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Portland city councilor, radio show host wage e-mail battle

I love it when belligerents go at each other and it doesn't get any better than this.
By ABE ESTIMADA, kgw.com Staff

Pretty clear here that Portland city commissioner Randy Leonard and conservative radio talk show host Lars Larson are no longer friends.

The two engaged in a nasty e-mail battle that was transmitted for all to read in city politicians' and journalists' inboxes on Tuesday afternoon.

The gist: Leonard accuses Larson, whose show airs on KXL radio in Portland, of stirring up his listeners and getting them to send harassing, even "inappropriate," e-mails to the commissioner. Someone also left what Leonard called a "threatening" phone call message at his home.

Leonard said he's received multiple e-mails on gastric bypass surgery, babies with multiple parents and a solicitation to buy land in Alaska. Leonard also enclosed copies of the e-mails sent by strangers as proof.

"This is an obvious attempt by you to harass me," Leonard wrote.

Larson denied the charge.

"I have never encouraged anyone to target you at home," Larson wrote. "I have never encouraged anyone to target any person at home."

Larson then delivered this parting shot.

"Sure hope you don't cut off your connection to constituents just because they're critical of you," Larson wrote.

But Leonard wasn't letting Larson have the last word.

"Ultimately your behavior is a testament to your cynical disrespect for your listeners," Leonard wrote. "You make broad, unsubstantiated statements and purport them as facts. You clearly do not trust your listeners with the true facts because you know your vision for Portland would then be revealed for what you truly lust for - a strip mall community comprised of smoke stacks, Hummers and Cuban cigars.

"You speak for the people as your fellow Washingtonian Tanya Harding speaks for ice skaters."

The e-mails ended after that.

Leonard has been criticized from some in the community for a cell phone tax that he's proposed to help pay for operating the Multnomah County Jail. The tax, which could raise $6 million for city coffers, would also help lower the business income tax.

"It has finally become obvious to me that you do not want me on the show to explain my ideas," Leonard wrote. "You are instead intending to bully, embarrass, intimidate and harass me through any means at your disposal."

Larson, meanwhile, last week complained publicly on his radio show that his wife had received death threats after the Nov. 2 general election.

Leonard seized on that complaint to berate Larson.

"You should consider treating others the way you expect yourself and your wife to be treated," the commissioner wrote.
Bravo! 10.Nov.2004 07:55


Damn! Randy Leonard is one ballsy, right-on guy. Anyone who can earn the vicious scare tactics of an unscrupulous scumbag like Lars Larceny must be doing something right!

I agree! GO RANDY!!! 10.Nov.2004 08:24

cranky old lady

If we followed Lars' direction, we'd be back to the era of Taft, etc. -- mass of people squatting in shacks and working 90 hr weeks and the rightous few plutocrats dining on quail stuffed with peacock in white tie and tails. We're already back to the military policies of that era. Enough is enough and too much is plenty.

No S**t 10.Nov.2004 18:26

Fed Up

"You make broad, unsubstantiated statements and purport them as facts," says Randy of Lars.

Boy oh boy does he have that right. But not just Lars, though.

The same darned statement can be used with respect to such pundits as O'Reilly, Hannady, Limbaugh, etc. etc. etc.

Whether it is the "War on Terrorism" or the "War against Saddam" or the "War on Some Drugs" it is all the same crap - trot out some overblown statement, present it as fact, then shout down as 'uneducated' or 'ignorant' those who want to correct the record!

Bah, Humbug!!

A little bit of work 07.Dec.2004 18:02

And this is what you can find


Usually, the conservative talk-show hosts that span the radio dial in Oregon are a potent weapon for the state Republican Party.
But this election, the radio talkers are at odds with Oregon Republican Party Chairman Kevin Mannix over when the timing of their mail ballots.
Mannix has been urging Republicans to cast their votes early. But the radio hosts have been telling their listeners to wait until Election Day because they fear possible ballot tampering.
So far, figures from both Republican and Democratic campaigners show that a larger percentage of mail ballots from Democratic voters have been cast.
Republicans say the delay makes it harder to focus their get-out-the-vote resources on undecided or wavering voters -- and it raises the possibility that some hitch will keep late voters from getting their ballots in by the Tuesday deadline.
"It's absolutely the impact of the talk-show hosts," said Mannix, who added that "no matter how well-intentioned, if someone holds on to their ballot, we will lose votes."
Mannix has criticized Democratic Secretary of State Bill Bradbury, who oversees elections in Oregon. But Mannix said he is "confident the county clerks are doing their job, and we have observers present."
Talk show host Lars Larson, however, said he will continue to tell his listeners to "turn it in as late as possible."

Who in the hell does lars think he is telling people of Oregon what to do with there ballots, first he doesn't even live here and second he did not even vote in Oregon because if he it would be against the law
What a two-face idiot.
Follow the link if you don't think I'm being truthful