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Too early to admit defeat

While most of us reading this website belive the election was stolen, the challenge is to get the "mainstream" Kerry supporters to quit being so eager to admit defeat.
Look at the exit polls in Florida and Ohio.

I personally belive Kerry won the election by a good margin. My reasoning is this,

The votes were counted and tabulated in large part by private contractors, on computer with no hard evidence of how someone wished to vote. Some of these companies have ties to Shrub's friends and family.

More importantly- a lot of folks truly belive that shrub was chosen by God to lead america. Now if youre a computer guy, and God said shrub should lead, you know the American people must be mistaken to vote for the other guy. So how hard is it to write up some little code to the extent of "If sum(a) is greater than .47sum(b) than put all a inputs in b. (obviously I'm no programmer, sorry guys) But if I was, and if I really belived that God wanted shrub, that's what I'd do.

And you know what- I'm not mad at those people. At least they are thinking of someone else (God), unborn babies, etc. The ones that piss me off are those who vote for shrub out of selfishness or cowardice.

And the ones that REALLY piss me off are the democrats who have grown so used to admiting defeat they continue to surrender even after it's obvious they have won.

I know a few good people who voted shrub for a lot of bad reasons. But I also know a few heavy-duty christians (also good people) who voted Kerry for all the right reasons.

And I belive if we work together and wake up enough of our surrender-happy mainstream friends, that come January 20 the tall handsome senator from Massachutsets will rightfully be inagurated President of the United States.

The information is out there, copy and distribute to the best of your abilities.