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Operation Phantom Fury

So the assault on Fallujah has a name, which I heard for the first time this morning.
Reports continue to concentrate on US casualties, ignoring Iraqi deaths and injuries. What did these people do to us to deserve this onslaut of death and destruction?

From what I understand, most of the insurgent leaders, including the "Big Fish" US forces wish to grab, have left Fallujah. As the US attacks and seizes hospitals, homes, and other suspect facilities, the organizers of the resistance have moved on although a US commander bragged that at least 90 "resistance fighters" had been killed. Hard to prove you were not a "resistance fighter" once you are dead and cannot speak for yourself.

And the not-so-phantom menace under the direction of George W. Bush moves ahead . . . while we are distracted by the carnage in Iraq, talk has once again surfaced regarding opening up Alaskan wildlife refuges to drilling for oil, as well as the resurrection of nuclear power plants. Buzz about a "flat tax" and privitizing social security is becoming louder.

52% of the population gave Mr. Bush a mandate for escalating insanity.

please stop spreading the myth 10.Nov.2004 12:54


Thank you for the article and also PLEASE STOP SPREADING THE MYTH that more than half the country voted for GWB. Between the intentionally lost / trashed registrations, intentionally lost / trashed ballots, intentional disinfo about polling locations and other interference in Dem-heavy counties, the electronic voting machines which are easily hacked, proven to have been hacked, and don't create a paper record, and the other bits and pieces that I've forgotten about, I think it is pretty clear that the "official" election results aren't representative of the actual votes.

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