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Police Deck Website is offline, perm?

The police deck website (www.portlandpolicedeck.com) has been take offline, as has the company that provided web space. The best we can think of is that the company that provided service (which is located overseas for our own safety) has gone bankrupt. All e-mails are bouncing, phones are unanswered, etc etc etc.
The Deck of Infamy, also known as the Portland Police Deck, exists in PDF form here on Indymedia, but the HTML version is offline. Several CD copies and hard drive copies exist, and can be re-uploaded if we can find a place to put them.

This is important right now because there are a lot of police/protester clashes in the coming days, and some of these officers (not all to be fair, but some) are dangerous in the extreme. This deck helps you identify them and if nothing else, you can try to be out of their reach and take your chances with the garden-variety psychos on the PPB.

For those that don't know, GPFX is a non-central group of activists that are unknown even to each other. Anybody that wants to help the deck project may use the moniker GPFX when posting to Indymedia for deck-related things. This way, even WE don't know how many of us there are, and no one of us is vital to the operation should something happen. Officers are otd in or out publicly (and yes, if an officer reforms he can be removed, it actually happened once). On each card is a face photo, description of the dangers from each officer, their badge number, date of hire and current area of assignment. Also there is a source cited on the bottom, to prove that we are not making this crap up.

Current version of the deck (v 2.0), in printibal format, is here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/media/media/2004/05/288574.pdf
this reader sincerely lauds you for your 09.Nov.2004 22:24

public service

this type of service is what the word "community" is all about! Thanks a bunch!

Link Might Be Broken 10.Nov.2004 13:08


I tried downloading it twice, but Acrobat said that the file was corrupted (no pun intended).

It's an old link 10.Nov.2004 18:12


It is an old link, one of our crew threw it up many months ago I think. As soon as we can find a new hosting service, I bet we will put up a new and clean copy.

In the mean time, this one was on my hard drive, hope it helps.
Version 2.0 (archive copy gamma)
Version 2.0 (archive copy gamma)