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micro radio?

anyone have a link?
I went to the microradio.net site yesterday, which is, was, offering a roundup of links to micro-radio sources which were broadcast via the net. unfortunately it seems they've changed the site, still offering the old site but it seems the links on the old site are dead now.

does anyone have a site which offers a comprehensive hub for microradio web broadcasts?
don't say pepperface because most of my links there hinged on the microradio.net hub and so I have to change them out.

I did find this:  http://www.radio4all.org/news.html which is a good source for news, but not for actual stations.


homepage: homepage: http://www.pepperface.com

indy sources 10.Nov.2004 13:48

pdx indy drone #3042

you can check the indy sources at:


thanks 10.Nov.2004 14:25

king friday

cool, thanks. though it's kind of sad to see how few people are actually listening to each station.

few listeners 10.Nov.2004 16:51

or many stations

It's kinda like "ham radio." Like, everybody who's interested in internet radio has their own station. It's copying a centralized, one-to-many model into a new environment where that's not necessary any more, but we don't really have a better model yet.

If it's any consolation, half the regular (non-"activist") stations at SHOUTcast.com don't have any listeners either. This is normal in the net radio world. I guess either you're still into it anyway or you're not.

hum 10.Nov.2004 17:56

king friday

hm. I guess it's more that seemed odd when I saw enemy combatant radio had only 3 listeners, and blast furnace 1.
those two to me are really great. sort of more like what I'd like to hear coming out of kboo during the day, sometimes there's format like that but it's mostly after midnight. it would be nice to have kboos semingly many hours of salsa music during the day be cut for some more edgy programming.

of course this will never happen because it's pretty obvious they're going in the opb direction instead.

I get almost all of my info from web sources. democracy now daily, counterspin and between the lines weekly, also the media roundtable from yourcall radio is great. the rest of the time I'm seeking out webradio stations for direct info. of course pdximc radio is excellent.