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genetic engineering

Headless Humans

Send In The Clones.
Scientist calls for breeding headless humans, to be used for harvesting
organs, etc.

How in Hades could a headless clown drink beer?, oh you said clone, sorry 09.Nov.2004 23:36

Dingo Dizmal the clownarchist, merry, meyhem maker dingodizmal@yahoo.com

I kinda see the harvesting of humans the next logical step in the wholesale distruction of the planet. I want my parts havested by my tribe (I hope they do something really disgusting with the slimy parts like fling them on a tobbaco company's walls) and I cant see any reason that I would need them considering I'm dead as John Ashcrofts career as a statue de-porner, so thats just what we have to deal with. China has been harvesting prisoners parts for years and also forcing abortions, yet still the Christian right wing wackos support Walmart and other companies (G.W.) that would be nothing without China-sport import garbage. Hang in there and as Red green says "Were all in this together" If they create headless people for the harvesting we can always divert the shipments to K.F.C. they breed headless chickens to fill with grease and sell to people all the time.
Heres a shot of me hijacking a weenie truck, see thats proof it can be done.