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The Second American Revolution

begins today

The Second American Revolution

Tools of the Elite/Have Mores (?)

You know I find that sometimes people don't always hear what other people are saying. Either they do not explain their motives well enough, or the right questions were not asked in the right sort of way that would have elicited the required answers. For example I have found myself fuming over what I understood to be the great campaign to save the butt of John Kerry by exposing the electoral fraud issue and getting every vote counted with the key being to do this before the officially set deadline of December 12th, which is something they call 'Electoral College Voting Day', and another one of those crucial days for the ceremonial institutions of American Elite Power. Of course having lost that and not gotten everything done well it would 'all be over' by December 13th, right.

Now I think I can set aside that odious offense of working to save John Kerry, who along with that whole Democratic Party machine, was right up to his nostrils in dead baby guts in Iraq, and furthermore along with that whole Elitist tool was roaring and raring to go and take the gloves off in Iraq and punch in the heads of a few Iraq babies, themselves, should they get into power. Of course given the mendacious nature of that Democratic party, naturally the Iraq War was 'mishandled' and not done right, or then again their was the hint of a suggestion that perhaps it was the wrong war at the wrong time and that America should have gone terrorist hunting in some other country instead, probably Iran, which the bipartisan 911 committee targeted when they said that 'bad intelligence' (rather than O-I-L) led George Bush and his 'base' whom some people call the elites but whom George calls the Have Mores into the invasion of Iraq, which was the wrong country, attacked by error due to faulty intelligence, when actually the true target should have been Iran the whole time, thus making Iraq the wrong war at the wrong time, and Iran the right one, as both Democrats and Republicans decided to agree was the case when they bailed George Bush out by throwing him a toe line when it looked like he was sinking under the weight of his unbelievable and never ending perjury. And so one can see how the Democrats attempted to play both sides of the poll numbers, even the exact contradictory polls, such as the George Bush Clone Polls and the anti-war Polls, which was stupid, given that Democrats also attacked George Bush from the right for being 'soft on Fallujah', which meant that they were promoting the pro spilled baby guts policy in Iraq, and even if it was the case that they were just being atrociously cynical, that was still the pro bashed baby head policy, which is unforgivable, when you understand the level of numbing and self seeking self serving conniving and the rest of it that being able to promote such a policy indicates, while never ever speaking up for that baby, showing a level of callousness and internal bankruptcy and unfeeling deadness that makes me want to puke when I think of such a party getting saved, or getting elected again.

Yes that moral offense of 'saving John Kerry' is the quagmire that one must wallow in if one is to fight electoral fraud, and get every vote counted, and as horribly disgusting as something like that really is, Democracy is so important that as revolting as such a task may be, it still has to be done, God Forbid, and someone will have to do that dirty filthy job, despite feeling soiled all over for having done such a thing, because it is just that important that this be done.

And so I can force myself to overlook the 'saving of John Kerry' should it happen, and not get mad at people for wanting to count the vote and fight electoral fraud, which is a damned creepily weird position to find oneself in, but such is the rotten state of utter corruption that one finds oneself holding ones nostrils all the time in any case, so what is just one more stinking offense to have to endure smelling, so that important work can be done.

Now I said that often people don't listen to each other, and that would include myself, for while I listen, I don't always understand, and then what I thought I heard makes me mad, like for example that bit about hurrying to get the vote counted by December 12th, the special elitist day when the elitist system meets, or perhaps appealing up to the United States Supreme Court of the American Injustice System, another deeply offensive idea by the way, just powerfully powerfully offensive. Of course when it was explained to me that the idea of getting that vote investigation done by December 12th was important because of the confrontation and the high drama, well then I stopped being mad at people for being such brainwashed twits who always have to use the special elitist tools designed to screw them over, who always have to follow elitist agendas, and say, if they lost on December 12th, getting screwed over by the specially designed elitist system, after for some reason deciding to take their actions through that rotted out and corrupted system, well then they would have to wait four more years, because you know, they just had to get that done by December 12th.

But like I said, when I first heard about that plan to get the electoral fraud issue done by December 12th, I guess it wasn't explained the right way to me, and when combined with that other sick idea of saving John Kerry, well I just naturally assumed that everyone was a moron and got mad, and that makes me wonder if other people are getting mad at each other and not listening, which could be happening a lot because I have noticed that I do seem to be getting supremely pissed off a lot lately by what I keep interpreting as the weenie ideas of a bunch of spell bound twits who have to play every elite game, and if they lose, well at least they 'fought the good fight', and there is after all always 2008, and another December 12th, or another appeal for injustice for the Supreme Injustices to consider and so on and so on and son...

So I think in the future I am going to try to be a little more patient and not get pissed off right away, at least not until I have asked the right questions and got the right answers and I am really really sure that it really is a dumb spell bound twit I am listening too, and if it is, well then I will get really pissed off, but otherwise I will control myself so I don't go around flaming people at the drop of the hat, the very first time they seem like an addle headed tool of America's rotted out elite systems...

Roe versus Wade

Now speaking of becoming tools of the systems of the Elite Have Mores, I have been considering the inevitable distraction, the circus, the agenda setting little carnival soon to be prepared by the Elite Have Mores which will no doubt, as such spectacles must, act like a giant gravity sucking black hole, by setting the crucially critical agenda item, which of course will be the saving of Roe Versus Wade by fighting for that Supreme Injustice appointment, thus helping to validate and legitimate that Supreme Star Chamber. For me that is gong to be just unbearable, since you see, it means that everyone and everything really is just a tool after all, since it has been so long that they have had any power, that when the time comes to use some power, they wind up going off like the little powerless tools they have been trained to be, and make another one of those endless appeals to the Elite Have Mores institutions and wind up getting sucked into those institutional black holes to disappear forever, or at least for ten or maybe twenty or thirty years, you know, however long that particular 'process' takes...

Now given how there is going to be a Second American Revolution, I thought that right now might be a good time to start proposing Revolutionary Acts, instead of subservient acts and foot kissing toe sucking acts or any other acts that would just send me into an atomic blast of angers, and then would drive me to nag natter and sarcastically pick on people and all those other weird things I find myself doing when I am just driven by something coming up from deep down, so deep down it proves just about impossible to ever control, given the unbearable offense and the huge unendurable burden of trying to endure that unbearable offense, especially when more and more offenses keep getting added on, more and more and more of those crimes and corruptions and so and so on...well its all to much, and then on top of all that to have to put up with weenies and their appeals to the Have More systems, their plunge into the Have Mores blackholes and all the rest of that stuff that drives me to agony, well that isn't even to much more...who could ever be expected to stand for it or put up with it without becoming just a hugely annoying pain in the ass for everyone and everything in sight. Well it would be impossible for me, because I know what I am like....

Okay, well having unloaded, for, I am sure some deeply driven unconscious urge to do so, or however that works, well now let's talk about Roe Versus Wade, ahead of time, before the people around me start driving me insane by starting up a big campaign to 'Save Roe Versus Wade' by getting sucked into the black hole by fighting the Bush court appointments of various Supreme and even Less Supreme Injustices to the Star Chambers of the land. I would like to propose, given that this is the upcoming Second American Revolution, a revolutionary act instead of one of those acts of sucking the toe of King George, or even getting lured into spending all ones time chasing down a ball or a stick thrown out by King George when that happens as of course it will.

Now you do realize that there are many millions of you, and they cannot arrest all of you, so you see the way it works, Revolutionary Style is like this. If King George tosses a stick, don't play fetch. Rather what you do is you allow the Supreme Injustice to be seated on the Supreme Court and tben when the inevitable happens, and that Supreme Injustice pays back the religious right for voting for George Bush, you just raise that one middle finger. And then everything just goes on just like it is now, with no changes. Well other than the technical detail of a change by the Supreme Injustices, but as one should know, that only matters if you say it matters, not the other way around. It will make for a boring nomination to that Star Chamber, without all the breathless drama to be reported on by that Soviet Media Empire of the Have Mores, but they can always find drama somewhere, perhaps in a rape or a murder to make up for that. Well there might be some breathless drama in waiting for you people to show up and play your role, and you now, the long silence where you can hear a pin drop, and so on, which is really dramatic as well-high drama really, far more dramatic I think than actually fighting that Roe Versus Wade Supreme Court Battle. Besides when you don't show up they can always call for some Democratic party functionaries to fill the gap, creating 'drama', just like they call in the management to try to fill a role when someone is on strike.

So then I suggest that given how many millions of people will just have to ignore that Supine Court, that lap dog of the Elite Have Mores, would it not be a good idea to start organizing right now, so that when the time comes everyone is singing from the same song sheet. And remember everything is hard here, and a lot of that has to do with Soviet Media, the talking buzzard, so for that reason there is no time to waste fighting the Bush nomination to the courts, since there is already more than enough work to do without playing your assigned role in that foreordained soap opera, thus helping to legitimate the Supreme Star Chamber. It will also be good practice for you in the revolutionary principles of revolutionary acts which are required if this place is to ever have a chance to be saved without having the house burn down with you still sitting inside it, because, you know, they told you not to go outside, that you were grounded, and so you stayed inside for the fire because, well, that's what they said...


Now those really super rich elite Have Mores can take away Welfare and Food Stamps, which was like the Grinch stealing Christmas from Whoville, and really atrociously cheap, since those were really cheapo low funded programs before they were cut and gutted, but you know a dime is a dime, and a penny saved is just one more penny to put onto the largest accumulation of wealth the world has ever seen, which can then form a stack and then one can climb up and sit on that stack, in one of the most heartless displays of pure sadism just for the joy of having been a successful sadist, who has no feelings, and thus has to enjoy at least sadism or life would be empty as a hollowed our shell with nothing to enjoy at all, and who would want that, right?

Which brings me to my point, which is that one thing just supremely PISSES ME OFF is when I hear someone saying that 'the Republicans stole the election' or that the Republicans did some other damnable thing, which brings up a profound fury from inside of me, because you see, this is the Second American Revolution, and you cannot be led astray down dead end roads, thus letting those sadistic bastards get away, well, unless you like globalization, hungering, and you don't mind the idea of a few extra million animal species, having the coastline somewhere in Ohio instead of in New York like it is now, the Amazon Clear Cut, and a whole raft of other shit you will bring down on yourself as the house burns down around your ears, while you, the hostage victim, become entangled in that Stockholm syndrome, which then causes you in that weird psychological way to become identified with the terrorists who kidnapped you, thus causing you to vent your fury on some other damn thing, like the Republicans.

The Market

And speaking of the elites, the Have Mores, the political base of George W. Bush, even though they only have one per cent of the vote (which is only enough when its not a Democracy, which explains how he gets 'elected') surely no discussion of those Have Mores, those cruel, sadistic robber barons without discussing what comes out of the mind of a robber baron which is of course robber baron ideology which is designed naturally enough with robber barons in mind (with their 40 per cent of the nation, they say, although no one really knows, due to the tax policy of not releasing that information, leaving people to struggle to get an accurate estimate, which means it could be conservative to say '40 per cent').

Now we know, from listening to the endless robber baron celebrating chattering of the Soviet Media System, just what a triumphant ideology robber baron ideology really is, since, after all, the United Soviets of America did defeat that other Animal Farm system in Russia, thus proving that revolution was dead and thus robber barons would rule till 'the end of history', or so they said at the time.

Now according to the doctrines of robber baron marketing ideology, what you require is growth, and without this growth, the whole system would collapse into ruins. According to the economic mathematics therefore, growth must continue for eternal, which means that you require infinite growth. The reason that you require this is usually attributed to the realism of human nature although actually it is attributable to the realism of robber baron nature, since it is said that only greed would make someone do a damn thing for anyone else, and greed, being the infinite thing that it is, requires rewarding with that eternal growth, or the whole thing falls apart. Therefore since it is greed that is the most important organizing principle of society, especially greed for profits, and since you can never make to big a stack, and since if people can't make great big stacks they will never even consider doing a damn thing for society or the world or anyone else, it just illogically follows that the whole system must grow forever, since if greed comes to an end the whole system will become rotted out and collapse.

So there in a nutshell is a thumb nail sketch of that so called economic theory that you hear so much about always being celebrated on the Soviet Media System. Of course there are lots of fancy economic sounding words to stir in with that chattering, but essentially it boils down to what I have sketched out above.

For this reason therefore it is required that America and the whole entire planet commit Hari Kari, having that infinite growth, and making for filthy rich Elite Have Mores, growing for an eternity, or at least until the whole system goes into its inevitable catastrophic collapse, since unfortunately the mathematics of that stupid brutish idea were just not plausible, given how there is only one universe, or so I have heard, unless Star Trek turns out to be true, and there are infinite parallel universes, in which case I retract my criticism and declare capitalism a valid and ingenious ideology after all, since it had the foresight to predict the existence of infinite universes to plunder and sack, worlds without end, to match up with greed without end, meaning that America was not in fact doomed by its doctrine, but actually ahead of its time when the country was first corrupted back in the 19th century, thus adopting that kamikaze doctrine which is what has led the world to the shall we say, interesting state of affairs we see unfolding today.

Electoral Fraud

Now speaking of the upcoming Second American Revolution, made neccesary by the need to fix whatever the hell went wrong that caused capitalism, so it never happens again, well given that urgent need, which will get more and more urgent as the fire moves up from the basement, crawling up the stairwell and so on, well given that mode of thinking, you know, revolutionary thinking mode and revolutionary acts rather than appealing to the elite institutions or sucking elite toes and so on, well given that people need to practice their revolutionary skills, I thought I would propose options for dealing with Electoral Fraud.

Now I have heard that it might prove to be impossible to prove fraud on America's shiny new voting machines, you know the ones where they had a choice between two, one with no paper trail and one extra safe model with a paper ballot system, and of course they chose the model without the paper ballot, which was less safe, but comes with reassurances from talking head officials sent down from the Politburo that extra extra safeties have been put onto those things, you know, to make up for the fact that it doesn't have the paper ballot system and thus people involved, being therefore extra safe. You can understand how those voting machines with no ballots would require reassurances and talking head pundits on television and more reassurances and extra extra safeties put on them by trustworthy officials and so on, because of the serious flaw, which is self evident, and needs really no further comment, although I feel the need to make some in any case, just to remind everyone of that simple truth. As for those malfunctioning voting machines in black and latino districts that spoil ballots, well what can I say, except to note that those machines were not replaced, even though four years is more than enough time, since the Have Mores were able to get into Iraq in about two years which was a much larger undertaking. But then you as we say, if its already broken then why fix it, right, whereas when you buy a new voting machine, it must have been the case that it wasn't broken and thus needed breaking since apparently America must vote now with a highly suspect, and yes, even a broken voting system, which is one hell of an idea, when you stop to ponder it all.

So the first revolutionary thought is this - let's suppose you do not find the evidence of the vote fraud by the magical date of December 12th. Well you would lose some of your drama, but I wouldn't get upset, since there is even more drama, there is never any shortage of drama, and hell, even if you find that vote fraud by December 12th, there will still be more drama after that as you get eaten alive or crushed down by the Soviet Media System, thus leaving even more drama for later.

In short you don't really need evidence of electoral fraud, because there is already more than enough evidence for electoral fraud even before you start looking, now isn't there. And that has drama, being very dramatic after all, so don't lose heart if you miss that artificially created deadline of December 12th.

Yes I guess it is true that those Have Mores are so used to bossing people around at work, that they figure, the natural order being what it is, that they should also be able to boss people around on election day. It must be outrageous for that extra special highly bred creme de la creme of the aristocracy, that one per cent, to suffer the indignation of sharing only one per cent of the vote with the hired help. The indignity of it all. Yes those Have Mores are used to shipping your job off to China, pocketing the money freed up when wages dropped from your wage down to 35 cents in China, and I guess they expect to be able to ship elections to whomever they please as well. Yes those Have Mores know that they can take Welfare, they can take Social Security, and they can take Democracy, and they can take Food Stamps...You notice how taking Democracy is included as just one more item on the list as far as those morally corrupted ethically impaired sadistic Have Mores are concerned, which is evidence for how deeply debased their minds really are...

Now then, what are the Revolutionary Options? First and foremost you need new voting machines, every where, and you need lots of new voting machines so that people are not deliberately forced to wait for interminable hours to vote, in the hopes that they will just go away. If it proves difficult to get good safe voting machines, either because of time constraints or because those HAVE MORES have their fingers into everything, thus making everything corrupted and untrustworthy, well then you will just have to switch back to some type of intelligently designed paper ballot system, easy to use, and consistent nationally, that does the maximum to avoid confusions and thus that all important 'spoilage' which can be caused by bad ballot systems, and which although it is quite well known, for some reason just doesn't get fixed. Well you will have to avoid that now won't you.

Now you will require revolutionary mobilization. For example there are many meeting places for people. Take a church or a mosque. You could go there and explain how you want Democracy, and then if they want some too, well they could agree to help out, not to mention asking other groups at other meeting places as well. There may be lots people have to squabble about but Democracy would not be one of them, so you should have the least trouble with this revolutionary act. If people ask you why you want Democracy when we already have one, you tell them all about how creepily weird it all is, and that should be enough in and of itself, and if it isn't will just have to tell them again about how there is a good way to vote, but for some damnable reason the small percent was blocking that so they could ruin Democracy, thus making America a fascism instead. If they ask for hard proof of electoral fraud, and you have some, well then you could show them that, but if it is to well hidden, well you will have to explain to them that given how creepily weird it all is, and how it is all to well hidden and if they listen to officials from the Politburo and the talking heads on television, and thus are reassured, well you could remind that while that might be reassuring really it isn't, quite the contrary really, and besides why have reassurances when you can have Democracy instead, since you only need reassuring when things are squirrly after all, whereas if it wasn't squirrely well there would be no need for talking head pundits, officials from the Politburo or reassurances since having a real Democracy is its own reassurance while not having it is not.

Now because you are having populism that creepily weird Democrat Party might show up, in which case you just tell them to piss off and carry on until you get done. Then again the Democratic Party would probably not show up, since they only get 25 per cent of the vote, and thus would lose under populism, thus being against the idea, but if they did show up you can be sure that they are up to something, so just tell to piss off, and keep going.

Oh, and to kill two birds with one stone, while you are getting that Democracy all set up, you might want to tell them about how there is O-I-L in Iraq, and remember to remind them how shameful it is for a giant sized overpowering bully to crush heroic and badly outgunned helpless people who in a display of amazing guts stared down that bully in Fallujah, in a desperate attempt to get them to understand just how desperate the people of Iraq really are, since they knew that by staying in Fallujah they would be slaughtered mercilessly.

Now when Democracy is already to go, you can then ignore the official system and set up a parallel Democracy. That way when the official vote comes people can have the Democratic choice of voting at the Elite Have More locations or at the national Populist locations, thus having an election. It will still be hard to have an election, because of that utterly ruthless talking buzzard which is the Soviet Media system, but I suppose that you can kill three birds with one stone by arranging some way to keep in touch over the internet.

I hope this helps. After all, this is the Second American Revolution, and that requires revolutionary action. And really, if it comes together fast enough, and the Parallel voting system gets set up, which is possible, since people should at least be able to agree on Democracy, or at least a majority of them, thus outvoting that minority that don't, well then you could even have an election while King George is still in office, which would also have high drama.