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Prophecy November 10th, 2004 : War Crimes Trials

Prophecy November 10th, 2004 : War Crimes Trials Now we know that Congressmen and Senators voted for the 'preemptive strike' war against Iraq, even though there were many loud voices which I am sure they heard, the voices which protested and reminded and warned them that this preemptive Iraq strike was a criminal war crime, and a violation of international law, which according to the Constitution of the United States of America is therefore American Law due to the signing of a treaty. If it was the intent of the governing powers of the United States of America to commit this international war crime, this war of looting and plunder for O-I-L, without 'breaking the law' then it should have been the case that such changes were made through Democratic means to alter the relevant sections of the Constitution of the United States of America. Then, free of the burden of international law, and free also to write laws granting themselves permission to commit war crimes under American Law, an odious act not at all below your congressional and senate representatives, the nation could have then marched off to war, and commit the exact same war crimes. The only difference here would be that some psuedo-justification could be made that given that the law was absent, your mendacious leadership in Washington would not be charged with war crimes. No such law existed when the Nazis committed their war crimes for loot and plunder and nevertheless they were tried, on the grounds that some crimes are so obvious that the absence of a specific law was no excuse. To ensure that in the future no such wars would ever occur again, public opinion forced the adoption of the Nuremburg War Crimes Laws and the United States adopted these laws as the laws of the land in the United States of America, since, apparently in those days, no one feared that perhaps someday America may wish to commit a war crime, and thus best not be burdened by laws condemning the practice.

By voting for this criminal act therefore it is truly the case that both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party and the Congress and the Senate of the United States of America have sealed their fates and are now destined to enter the pages of that story book known as history in the section of that book titled 'Ignomy'. For the small comfort that this is at this time, those who are indignant, who are outraged by this shocking decent into moral squaller can take some small comfort in this undeniable fact.

As for their military machine, which ruthlessly persecutes and slaughters its grossly outgunned victims, while one of the world's most ruthless propaganda media systems participates in this disgraceful act of shameful barbarism by slandering the victims, dehumanizing them, and thus preparing them for the slaughterhouse, this single political organism, consisting of the Military Machine in the Pentagon and its propaganda arm, the media, has forever earned itself a place in history as well, to be found listed there among all the most detestable killing organisms, listed among the illustrious names of Ghengis Khan or Attila the Hun or Adolph Hitler, for, just as these brutally oppressive and utterly ruthless killing organisms have become bywords for wickedness, as all such brutal oppressors always do, so to has the Military Industrial Complex of the United States of America. This place in history has already been established when the Pentagon and its Media Arm moved against the courageous lightly armed badly outgunned resistance guerillas in Fallujah, Iraq, and now it is to late, and nothing will ever be able to clean the filthy stain. The judgment of history therefore has already been made, and while this monstrous media killing machine may still harbor the delusions that cause them to believe that history is being written by them, thus saving both themselves and the Pentagon, this to will pass, the wheels will turn, and the world will move on without them, and the verdict of history will stand, as the stain becomes deeper and most the abhorrent moral depravity continues to grow, piling outrage upon outrage, in the end these ruthless killers, the Pentagon and their Media Arm, are regarded with even greater revulsion than Adolph Hitler is today, pushing him aside so that they can replace him as the byword for preemptive wars of looting and plunder tainted by the grossest of mendacious propaganda lies which had the hopeless task of disguising unrestrained greed. Such paltry stories never survive the test of time, and in the end the truth becomes known, in spite of, even because of every herculean effort expended to destroy truth, morality, decency, and justice.

For there is no morality in war. It has no nobility, except when the weak and the helpless fight JIHAD against overwhelming force, a cause made noble by selfless sacrifice, such as the sacrifice of the Iraq Resistance in Fallujah. There is no justice in looting and plundering just because you can, or rather, just because you think you can, because you cannot, and you never will. Certainly given that there is no decency, no glory, only shame and disgrace associated with war, all wars being fought for filthy greed and nothing more, for this reason there is no truth in war, and certainly the American Military Machine is proof enough of that, as its utterly ruthless, pitiless, remorseless, relentless persecution outfit, its Media Arm, inspires shock and horror all around the world as its bloodlust is fully revealed, along with its total lack of mercy and its contempt for even the most ordinary of human values or even simple dignity. Such a filthy and disgraceful thing has not been seen since the days of the Nazis. It is cruel. It is disgusting. Such a performance is contemptible. It is beneath contempt.

It is my hope that the American people will destroy this monstrous evil which has been unleashed upon the earth. For as evil and wicked as that thing is, it cannot destroy America, nor can it destroy the American people, for while America's enraged young men, who have been 'blooded' by the Pentagon, seek vengeance against the so called 'enemy' in Iraq for killing their buddies, these same boys will not kill their own mothers or brothers or fathers back on the streets of America, which means that the Pentagon, unlike other monstrous regimes, is powerless. It is toothless. It has no fangs.

So with this in mind, and given the intolerable level of the rising disgrace, and the contemptible offense of enduring such ignomy for even one more day, not to mention the endless years that it would take to drag that furious Pentagon out of Iraq, I issue the following call to the people of America, to pull your troops out of Iraq, and save your own sons and the sons of Iraq from this monstrous and outrageous killing machine which even now holds them captive and destroys them as part of something filthy plot which like all wars always have been and always will be centers around filthy mendacious greed, and money, and in this case O-I-L fields.

To accomplish this I call upon the people of the United States of America to overthrow your government, which has become overrun with war criminals, to overthrow these dangerously depraved individuals using the tools of populism, for, if you do not do these things, then may God help you all, as you descend in the Satanic pit of Nazism wherein dwells horrors the world has not seen in over fifty years, and always hoped would never be seen again, but due to the endless Machiavellian plots of a small and very greedy extremely rich cabal, has now begun its rise over the earth once again. There is no need to describe what comes next, for we all know what is coming as this monstrous thing pursues its goals with ever increasing acts of disgraceful shamefulness. Shall that thing makes its shame your shame, so that you will follow that thing down into hell, because of honor. Shall the United States of America and its people share in the monstrous ignormy of its corrupted elites, and shall their country descend into shameful disgrace along with its most powerful, its most wealthy, and its most wicked citizens. Truth be told such people do not deserve the honor of being called 'citizen' since they ruthlessly plot against your sons and your daughters, using them as cannon fodder, while their filthy media machine plays its part in that lewd plot to plunder Iraq's O-I-L. This is no small matter. This is a crime of the very gravest magnitude, and as history shows us, any nation that harbors such criminals and tolerates such crimes enters into the hellishness of barbarism and such a people destroy themselves. For a cancer is spreading rapidly through the body of the nation, a killing malignancy, which if it is not stopped will destroy you all.

And so in spite of the enormous obstacles that lie ahead, in spite of the cruel furies of your ruthless, heartless media monstrosity, which blocks every path and slams every door, while leading you ruthlessly into the fires of hell which lie ahead, in spite of them and their wicked powers, and the hopelessness such evil people create simply through their sheer persistence in wickedness, in spite of the difficulties of the task ahead, I cast my bread out onto the water, and I call out for a Second American Revolution to destroy your corrupt and extremely dangerous government, and to bring your children home from that slaughterhouse known as Iraq, before the rich and the powerful destroy any more of their lives in that futile plot they have hatched to guzzle trillions of dollars worth of O-I-L, which does not belong to them, and which they therefore plan to steal in a violent burglary. Such a filthy thing is not worth dying for and for any parent this is a worthless sacrifice which can then only be redeemed through the salvation of the entire nation, so that truly it could be said that your sons and daughters did not die in vain as through the endless trickery and the betrayals and treason of such people as George W. Bush and his friends the HAVE MORES of America the trust of the nation was cynically abused to operate the levers of power of a great nation in order to commit a truly filthy war crime.

Revolutionary Womyn must lead 10.Nov.2004 09:38

Alice Paul


It is entrenched in criminal activity worldwide. And womyn and children are its helpless victims all over the world.

It is time that womyn of all countries establish a International Revolutionary Womyn's Party TO PUT AN END TO MILITARISM AND THE DESTRUCTION OF THE PLANET.

(Alice Paul was the founder of the Women's National Party in the US and the author of the Equal Rights Amendment. She died in 1977 and never saw the ERA entrenched into the Constitution. The Women's National Party was taken over by the female whores of corporate fascism and turned into a tea club. )