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Boycott Ed Schultz of Air America

Schultz encourages Dems to abandon gays
So I'm listening to Ed Schultz on Air America (620 AM) today. (Air America is generally clueless but I love to listen to talk radio and there isn't anything else when KBOO is playing music.)And ol' Big Eddy starts talking about why we lost the election(we DIDN'T lose it,asshole).He says to some caller that the problem is with perceived differences in "values" between Dems and Repubs.He then goes goes on to suggest, ostensibly hypothetically,that maybe the Dems would be better off dumping their support for gay marriage to appease the rural voters out there.He asked why gays need to get married anyway,since its basically a religious ritual.He didn't sound very "hypothetical", however.He sounded like a whiny brat looking for any way to avoid responsibility.When are these stupid Dems going to learn?

It's taken a long time for me to get it through my head,I guess.I used to say to people,no,no,the Democrats ARE different than Republicans.They'll always throw a few more bones to the poor,etc.Then I started thinking about what happened to welfare under Clinton.

After the "election", I saw John Kerry roll over and concede and save his pathetic political career rather than fight to restore the little bit of democracy we had left.Maybe he and bush planned it all along.Maybe not. Anyway,I'm ready to face up to the truth:Democrats are as big of shitbags as the Republican demons,just as evil,just as spineless.And I want to apologize for the many times I posted here,urging people to vote for the lesser of two evils.I've learned my lesson.

Vive le resistance!

air america makes my head hurt 09.Nov.2004 20:43

sadder but wiser

First, I don't like Air America because they are so shrill and so lock-step with the democratic party that they don't seem to be able to break out of the idea that every single thing that John Kerry said or did was wonderful. There was nothing to any of the shows except "Republicans = Bad/ Democrats = Good. Like a bunch of left-wing Rush Limbaughs.

Next, as far as the whole gay marriage issue, a lot of the Democrats are complaining that gays pushing for the right to marry is what lost Kerry the election. They claim that the religious right came out in droves and voted for George Bush because they (the fundamentalists) were out in droves to vote down the gay marriage referendums in 11 states.

Talk about blaming the victims!

black box voting 09.Nov.2004 21:39


Its the blackbox voting stupid!!!

Why boycott? 09.Nov.2004 22:06

teddy ruxpin (the lousy typist)

I am not saying I agree with him that the Dem party should stop supporting gay marriage, but boycott him over suggesting it?

Ok, first off, I am almost certain the majority of us have in some way supported companies that advocate this (look at the computer you are using, and tell me honestly that none of its parts are from gay-bashing companies).

Second, one reason the left is so weak these days is because we are fragmented. If we dissagree on any one issue, we split off. Some people are liberal on everything but one issue, so they chose not to support mainstream liberalism and start their own seperate group.

Contrast that with the right wing. Union voters will vote right wing because they are hunters, doctors will vote right wing over tax issues, teachers will do so over other things, blacks over gay issues, etc. They will differ with the right 90% of the time, but vote right wing due to one overwhelming issue in their screwed up minds.

My suggestion is to learn from our enemy. Take what we can get for support, and then change the minds of those people, like they do by getting the union working gun owners to start thinking that hating gays and cutting taxes is smart. We should take gun owning meat eaters like Shultz, call him a lot and talk him out of backing the right wing on these issues.

At least until we can get a greater and more activist talk radio host that has a large audience. Just my opinion, and I could be wrong.

a quibble 10.Nov.2004 00:57

a quabble, goin' to hell in a handbabble

Technically (as Schultz loves to point out himself) Scultz is on something called the "Jones" network. The LOCAL station, AM 620, buys his show separately from Air America. In fact Air America and Ed Schultz have nothing to do with each other except they're both on AM 620. So, like, don't blame Air America for Schultz's meatheaded bullshit.

Where is Boycotting Ed giong to get us? 10.Nov.2004 04:11

opressed no more

HEY EVERYBODY...... LETS BOYCOTT BUSH!!! Sacrafice for our future.... Check out "boycottbush.net"... There you will find a list of the 25 biggest Republican contributers with a link to the products they distribute. I say we stay at home November 26th (biggest shopping day of the year) and buy back the future for our children. DEMAND an investgation of the voter fraud. Collectivly, WE CAN MAKE AN IMPACT!!!
C'mon... We can do with out Budweiser, Starbucks,Altoids, and Pepsi for a while. Can't we?

Shrug. 10.Nov.2004 06:36

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

I don't expect much from Air America, and thus try and accept it for what it is: A house organ for the Democratic Party. At least you'll hear Amy Goodman or Greg Palast on there once in awhile, which is more than I can say for NBC news[sic].

Then again, I saw plenty of Lefties --including many of my own friends-- in the blogosphere and elsewhere insisting that they couldn't come down hard on Kerry during the campaign because "we mustn't give Bush any more ammo." Really, there is no "perfect shelter" from the storm anywhere. Just mine for nuggets of truth where you can and make the best of it.

The one who really irks me is Randy Rhoades. Not just for her nasty attitude about 3rd Parties and her hero-worship of Clinton, but because she'll run down and cut off even her fans that won't kiss her ass on every issue. I once heard her shout down a caller who was trying to explain that as a WOC, she found even her kids' "liberal" public school teachers to be racist. Rhoades basically kept interrupting the woman and poo-poohing her until the woman gave up and went back to bashing Republicans and smooching Rhoades' butt.


Obviously Democrats suck, but how to convince wooly-headed liberals? 10.Nov.2004 07:25


It's pretty obvious to people who aren't totally brainwashed that Democrats suck ass. But I hear my own cousin, an intelligent, liberal, university professor, saying things like Ed here. It's as if they totally absolve Kerry for any blame in this debacle.

I think we need to start really forcefully making the case that, if Kerry were in any way a man of principle who cared about the rights of his constituents and put them first, he would be contesting the results of these stolen, phony elections. You don't concede when CNN is reporting 6 million ballots still uncounted!!! Those votes were not his to throw away or give to his rival. Those were the expression of the sovereign democratic rights of millions of his fellow citizens. The people at the grassroots, who helped to support his campaign and build his warchest to pay for the famous "thousands of lawyers" should have had some say about whether to mobilize them. Instead, Kerry has been in no way accountable to his supporters, those millions of well-meaning people who put their misplaced faith and energies into his weak campaign.

Bush won 10.Nov.2004 08:58

because of 9/11

He was the monkey in charge. Extapolate any theories of why the Shrub won. But without 9/11 lil' Georgie would be heading back to Texass. This was all the sheeple see when they look at their president. They did not take the time to learn about the real issues. They got their info from sound bites off the Corpy media news.
Once you realize this as well as the fact that Kerry got 55 million votes, it should be a moving on point. If you want to debate social issues to and fro, you are wasting your energy.

Ed Schultz-The Hunter 10.Nov.2004 09:48

Hammerhead Lincoln

Yes, there are plenty others to boycott.Me-I was sickened when this loudmouth ass almost shouted..
"Heck, I am going hunting this week.." Hey..Ed-FUCK YOU! I NEVER listen to him and my friends don't either. Wonder if he would weep over his dog as it slowly died from a stray hunters bullet? He
is unevolved and therefore dangerous with that sort of power, in my opinion.
It is interesting that his show is not a part of Air America. AAR does get great guests because
of their huge audience. What a great venue to sell your book/movie. I like to believe those guests
are genuine in their attempts at revealing the horrendous corruption in the U.S. Government/corporation.
G. Palast for one. "Bush Family Fortunes" is excellent-disgusting too.
KBOO is crucial to keeping the community active-KBOO gets the word out about issues we need
to focus on right here in Oregon. Whatever you say about AAR they are needed to get the word out
to a HUGE audience that may not listen to community radio.
Me-I have other things to think about today than radio stations.


Whoa 10.Nov.2004 11:07

Jones again

First of all,I'm talking about boycotting Ed Schultz,NOT all of Air America.I did not realize that liberals were blaming gays for the "loss" of the "election".I am wholly not surprised,however.One of the major illnesses/character deficits afflicting America today is a childish unwillingness to accept personal responsibility.It's ALWAYS someone else's fault.

I stand by my call to boycott Schultz and here's why:Homophobia in any form is simply unacceptable.Sorry,Teddy Ruxpin,but this is not simply an "issue".This is about people's LIVES and freedom.Not getting to have an assault weapon in your glove compartment is not the same as enshrining discrimination in our Constitution.If they don't get their guns,life pretty much moves along.

As a proud lesbian,I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to accept any message that states,however subtly,that there is anything wrong with being gay.Try substituting "African-American" for "gay" in any of these measures and we're back to the '50s. I don't know many people(other than racist hatemongers) who would sit still for that kind of discrimination today.And for those of you who think the analogy is flawed,I offer this:I have no choice in being gay,I was born that way,I couldn't hide it even if I wanted to.

Since we're not allowed to have a third party system in this country,who but the Democrats will fight for us in Washington?What I've learned is that we are on our own.Teddy,you suggest that we call Ed and "convince" him to look at things differently.Now how are we supposed to do that?I've heard him cut off callers who were too radical for him.I don't think trying to convince people of things is going to work.I'm sorry I don't have an alternative that will work,but I feel like I'm figuring out what won't.Who knows?Maybe violent overthrow of the gov't might help,but we don't have the numbers for it.Should we secede?Haha, like Bush would allow that for a minute.Last time I checked,Cascadia didn't have a standing army.

Anyway,here's the point for me.Zero tolerance for homophobic pieces of shit.I will NOT sit still,roll over or offer up my butt to be fucked by sick filthy Christians or whiny "liberal" talk show hosts.

I join you in your anger towards him about 10.Nov.2004 12:18

I don't like him either

gay people. Please join me in my anger towards him and his unevolved psyche because he hunts and calls himself a "gun toting, meat eating liberal." I heard him bragging about going deer hunting this week, and he constantly talks about fishing. The animals have no choice about what hell awaits them here on earth, with these dimwits running around. And if you're still eating meat, it's time to stop eating these precious creatures. There will not be peace and freedom until all have it. I join with all progressive causes.  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/11/302706.shtml

... 10.Nov.2004 18:45


> As a proud lesbian,I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to accept any message that
> states,however subtly,that there is anything wrong with being gay.

That's great, but it's hardly surprising that Schultz doesn't give a shit. He wouldn't care if vegetarians boycott him either. He's a "liberal" at best and admits he was a Reagan Democrat.

I don't know how old the rest of y'all are, but, for, like, about the last 1700 years, from Emperor Constantine until maybe the mid-1990s, open and official discrimination against gays and lesbians was the status quo in America. "Gay marriage" as an issue is on especially weak footing since radicals -- who have been, more or less, down with the GLBT world since Stonewall got their attention in '69, don't tend to care about "marriage" much as an institution.


whine, whin whine...:) 10.Nov.2004 20:21


I think the shows are a breathe of fresh air from everything else around. They have even questioned the 9-11 theories on the Garafolo and the morning shows. They have some great insights into the Bush world and so who cares about Randi Rhodes rudeness. Sure, she doesn't know how to listen very well, but I get more from Air America than I've gotten from any other alternative radio. KBOO is great, but they are too heavily into music programming.

dems dumping gays 20.Nov.2004 12:39

lee findley

i'm a 54 year old gay man, recently married to my long term partner in multnomah county. i do not care for ed schultz, but i disagreed with the timing of the marriage issue. i came out in the rural south at 19. perhaps because i have a wide range of friends, and a longer historical view of what it means to be gay in america i felt defeating bush was too important to endanger at this time. i even feel that pushing our goals as gay and lesbian americans may have caused the loss. to me, the damage his administration is poised to due to our nation is more horrible to contemplate than the joy of full equality could bring. thanks

Schultz's comment... 24.Dec.2004 23:31

adl23220 adl23220@yahoo.com

In your (and I don't even know anyone on this board) experience I'm sure you've bemoaned and railed against "rednecks" or "hicks"- undereducated homophobic hilldwellers. There are a lot more of them than there are urban queer-positive anarcho-syndicalists. For Democrats to see positive results they rely upon sheer volume of votes not on absolute moral correctness of their positions. There have always been, and there always will be gay folks; I suspect there have always been and always will be people who are weirded out by people acting gay. You can hope to convince the countryside of many of the Democrats' positions but you could NEVER hope to make the countryside cool with gay marriage. Maybe in 50 years things will be different.

The Democratic Party is the only plausible vehicle for challenging the proto-fascist neoconservative Republican Party. Expecting Democrats to carry the issue of gay marriage to the grave is unreasonable and only compromises the strength non-hell-bent-Democratic-hangers-on like me want to exploit. Everybody involved in politics has compromised certain of their positions in order to look viable to 51% of whatever population they need votes from.

Ed Schultz is not a homophobic hate-monger. Ed Schultz is expressing an absolutely reasonable assesment.

Ed 28.Feb.2005 15:48


The reason I don't like Ed Schultz is that I think he sounds exactly like Rush Limbaugh whom I abhor. As usual people, if you don't like something you don't have to tune it in unless you don't have any fingers to change the dial.

Get Life 30.Mar.2005 12:20

Kit Miller

Get a life!!!!!! Ed is great.

RE his having Jane Fonda on show.... Let's remember that it was JANE FONDA who made the first movie showing the pain of the Vietnam vets!!! She's apologized and explained her anti war actions. We SAY we're a nation of Christians, but we refuse to FORGIVE. Shame on us.



"Like a bunch of left-wing Rush Limbaughs"

Duh... That's the point.

Rush tactics work. Bill O'Reilly tactics work. The American public BUYS NEGATIVE.

What you don't seem to pick up is that underneath the bluster, there is fact and backup on Air America. Colin Powell DID rip Dubya's nominee for UN Ambassador, John Bolthead, the guy who can't even dye his moustache to match his toupee. If you trimmed that lip rug a little, he'd look a lot like that Adolf Schicklegruber guy who caused us so much aggravation back before Korea. You know, during WWII?

Drink your caffeine and LISTEN. Maybe even read.

Anyone listen to KGO? Out of San Francisco 26.Apr.2005 03:28


Somehow I got lucky enough to live inbetween Portland and San Francisco. I am grateful I have all the good radio right here all day long. At night I listen to KGO 810 which has Ray Taliferro one of the oldest greatest Democrats of our age. If you can pick him up, do so, he minces no words and defends gays, dogs, cats, women, the planet et al. Catch him sometime he comes on at 1am-5-am.

I do listen to Al Franken because I like the intelligent guests and the gal there really works to keep him on track. I do not regret that he is on the air. The Spring guy is new to me, so decided to give him a chance, he has promised to calm down and had a rather good program the other day. I predict he will get better. I miss Unfiltered very much and wish them all the best in new positions. As for Randi I believe she is one of those people who has a brain that can work in parallel universes. She is brillant, so listen carefully to what she has to say as her research is impeccable, and by the way...we WERE all better off under Clinton. Try to filter the "personal" stuff and stay with the nut of what they are saying.....we are SO fortunate to have these people. Mark Malloy says what I really feel. He is deep from the gut and I love him because I catch myself in gutteral noises often as I reach for the kitchen knife to slice tomatoes.

I started listening to "The Shadow" at 5 years old...even heard Churchill and Rosevelt and while in Germany heard Hitler. I liked "The Shadow" the best. Now I listen to Art Bell and the end of the world. Gads! What a day.

Hang in there and learn learn learn all you can. You are not alone.

what have you done 11.Jan.2006 16:30


I think everyone who has an opinion should first have to state how they have participated in politics. I spoke with several young adults who were standing at a city center holding a sign that said down with bush. They were with someone who has run for several positions, but has never been elected. I asked him if he knew if his supporters had voted in the last election and how they participated. When he said he did not know, I asked them myself. The answer was they voted, but did not participate in any other way. I have done some sort of political work before I could even vote. I am tired of people telling me why they are upset or name the important causes. I work on what I think is most needed, and I enlist people to help out. Everyone is free to fight their cause and to join with others for a more powerful voice. I was surprised how many people voiced opinions about the 2000 election and many did not volunteer. I was glad that Al Franken told people it was time to act, not whine, or feel defeated. I too was too tired after the last national election to be depressed and I started to work the next day. Elections aren't just the few days before voting. It is a process. People like to say well maybe they will wake up when it gets really bad. It is bad and people like me have worked a lot to get what we had and it is now all gone.

Ed Schultz, Serial Killer of Animals 24.Jan.2006 11:41

ARC newark27@yahoo.com

Boycott the sponsors of the NRA's shill, Ed Schultz
And please let Air America know that animal abusers are not good for business.

Carnivores Burning Cows in UK
Carnivores Burning Cows in UK