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Missing PDX Indymedia articles?

what is happening?
I wrote an article on N3. When I came back to look for it a few days later, I couldn't find it, so I wrote something else, titled something like "Hey Indymedia, where's my article?" You (indymedia) wrote back promptly and told me to look on the N3 page. Well, that's of course where I had been looking. But I looked again. And there was my article. I wrote back and said thanks.
Now I'm looking for the article again, this time going over everything on N3 with a fine toothed comb, and it's not there. It's DEFINATELY not there. I even looked it up under my name (which is not a common name), and it still did not come up. It's not in the composting bin either. What happened?
what's the title or author? 10.Nov.2004 11:54

indy volunteer

Can't help you otherwise since we don't know what article it is you're looking for.

if you would like help 10.Nov.2004 11:55


you will have to give us something to work with. what was the author name you used? what was the title?

just give us something to work with and we will gladly help. my only reccommendation would be to check the archived newswire of the N3 page.

in the future, it is much easier to just mail us at:  imc-portland-requests@lists.indymedia.org

personally, i dont appreciate these cries on the newswire. please just email us, and give us something to work with.

Where's the photos of Protest? 10.Nov.2004 12:51


A few days ago someone posted their photo links to several (like 100?) photos of the protest in Portland. Now I can't find the post at all, and where I pasted the links on another site, the links to the photos are no longer available. Who's censoring this?
They were good photos, with people holding signs that read "The Revolution is Now" "Lets do what Kerry wouldn't - let's REVOLT!" and "When Bush shoves - RESIST!"
Where are these photos?
Many right wingers are having a hard time even believing such protests are taking place. They are denying it. They are downplaying the numbers. The photos help convinve them otherwise.
These are the ones I especially liked and used to convince the skeptics.


not wanting to be confrontational, but... 10.Nov.2004 12:56


Indyvolunteer and imcista, it doesn't matter what article it is. The fact is that it's missing. I want an explanation as to what happened. If I gave you more details, it wouldn't matter because it's not on the page I put it on. At least right now---and I can't predict when it will be there or disappear.

I don't have a problem emailing, but I don't have that email address in my contacts, so I had to publish on indymedia. I would guess that this whole problem should be able to be cleared up openly anyway, and it to do it openly is a great way for others to learn how things work, just in case this problem comes up for them. So not only is "publishing" better because it's more convenient, but it also helps to educate people as well. Which is personally what I like about indymedia.

I certainly the hell don't appreciate the implication that there is something wrong with me for point out missing articles and not giving more detailed information. I try hard to be fair with everyone, and I have no idea why someone at an organization that is pledged toward the free flow of information would arrogantly cop an attitude at a totally neutral event.

I would suggest that if you feel so strongly about disappearing indy articles, maintain an explanation for this phenomena somewhere on the screen, with that email address there. But don't spring wrongdoing implication traps on authors who are looking for their missing articles that may be missing because someone over there (indymedia) may have had something to do with (I don't think that, I am neutral, but it's a point).

Thanks. It will be a few days before I can get back to this now, so it will take time for me to be able to respond. I appreciate the fact that you all are reading everything that comes in and responding so quickly otherwise.

again 10.Nov.2004 13:00


ravenwolf, if you could give us a bit of information, like title or author, or even a bit of the title. that would help enormously to following up on this. without any of that, we are also just aimlessly looking for photos on a site with a huge lot of information.

also, please chill with the cries of censorship. why the hell would *SOME* photos be censored when other are featured. think about it a bit. we are all volunteers here, calling us censors and accuses of of random things does nothing to encourage motivation, it actually detracts from it.

so, when you feel you can ask where something is in a calm and non-accusatory manner, with a bit of information, we will gladly help you find them.

is this what you're looking for? 10.Nov.2004 13:03

indy volunteer #742

If you want to find nov 3 protest photos go to the nov 3 page, and in the upper right search area check the box to the left of images and click search.

The story with all the links was probably this comment:

But in the future I would encourage you to learn how to find these things for yourself.

without a title or author we can't help you 10.Nov.2004 13:08

indy volunteer #742

There is no way for us to locate "missing" articles in a database of 50,000 articles without an author or title.

I wasn't accusing You of censorship! 10.Nov.2004 13:18


I'm sorry if I was misunderstood. I was not accusing ANYONE at PORTLAND INDYMEDIA of censorship. It is the site that hosted those pictures (And yes - that is the right link by the way) If you click on any of the links it says "This page cannot be displayed."
I am wondering if the author "good times" ?? is aware of this and if the problem can be fixed.
The censorship I was worried about was that perhaps someone hacked the site with the photos on it so that it is now unavailable. Those photos do prove a demonstration occured in portland and it was not just some small turnout as many have claimed.


why post this to the newswire? 10.Nov.2004 13:48

indy reader

Check out:


it's the contact page for the editors -- it's linked prominently at top of this page "contact".

As a regular indymedia reader, I wish people would learn to use this site better, it's pretty simple.

We don't all need to read about how your having a hard time finding your article.

No offense is intended, but this is a major news site and it's losing quality fast.

Between articles reposted 3 times or more and personal requests that could be much better handled by email (taking 5 seconds to look for the contact info isn't that hard...) quality is reduced...especially for new people to the site who have to wade through that stuff.

Again, not trying to be a jerk but think before you post -- is your post really something everyone needs to read? It would probably be good for the various "indy volunteers #1-1000") to add something to the publishing screen that says "If you've got a request or can't find an article please contact us (hyperlink) instead of posting to the newswire."

. 10.Nov.2004 15:05


Please posters. Stop writing posts to the site asking questions about the site. Send an email please. This just clogs up the site. Thanks

dear anonymous article searcher 11.Nov.2004 13:27


Please stop being so dramatic and simply give the required information to the editors at their email address (it's only one click away on the "contact" page, but I'll give it to you here: imc-portland-requests@lists.indymedia.org). What you are talking about here is most likely a technical complaint, but even so it's probably best to put EDITORIAL in the subject line. Technical complaints do not belong on the newswire. Think about it this way: If somebody does find it on N3, right where you were already looking, you're going to feel pretty stupid after having made such a big deal out of it. In fact, maybe you already realize this and that's why you aren't willing to give up any identifying info because you don't want to end up looking stupid.

One thing you might do is to put a string of text from the article in quotation marks in google, since google indexes this site (like if I wanted to find this comment again I would go to google and type the following: "Please stop being so dramatic and simply give"). That will at least get you the URL for where the article is, and using that you can find out where it has been categorized on the site. That way you won't have to give up who you are and you can save face.

I think I may have figured it out for you 12.Nov.2004 12:04


When I went back to find this one in the archives, I had the article number (302956), but not the title. I couldn't find it. What the hell? I could bring the article up by manually typing the URL, but I couldn't find it in the archive. Weird. Then I noticed that the bottom article number on the front page newswire was like 302959, while the first article in the archives was 302893, which meant that between the newswire and the archives there was a gap about 60 or so articles long. Weird! Until I realized that I was looking at a cached archive page. I hit refresh on my browser, and the archive page updated and everything was fine. Try that.