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F--- The South?

now, remember everyone.... it's a rant. not a diplomatic document.
Sorry about the headline 09.Nov.2004 23:07


It shoud have read:


distraction for imperialism of the vote machine? 09.Nov.2004 23:28


Demonization does no good. And distracts from the point about the NATIONALLY rigged vote totals, even in the "South."

Besides to be a bit more than an emotional screed, I suggest we northerers understand that the Civil War was not fought over "slavery" anyway. Civil War was the first bit of Northern New York financier imperialism. Lots more going on, though it definitely had nothing to do with slavery as a purpose of invasion. Second, for anyone who wants to know more accurate American history instead of the mush fed you in the decrepit brainwashing centers ("schools"), I suggest you look up the book about the Knights of the Golden Circle as well. Third, read the chapter about the Civil War in Epperson's book The Unseen Hand.

This is a fine bit of revisionist history. lots of comments.

The Real Lincoln : A New Look at Abraham Lincoln

anon 10.Nov.2004 00:10


a government agent