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government selection 2004

Fraudulent elections, Hijacked government: Locked out and dispossessed - what to do?

Imagine sitting quietly at home one day when a knock comes on the door. You open it to find a gang of men who order you out, saying they are taking over your house.
You run to the police, but receive little sympathy because most of them are personal friends of the invaders. You try to enforce your rights in court, but the case is quicky and inexplicably dismissed. You've owned the house for a generation now, and your parents before you - all legal with a recorded deed and everything, but no one will support your right to peacefully enjoy your property. You've lived here all your life, first you and then your kids were brought up here. It's a personal thing, with lots of memories and emotional attachment; it's not just another place to live, it's your HOME.

Everywhere you go the answer is the same. Attorneys you consult tell you possession is nine tenths of the law and since the first case you brought was dismissed there's little chance further legal action would be successful. People, some of them your friends, tell you to stop whining and just get over it.

Having exhausted all legal remedies, and after much soul-searching and agonizing you determine to do SOMETHING. You return to your home late one night and after quietly dousing the place from top to bottom with gasoline you burn it to the ground with the invaders inside.

You stand with tears running down your face at the senseless loss of your beloved home, but at least the land is still yours. You can rebuild.
come join us 09.Nov.2004 19:10


11/11: HELP AMERICA AUDIT: Reclaim Democracy -- Free (SW 11th & Clay, Portland)

HELP AMERICA AUDIT: What we can do Right Now to Reclaim Democracy

Fraud took place in the 2004 election through electronic voting machines and we the people have heard very little from the mainstream media or our elected representatives.

Learn how you can affect change by spreading the word. Be part of the action within a supportive community. As an effective change agent in your community -join us to ignite change within our country.

Everyone welcome - Meeting agenda to cover strategic ways to spread knowledge about the election fraud ---> Leave with action items and knowledge on how to effect change now and in the future.

WHERE: The Old Church S.W. 11th and Clay
WHEN: Thursday November 11th 7pm-9pm
WHO: Everyone! This affects all of us because it is about our democratic process being stolen from us.

CONTACT INFO :  actionspeaks2004@yahoo.com

Don't mean to rain on your parade but 09.Nov.2004 20:22


I'm sorry to be a wet blanket,and I understand that everyone wants to do something (and I am not a troll),but do ya really think any of this is going to do any good?I feel like we're wasting our energy doing meetings and sit-ins and protests.Average Joe Americans JUST DON'T GIVE A SHIT.The average person knew there was an election theft in 2000.We all saw the "Supreme" Court decision on Channel Whatever,didn't we?And without huge numbers,we're not gonna scare Washington.

Sorry,but sometimes I think we should all just split to Europe(or anywhere else) and leave this stinking shithole to the ersatz Christians.

Make a Suggestion 10.Nov.2004 13:48

soon to immigrate

Name your country. Europe's become pretty right wing with all the fuss about immigrants of color. I'm trying to figure out where to go. Please, make a suggestion.

I wanna go tooo.... 10.Nov.2004 14:32


Well of course the Netherlands are pretty damn cool.Not just the pot thing,altho any country that is able to keep marijuana in perspective is right on.They(and also Belgium) have gay marriage and are just generally truly "live and let live".
I think almost any country in Europe has far less propaganda than we do.Even England,as much as they are becoming like us,treats its citizens in a much less manipulative way.I think(not sure) that Spain and Italy have decriminalized pot.That just seems kind of a litmus test for how accepting,sane and liberal a country really is.

So you're going to emigrate,eh?How?Have you gotten a visa?Do you have a marketable skill that a country would want?See,I'm a disabled Mom and I don't know who the hell is going to want to take me in and put me on their welfare rolls.(That's another thing-at least most European countries and Canada actually care for their poor instead of demonizing them like the U.S.)Is there anywhere that's taking in political refugees from America yet?I can't work full-time(not enough to support me and my son,anyway)at the old jobs I used to do and I can't go to school here b/c I'm in default on my student loans.Are there any training programs in Europe for foreigners?At this point I'm pretty screwed.Please let me know how you're going to do it,"soon to immigrate".