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LA Anti-War Protest draws tanks

Tuesday night's protest in Los Angeles Westwood district drew two tanks into the action.
Go here for a 6 MB quicktime movie of the action. This is what the future holds for protests against the fascists in the White House. Get your Kevlar vests before they are banned.

edge of civil war 10.Nov.2004 11:36


When civilians and military fight we call that civil war. That the last time we had military tribunals grabing citizens and trying them too.

link no good 10.Nov.2004 11:49


The link won't work????

LA indymedia's down, at least on my computer 10.Nov.2004 12:34

Jody Paulson


Here is the video clip 10.Nov.2004 13:20


Here is the movie seperate from la indymedia
Tanks at protest
Tanks at protest

not exactly 10.Nov.2004 15:36


Those are not American tanks. They are Canadian Coyote DFSV's.

The US Military does not use that vehicle or have any.

NOT policing but lost - repost from LA IMC 10.Nov.2004 16:33


Follow up on 2 USMC Striker armored vehicles at Westwood Federal Building

I wasn't there at the Tuesday night demonstration in Westwood, but I did do some follow-up investigation this morning about the two armored vehicles.

Turns out the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration was having a Veterans Day parade and celebration this morning (Wednesday). I drove over and walked in to the WLA VA to look around at 10:50am.

Lots of marching middle school ROTC "cadets" (including 11-to-14-year-old boys and girls from Mt. Vernon Middle School all in US Army uniform, some shouldering parade "rifles") and a high school band and antique cars filled with VAFW members. And two USMC Striker armored vehicles complete with 6 or 7 Marines in fatigues and body armor giving junior high ROTC kids and adults tours of the vehicles.

I talked to one Marine with one of the "Striker" vehicles. He told me they had driven the vehicles up from Camp Pendleton the night before (Tuesday) on the freeway. Getting off the 405 Freeway going north, they would have passed Wilshire and Veteran where ANSWER had called a rally to protest the attack on Fallujah in Iraq.

I asked him if he was "rolling around Westwood" Tuesday night. He said, "Yeah, and we drove past that anti-war demonstration. We was lost. We're not from L.A. We didn't know where this place (WLA VA) was. We were trying to find it."

"Did you drive around the block twice?" I asked.

"Yeah, we did. We stopped to ask them (the protestors) directions, but they weren't very nice."

There was more conversation, but that was the gist of it from the Marine side concerning the armored vehicles. For what it's worth.

I've also been receiving emails from friends who were at Tuesday evening's Westwood demostration. They report that the LAPD officers said they had no idea why the two armored vehicles had appeared and then disappeared.

Author: Steve
Posted: Monday November 08, 2004 08:09 PM

... 10.Nov.2004 17:06


It sounds stupid, but it is actually very easy to get lost in the L.A. freeway system. And all kinds of crazy shit happens in L.A. It's the size of a small country all by itself.

Sceptical on Steve 10.Nov.2004 17:15

jest thinkin'

I don't have any reason to doubt Steve's version of this story. I laughed out loud, in fact. But the more I thought about it, the more I started to wonder about the Marine's version. We are supposed to believe they innocently and accidently stopped at an anti-war rally? Maybe in a bad movie. Any sensible person would look for a less confrontative environment to get directions. Whether it was ordered at some level, or a spontaneous, "let's go freak out the peaceniks", decision, it was clearly a provocation and an implied threat. Fallujah in LA?

distinctly possible 10.Nov.2004 17:26

here and now

the "troops" are pretty much on their own, it seems. They get some guns, some tanks, are trained to kill people, and let loose. We're all fair game now; the "rule of law" is no more, since it's really only a social contract we agree on. The rulers have breached the contract.

What's left to do is build from the roots up.

it;'s probably true. but still weird 10.Nov.2004 17:27


I know that offramp. That is near what is probably the busiest intersection in the whole city (Wilshire Blvd and Westwood). When you get off the freeway, the Federal Building is right there. The VA hospital is right nearby.

The really weird thing about it though is, Why on earth would you drive those bloody things 80 miles up the freeway???! Those things are rated in GALLONS PER MILE! It would sure be a lot more sensible to put them on a great big flatbed truck.

Freedumb is on the march 10.Nov.2004 19:14

Most-Favored Nation Trading Status

It can't happen here.

an analogous situation 10.Nov.2004 20:32


The tanks in that famous video were actually driving AWAY from Tiananmen Square at the time. It's sort of a similar situation. I don't know if anybody knows for sure who that guy was, what he was trying to accomplish, or what. The media just found it a useful illustration at the time.