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The brewer's hill housewarming party (in Baltimore) ended in disaster yesterday, when some punk ass gansta wannabe kids picked a fight with some people standing out front of the house. a girl tried to stab alex, and suddenly the kids started throwing bricks, smashing out three windows, and hospitalizing 3 people with head wounds caused by the flying bricks (graham, demi, and mattpist).
the police arrived and ordered everyone out of the house (including the people that live there) and arrested around 16 (?) people and hauled them off to jail in paddywagons for alleged "disorderly conduct". police screamed at us and told us we were "assholes" and "dirty pieces of shit" while the fucks that ruined our house and sent the three of us to the hospital were not arrested or even questioned, even though they stood no more than a block away watching the police harrass us and the chaos they had created in our house.

eventually some people were allowed to stay at the house and were questioned, while demi, graham and myself were sent to the hospital in an ambulance. 8 hours later we were released, only to return to an angry landlord, who, after seeing the house, blamed the incident on our "negligence" and is demanding that we not only pay for the windows (a 750+ value) but that our lease is void, our deposit forefeit, and we have two weeks to move out.

currently we are unable to afford the lawyer fees necessary to fight our landlord's fucked up desicion in court, so this leaves us broke, homeless, and with stacking medical bills that we (demi, and myself) are unable to pay for. if anyone out there could help us out in any way either financially, with physical help moving stuff out, or by helping us out by putting together some kind of benefit show, we would be eternally grateful for helping us out with one of the worst periods we've had to deal with in recent memory.

thanks so much to everyone,

demi, mattpist, bean, alex, chris, & matt kelly

*If you would like to help out, and thus far they haven't received any donations, please contact  Iheartabortion@yahoo.com, Thank you so much!*
On or above the date in question: 26.Jun.2006 22:16

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