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Liberation of Fallujah hospital

The forces that took over the Falujah were armed not with the m-16s normally issued to US troops, but the AK-74s used by the Iraqi resistance.
ap photo outside the hospital
ap photo outside the hospital
inside the hospital
inside the hospital
The AP photos taken of the assault on the Fallujah hospital reveal that some of the troops involved were using the AK-47 assault rifle favored by the Iraqi resistance instaed of the m-16/m-4 weapon issued to US troops. The M-16 fires a 5.56 mm bullet, while the AK-47 fires a 7.62mm bullet. It would be easy to differentiate casualties caused by US weapons if they stuck with the M-16. The switch indicates that they were perhaps preparing to blame insurgents for any civilian casualties.
Watch for more of this as the reports roll in. The AK-47 is differentiated by its curved magazine and distinctive gas tube sticking out of the handguard over top of the barrel.
More likely explanation 08.Nov.2004 20:03

Mr. Pop

...is that they have tons of AK's and ammo for them on hand in Iraq, and don't need to issue M-16's to the Iraqi troops. Besides, any of the Iraqi troops with prior (Iraqi) military experience won't need re-training on the M-16, and can pass on what they know about AK's to new recruits. Besides, the AK's are damn reliable.

There isn't a sinister explanation for everything. Sometimes it's common sense, if you give it more than a moment's thought.

The Common Sense of Killing 08.Nov.2004 20:33

Terrorists In Uniform

There is no "common sense" in killing.

re More likely explanation 08.Nov.2004 22:18

king friday

personally I think the fact they took over the hospital because it issues 'propaganda', meaning civilian counts, it's pretty likely they'd also switch to ak's also to confuse the source of the civilian casualties.

ummm... 08.Nov.2004 23:35

anonymous or made up

Are you sure that's not an AK-74? The AK-74 looks just like the AK-47 and uses the same action, but is chambered for the 5.56mm round. Most militaries (presumanbly including the former Iraqi regime) prefer the AK-74 as the soldiers can carry more of it's lighter bullets.

The Devil and George Warmonger Bush 08.Nov.2004 23:53

The Devil and George Warmonger Bush George Warmonger Bush@666 Hell.com

George Warmonger Bush to the Iraqis: "Sorry to Oil the Mass Graves but Oil comes first."

Tenth Level of Hell and going down

The Hospital was attacked by Iraqi Special Forces 09.Nov.2004 00:06


See previous article

Fallujah = Lidice x 10 09.Nov.2004 00:58

General Strike

what is the military strategic importance of a hospital, that would lead the occupiers to seize it first? the reason is political. its part of the media blackout surrounding the biggest us war crime since vietnam. with the hospital under the occupiers control, no doctors will be going on record to media about the number of victims of the americans' turkey shoot in Fallujah City.
Fallujah = Lidice x 10.

american people: rise up against fascist dictatorship in a General Strike.

AK-74 09.Nov.2004 07:00

le peakard nitpicker

Not that it matters very much, but the russians have actually developed their own 5.56x45 (.223 Rem) clone, the 5.45 caliber, which they use for the AK 74. I don't know that any AK 74 is chambered for 5.56 NATO, though that would be easy to check on world.guns.ru

The AK 74 was developed at the height of the cold war, to replace the 1947-vintage kalashnikov, but never picked up all that much, because the original one is already so rugged, damn reliable and easy to maintain, as someone mentionned.

On a more interesting (and on topic maybe) note, I'd say that it's a shame the Iraqi resistance does not have 5.56-chambered rifles.. That round reportedly is able to cut through any CRISAT body armour, steel helmet or any "bulletproof" vest likely to be found on a battlefield, especially on the US grunts. The US would be "out of Iraq" in two weeks if they took massive amounts of casualties instead of only being 'lightly injured by light arms fire' and recording casualties only when an RPG-7 is involved, or an IED. Reliable or not, the 7.62 AK-47 is no good against "bullet proof grunts".

Some russian-made AK74 could make a difference too I suppose, if the 5.45 round has the same characteristics as the 5.56 one..