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General Strike - USA

General Strike
January 20, 2005
Inauguration Day

Show George II, "The W", how much we support his reign, by supporting a General Strike on Thursday, January 20, 2005.
We must show the world that we are not satisfied with "black box" voting, where there is no paper trail of the votes cast. Over 8,000 votes in precincts of less than 700, voting machines counting backwards, misallocating the votes from Kerry to Bush. Dozens and dozens of instances of unquestionable vote fraud aided and abetted by Republicans both in the Corporate world and the Political.

We must show that "We the People of the united States of America" are out here, are sovereign, and that we will no longer stand by while our basic rights and liberties are ripped away from us like bloody swatches of skin.

A "General Strike" means:

No Economic Activity Whatsoever
for examples (list not all inclusive):

· No buying gas
· No buying food
· No fast food
· No paying bills
· No use of US Postal Service
· No movies, Pay-Per-View, or video game rentals
· No taking public transportation
· No paying of tolls (bridge, turnpike, etc.)

If we all, those who do NOT support the regime of George W. Bush (et al), stay away from any economic activity on Inauguration Day, we will hurt his supporters in the most significant way - in their pocket books!

Imagine, millions and millions of folks missing work, holding rallies, and not spending a dime that day (!!!). OhMyGod, the sky will fall!

Repooplicans mobbing DC for the festivities, depending on the 'plebes' to be there serving them, and on Inauguration Day, everyone is marching to a different drum! Who will wipe their - - noses? Or gather laurels for them to rest upon?

Of course, a person needing medical attention, or ongoing care (i.e. dialysis) is exempted.

Otherwise, we need to Shut the Country Down on Inauguration Day! Get your family, your friends, your co-workers - women, men, black, brown, WHATEVER! It doesn't matter your background; if you value your freedom, and want to resist the fascists who are taking control, STRIKE!

Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike!
How about organizing for some positive things people can do Jan 20! 09.Nov.2004 04:25

Jan 20 Strike = great idea

Great Idea! and long overdue--- Letīs think of some positive things people can do on that day instead of the activities theyīre NOT supposed to do.

* Plant a new food garden around your house,
* Meet with your neighbors to talk about issues facing them or set up cooperative child care,
* Call for a neighborhood tool-sharing and skill-sharing collective (so peeps donīt have to EACH buy a lawnmower, for instance).
* Communitiy bike-fixing workshop,
* Radio-making workshop (by KBOO?)
* IMC open house,
* Cooking courses for beginners,
* First aid courses (Black Cross?)
* Getting off our asses and going for a leisurely walk in the woods ("Walk Against Bush")!
"make your own Zine" for beginners workshop?

Almost right, Fed 09.Nov.2004 08:31

About to pop

I can agree with some of this stuff, but a lot of us use a car or public transit to get places, like the big march that is to take place the 20th. If we are all in our homes hiding out that important expression will not take place. 20 Jan needs to be a massive day in the streets, not cowering in the home, expecting not eating a Big Mac to let the Man know what we think of him. Try this instead:

If you need to buy things, from now on clothes shop thrift or local. Don't wait for 20 Jan. If it means so much to you, don't buy the Egg Mc Muffin, cook your own with locally made/grown products. Start now. Don't buy a new DVD burner at Office Max, look on Craig's List or go by Free Geek or ask your friends if they have one to trade. Buy your veggies from local farmers at the Markets, if you can get to them. The changes we need to make to break the corporate hold on US are changes we need to be making NOW, they are not fodder for only one day. I am still working on adjusting myself, but over time, and not a lot of it, I hope to be doing all this, instead of just some...

IN the meantime- Fed up has it partway right: on 20 Jan, please, dont go to work. Call in "sick", or use a vacation day or flex time, and join us in the streets. In that wise, I join with our friend and call "Strike! Strike! Strike!"

I pledge to strike on Jan 20th 09.Nov.2004 09:06

Joshua Hughes arnoldwannabe_2000@yahoo.com

I will do whatever I can to help a protest grow for Jan. 20th. If people in Portland would just come out and stand in the streets togather this city would shine in the media as an example of hope and dissent!

Beyond the blue horizon 09.Nov.2004 14:30


Good list and yes there are winter corps to plant. But beyond the strike and no shop days let us look at what else to do. I for one would not be surprised if a lot more people started taken those "Great Jobs' as a source of finding money to live on, not that they are designed to do more than keep you alive at best. Given the collapse of America it would not surprise me if some people took the jobs for a month or so and organized a redistribution of the wealth by having their friends rob the place. I think this may be view by most courts as illegal or something. Agent Pro-block-a-tear do you know if helping someone empty the cash draw is legal in any state?

Oh I can hear it now 'are just simple criminals', not so I just think people are about to open up their on PX's around the country. Post exchange changed to People's Exchange. In the least it might cut down on consumerism.

WORK YOUR PEN...ah...YOUR COMPUTER!!!! 09.Nov.2004 19:17


as well as your shoes...and your pocketbook...go to the web address printed on the side of the box of just one of the bullshit everyday products...or better yet one of those food companies...processing high-refined...foods that we all love to kill ourselves eating...and tell them that you saw their product advertised on one of their asshole corporate news outlets and because they can't see their way to advertise their product with companies that are interested in telling the truth and tell us the information we need to know as a society to live our lives so we can buy their bullshit products because they are not supporting us in the long run. Fuck them and I'm taking all thier products and throwing them in the trash and I'll eat paste before I buy them egain, you bastards. My mother just came in and told me I have to take out the cuss words, but you get the idea. 100,000 people e-mail Proctor & Gamble and tell them we ain't buying their damn soap because we see their advertising on bullshit CNN. They will take notice.

Strike for a WEEK! 09.Nov.2004 19:52


Make it count. Bleed capitalism of its profits. Take a weeklong vacation.

marches, etc 10.Nov.2004 21:39

Ernest Russell Ranard russ-ranard@comcast.net

I will be honoring the strike. Where do we meet to march?

General Strike January 20 2005 17.Nov.2004 22:58

Mike Losangeles

As we all know Mr Bush brought tanks in street of Losangeels Westwood ( federal Building) Anti Bush rally got respose from two tanks. see the links please ...  http://www.infowars.net/Pages/Nov_04/111104_tanks.html and Anti-war protest in L.A. gets response with APCs.What the heck happened in L.A. last night? A peaceful antiwar protest in Westwood got a Robocop response. Two armored tanks came to dispel the protest. It's unknown at the moment whether the protesters had permits, or what the rationale for bringing an armored response was by officials, but what kind of rationale could possibly merit this approach?

This is psychological warfare, the way they just drive up to watch a small gaggle of protesters and then drive off'. It's an LAV Marine Warrior tank, and the people in it are likely to be marines.This is an escalation, normally they have armoured vehicles but this is a military tank.

From Indymedia:
LOS ANGELES, November 9, 2004 - At 7:50 PM two armored tanks showed up at an anti-war protest in front of the federal building in Westwood. The tanks circled the block twice, the second time parking themselves in the street and directly in front of the area where most of the protesters were gathered. Enraged, some of the people attempted to block the tanks, but police quickly cleared the street. The people continued to protest the presence of the tanks, but about ten minutes the tanks drove off. It is unclear as to why the tanks were deployed to this location.

FLASHBACK: Here you see regular military in the standard camo loaded up on tanks preparing to roll down the streets of Oakland, California to look for terrorists in during Operation Urban Warrior. That's right, folks, we said terrorists: isn't it odd that they were preparing to take over US cities years ago to keep us "safe" from terrorists? Soo becarefull what has happened to Iran in 1979 fall of Shah of Iran by CIA coup and brought dictator Khomani and after Khomani death is another Ayatoolah took Iran for 27 years of misery and corruptions and injustices. Same thing is happening in USA .Police state and soon martial law is called in all over USA. Let us all not go to work and pump gas and buy from WALMART! Let us show to all wolrd we are all good Americans , we are not in support of Ayatoolah BUSH !??  http://www.infowars.com  http://www.rense.com  http://www.krsi.net