grunt work, to lawyers and programers)  crew@blackboxvoting.org

(c) Please also contribute to Votewatch  http://www.votewatch.us . They need $250,000 to do a professional statistical analysis of the election which can be used as hard evidence.

This is an excellent organization that has been conservative in its approach, using highly respected statisticians and developing trusted relationships with key media contacts. They are collecting and analyzing data to determine if there was fraud in the election as seems to be indicated by the 5% (or so) discrepancy between exit polls and reported results from the touch screen voting with no paper trail vs. the other types of voting where exit polls closely matched reported results.

If you decide to move forward with a tax-deductible contribution, please make your check payable to Votewatch (ID# 94-3255070) and send it to:

Votewatch c/o: The San Francisco Foundation Community Initiative Foundation (SFFCIF) Attn: David Barlow 225 Bush Street Suite 500 San Francisco, CA 94104

Smaller donations can be made online through the website  http://www.votewatch.us

Some sites with voterfraud info  http://www.stolenelection2004.com  http://pages.ivillage.com/americans4america/id17.html  http://radtimes.blogspot.com  http://www.stolenelection2004.com  http://pages.ivillage.com/americans4america/id17.html  http://radtimes.blogspot.com  link to www.whatreallyhappened.com

Take care, Cheryl Guttman

by : Politicasso
Wednesday 10th November 2004

this would be 10.Nov.2004 16:26


the ultimate flip-flop

I Support This Flip-Flop 10.Nov.2004 17:13

David daschor@comcast.net

This would be the ultimate flip-flop, but it would also save us from some of the danger that Bush embodies. Kerry, by all outside accounts, appears to have been the legitimate winner of the election. Just as in 2000, Jeb's machinations, and a little help from (Black)well placed campaign staff provided a minimal electoral majority, assuming that any recount can be averted. The evidence of fraud is overwhelming, not just anecdotal. Examine the history of this subject, and it is clear that the Republicans have been literally "buying votes" by purchasing the contracts, through right-wing corporations (Diebold, ES&S, Sequoia, etc), to provide vote counting services. Stalin was right - It is immaterial who casts the votes, as long as the right people are counting them the outcome can be assured. Bush is the errand boy for the most corrupt corporations (Enron), and has managed to purchase his own fraudulent election with our tax dollars.

Kerry should flip-flop one more time, for the good of all. After all - he didn't 'have all the facts'.

jeez! 10.Nov.2004 17:22

Jeebus H. Krist

What a weener that Kerry is! Why'd he concede so soon in the first place? I'm no fan of his but anything that fucks with the present administration is OK with me.

If Bush can flip flop 10.Nov.2004 17:23


It's certainly not as if Bush hasn't flip flopped all over the fucking place. All Kerry would have to do is step forward and the angry mob would be all over this shit.

Kerry or Bush it's the same old bones 10.Nov.2004 17:55


If there is one thing I hoped this miselection would point out is that there really is no distinction between Kerry and Bush. Kerry has all the information we have, doesn't he? All he has to do is search the web, even MSNBC aired a program on vote fraud. The truth is not hiding under a rock. Yet, we have to urge him to take action! Nonsense. As others have mentioned, the votes never did belong to any candidate. They represent the will of the people. Shouldn't Kerry be joining with Conners and the other Representatives who are looking into this? I do not care whether Bush or Kerry won this election. What matters is whether your vote counts the way you intended. As Democrats are busy yammering on about how they should incorporate the values agenda, thousands of votes are uncounted and hijacked by Diebold, ES&S and the deep corruption of the media in collusion with politicians, including many Secretaries of State. Read Votescam, join with Bev Harris and blackboxvoting.org to spread the truth and make the votes count. But please don't start up the old Kerry as the better candidate thing again. That story has no legs, just a lot of skull and bones.

A last chance for America 10.Nov.2004 18:10


I would praise this move as the last opportunity to save American democracy, in whatever shambles it may be. Kerry could finally prove himself to be the brave warrior he has portrayed himself to be. If he doesn't press the issue, he is abandoning us to a future of fraudulent elections or open revolution. John Kerry, if there were any way you could hear me, I would beseech you to pursue this, at least until absolute surety could be put on the election count. This would be an act of grace for all of us who voted for you. Even more important, it would be a pledge to future generations that the ideals of America have any value at all.

BTW I just heard an NPR trash piece on vote fraud. It may repeat right about now. Take a listen if you want to get really pissed off at NPR.

He conceded... 10.Nov.2004 19:42


...possibly because all the news sources said the election was straight forward, no glitches, sorry Kerry but you lost. How was he to know any differently. He may have been playing coy to see Bush's reaction and if there was fraud, he comes out looking like a graceful rose. Ya think? As far as Kerry being Bush lite. I'm not sure I want to experiment. However, Bush's alleged win is surely making some feathers fly. ;)

What a bunch of dumbasses 10.Nov.2004 19:48


Yeah can you believe these "liberals"?All over Air America and other liberal-pundit-areas,they've been talking about how the election was NOT fixed.With friends like these,who needs enemies?

don't believe everything you read.... 10.Nov.2004 20:01


''No one would be more interested than me in finding out that we really won, but that ain't the case," said Jack Corrigan, a veteran Kerry adviser who led the Democrats' team of 3,600 attorneys who fanned out across the country on Election Day to address voting irregularities.

I get why people are frustrated, but they did not steal this election," Corrigan said. ''There were a few problems here and there in the election. But unlike 2000, there is no doubt that they actually got more votes than we did, and they got them in the states that mattered.
After one e-mailer erroneously suggested that Kerry's brother, Cameron, was compiling reports of voting problems, Cameron Kerry's e-mail inbox was inundated with hundreds of messages, received at the pace of several per minute through yesterday. He sent out a stock response saying ''we are not ignoring" the reports, asking that they be forwarded to the Democratic National Committee instead of his e-mail address at his Boston law firm.

Though Corrigan said all allegations will be investigated by the Democratic legal team, he added that it has become clear that 2004 was no repeat of 2000. That year, an abbreviated Florida recount resulted in a 537-vote margin of victory for Bush, and many Democrats believe a full and impartial recount would have handed the election to Democrat Al Gore."

Internet buzz on vote fraud is dismissed
By Rick Klein, Boston Globe | November 10, 2004
 link to www.boston.com

easier to believe 10.Nov.2004 20:29


Face it, Kerryheads: We tried it your way and your guy took a dive. We warned you he was just like Gore. This is wishful thinking at its most pathetic. Just because we care doesn't mean he does.

Forget Kerry: he conceded before all the votes were counted! 11.Nov.2004 23:09


What a "leader" move, eh? Pathetic.

I might be moved to care if Kerry wasn't such a warmongering, environment-destroying, gay-hating, Scalia-confirming, abti-affirmative-action, corporate-friendly sellout prick. Too bad that he is.