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Activist groups in New Jersey?

Request for New Jersey activist-finding assistance.

I have a young friend who lives in Morristown, New Jersey and who contacted me about getting involved with some leftist, queer, gender, civil rights, antiwar groups in her area. She's not having much luck finding groups that she would feel welcomed in so I thought I'd ask you connected and knowledgable persons here at Indymedia (NJ Indymedia didn't look very helpful for this).

Her words, "I want to find more people like me. I am also very frustrated with our government and the direction it's going in.  I am really scared for the next four years.  I want church and state to be separate. I want us to have our constitutional rights. I am against the war in Iraq but since we have destructed law and order there I don't know how we will ever leave. I'm gay but don't want that to be the sole focus of my activism."

Can anyone suggest some N. New Jersey organizations, informal groups...?

I actually lived in New Jersey for 2 years 10.Nov.2004 15:57

Red neck

(very good job) it almost killed me. The most boring, frustrating place you can imagine. (Yeah, I'm trying to encourage you) Not that I'm ragging exclusively on New Jersey. The whole area stinks, Connecticut is even worse, even though its status is higher, nothing but sprawl. New York City is of course unbelievably bad. But anyway if you want some action in your area it's going to be at Rutgers. Keep an eye out for speaker, lectures, forums, demonstrations ect....and network. That can be hard in New Jersey, it always helps to bring someone else along so you don't look like a desperate loner. (serial killer) You know the attitude-"Do I know you? So why are you talkin' to me?" My last memory from New Jersey was a guy standing in front of a Pathmark with a 'Do I look like a fucking people person' T-shirt. (Yeah, I'm trying to encourage you) I just checked out the NJ imc, you should go to this forum, you might meet some good people: Mon Nov 15 - Important Forum on the School of the Americas and Latin America - New Brunswick, NJ
New Brunswick a college town, it's got one used(crappy)bookstore. Culture!
Good Luck!

tell her to start one 10.Nov.2004 16:07

the one who authored this comment

If your friend cannot find one where she lives in New Jersey, then there are almost certainly many others quitely lurking in her community with similar feelings. A lot of people are searching for stuff like this right now, and she would be doing them a big favor as well as herself by starting one.

She could get her like-minded circle of friends together to brainstorm. Get an email address at yahoo or hotmail or something, put up flyers at nearby colleges, attend protests and network with people, etc. Attend other gatherings or organizations that seem "liberal" focused, even if they are not fully aligned with what she has in mind, network and find like minded friends. Use one of those assorted freebee web services at yahoo and other places to start some kind of email list or forum so people can share thoughts. Build a network of like-minded people, go meet at a cafe or some place and talk about what to do. Her words that you quoted "I want to find more people .... focus of my activism." is very good to start with. Others who are like-minded will soon come forward and help grow this.

Oh, 10.Nov.2004 16:19

Red neck

It's for a friend.

thanks 11.Nov.2004 08:21


I'm not sure she's at that level yet.

This is where she's at and what she needs help with, "Attend other gatherings or organizations that seem "liberal" focused, even if they are not fully aligned with what she has in mind, network and find like minded friends."

Thanks for the Rutgers idea.

i spent the first 17 years of my life in jersey... 11.Nov.2004 08:43

...and got the hell out of there when i turned 18.

there are a lot of progressives in jersey, however. especially north jersey, so its good that your friend lives in morristown. montclair st. university would also be a good option. they're a lot smaller than rutgers, but there's a lot of good things going on there (at least there was a few years ago). Montclair is also very close to morristown.

nj peace action 27.Nov.2004 13:37

lady fair

Have you tried NJ Peace Action? Go find this group's web site. If you can get WBAI, 99.5 f.m. radio/web streaming or "Democracy Now" w. Pacifica's Amy Goodman, 9-10 am M-F, you could maybe find some interesting groups for n.jersey. Try Revolution Books in the big apple. There's usually something going on there.