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courthouse square rally

time to get back to the streets and let the world (those in DC) know that the people of Portland will not sit back while democracy is hijacked.
People, the movement cannot lose any momentum. To continue with our protest against the stolen election, and an unjust war that never should have happened. So, proletariets, anarchist, democrats, the poor, the huddled masses, to illustrate how angry we are pleas meet at Pioneer courthouse square, 12noon on Saturday, Nov 13. This will be in continuation of what happened last week. If we need to we will protest every weekend for the next four years. We must get the media, and the attention of the conservative world to let them know they cannot hold the movement down any longer! 12noon, courthouse sqare, PDX, Nov 13. Please, all need to come out, it is important that we not give up any of the momentum that we have recieved with the hijacking of our national election. hope to see all there.
question 10.Nov.2004 11:05

four of nine

so what will unorganized non directed protests do? besides giving the cops extra pay, preaching to the choir and having the common citizen say "there goes those nuts again"?

sorry not deliberitly trying to harshing your mellow but you must
Plan better, create community and have a direct message at something for change to happen.

luck on saturday

Hit the Streets - Hell Yeah! 10.Nov.2004 15:18

Dr. E outsideAG@gmail.com

I totally agree with the need to stay in the streets.

When it comes to giving cops extra pay - I say all the better. If the city wants to waste thousands of dollars to put an army of cops out in our way, let 'em do it. Every cent they waste is money that they can't spend fighting "crime," so let's make them pay as many cops as much overtime as we can for as long as possible.

As far as organization goes, I do think it would be good to decide on and publish a route in advance, and while still allowing the dynamism that comes from an open bullhorn, at least line up a few people to speak on specific topics.

I will be contacting the person who made the original post to see what I can do to help lay some plans, and if anyone wants to contact me, please send email to  outsideAG@gmail.com.