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Please Stop the Bitch-fit!

Please Stop the Bitch-fit!
Can we all please stop bitching about Bush?

Its not important what Bush does or doesn't do. Its only important what we do or don't do!

We can't control Bush, or his policies, but We have 100 percent control over our own actions.

I suggest we stop worrying about Bush and just begin putting together the world we want without him.

yes, but... 08.Nov.2004 19:13

empire slayer

that would be fine except for the fact that 50% of every dollar in taxes i give to the federal government gets used for better killing and destruction. so, everyone who pays federal taxes has blood on our hands until we can stop this rogue government. that is why i will not rest until bush is in prison or dead.

Sorry 08.Nov.2004 19:17


Some short-term discussion and analysis is always healthy to (hopefully) form a consensus, and develop ideas and strategies for effective follow-up action. If it's time to turn the country on its head, enough people must be liberated from the chains of corporate propaganda. Meanwhile, the sausage-making process may not be pretty.

Jousting at windmills. 08.Nov.2004 19:42

Karl's left shoe

I have no problem with people blowing off steam, or offering constructive criticism, but the election has been over for a week now.

Bitching is philosophy of losers and spoiled brats, Just ask John Kerry.

If Kerry had spent more time telling people what he was going to do as president, instead of telling all of us again and again and again and again what a fuck-head Bush was, then he may have given some people in those Red states a reason to vote for him and instead of Bush.

I want to see people post ideas on this sight that offer hope for a better world.

I want to see people post information on this sight that inspires us.

In most of the Blue States 6 in 10 people voted for Kerry.

In most of the Red States 6 in 10 people voted for Bush.

All of this silly talk about secession is counter productive and turns people off.
We need to give 2 people in every ten a reason to vote for progressives and the best way to do that is by example.

Its not important what Bush does or doesn't do. Karl Rove's favorite saying is "If the rabbit runs, they will chase it."

Lets stop chasing Karl's rabbit, and start living our own lives.

Its immaterial to me which party is in power in Washington, I'm a free man, and I decide how to live my own life, not Karl Rove.

I refuse to let Bush and Rove create a bitter, sour old bastard out of me.

If I spend my days whining about Bush, then Bush wins.

I'm planning on making lemonade from this lemon. Please join me.

Re: Immaterial 08.Nov.2004 20:22


"Its immaterial to me which party is in power in Washington, I'm a free man, and I decide how to live my own life, not Karl Rove."

Unfortunately the people of Iraq do not have such a luxury. Some of us still care that our taxes pay for such war crimes. Go stick your head back in the sand, and pretend Bush hasn't stolen his 2nd election.

YES YES YES YES YES, and NO. 08.Nov.2004 20:41

Karl's left shoe

Yes, the war in Iraq is going on. Yes people are getting killed.

Yes, I care deeply about it.

However, Bush is going to do what Bush is going to do that is that. If 500 thousand people marching in the streets didn't convince Bush not to go to war in 2003, why will doing anything like this after last weeks election (stolen or otherwise) change his mind?

I'm not trying to get anybody to keep from speaking their mind, but the same old same old isn't working and is counter-productive.

Einstein said "Insanity is repeating the same act over and over and expecting a different result."

Lets make the world a better place starting with ourselves and our own lives and find a few republicans and talk to them, don't lecture, but talk. If every progressive did this, then we might have a different result.

If you are having fun chasing Rove's Rabbit, then knock yourself out..

Talk to all the Republicans you want, if that's your solution 08.Nov.2004 21:10


Just don't delude yourself that you can change a racist Rethuglican any more than you can change the Democratic Party.

"When peaceful revolution becomes impossible, violent revolution becomes inevitable." -- Oliver Tambo, quoted by JFK and RFK.

"You can lead a Republican to a library, but you can't force him to learn." -anon

not up to you, KLS 08.Nov.2004 21:13


Hey, Bub, I'm not done with my mourning or whatever it is and I sure don't need the likes of you telling me to get over it. I WILL NEVER BE OVER IT! And yet I've already begun finding new and constructive/creative ways to further progressive causes and my hothead way of life. Because I'm NOT GETTING OVER IT. And you say bitch like it's a bad thing!

standing here still 08.Nov.2004 21:23


if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.democrats and republicans two sides of the same coin and you are hearing from a lifelong democrat here who is so angry today and ready to fight this beast.power to the people!!!

*** Eat my shorts! 08.Nov.2004 21:31

Karl's left shoe

*** Eat my shorts!

Oh I'm sorry 08.Nov.2004 21:41

George Bender

Are we keeping you up?

Have you TRIED being a "bitter, sour old bastard?" I find it rather agrees with me.

As opposed to, say, being a slave.

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. For the Democrats to turn and look in the mirror and face the fact that they screwed up. The party formerly known as "Democratic," which nominated the dull prowar bureaucrat formerly known as "electable." Whose asshole was soundly and frequently kissed by various famous people formerly known as "radical." Whose books we will no longer feel obliged to read.

OMG 08.Nov.2004 21:42


It really says something about the state of feminist discourse on PDXIMC when nine comments have gone by on this article without a single one "bitching" about the author's use of the word "bitch".

And a pair of shorts for you George! 08.Nov.2004 22:29

Karl's left shoe

And here is a pair of my soiled shorts for you too George!

thats right clamydia 08.Nov.2004 22:59


your right clamydia. the use of the word bitch these days is so prevalent in our world i am sorry to say it slipped past my radar.that is a sad comment for me to have made but its true. in my anger i am not picking up the shitty signals people are shoveling out. i promise i will stay better tuned. peace to you all.

you are all slaves. 09.Nov.2004 06:21

Karl's left shoe

some have posted here using my handle, I'll let you decide who they were.

clamidia, the offense is there only if you see yourself that way and your sex has nothing to do with it.

It seems a lot of you are slaves to your own bitterness. That is a shame.

maybe some progressives aren't as smart as they think they are, if they keep chasing Karl's rabbit when Karl wants them to.

Bush and Rove are getting out of life exactly what they want. Why aren't you?

fight whatever beasts you wish 09.Nov.2004 10:00


as long as it is smaller than you
otherwise you better try something else
like Kerry
you are only in it to distract the yokels

dead horse 09.Nov.2004 12:25


The word bitch was until recent years a term used almost exclusively for females. It struck/strikes a bad chord with most feminist womyn for of a number of reasons. Most men never could really define the word "bitch" outside of its original definition (female dog); they used it to demean basically any womyn that pissed them off in some way, usually when the pissing off involved the womyn being assertive, or "uppity", in other words. Ergo, most feminist womyn were called bitches by men who wanted the womyn to "stay in their place". The word slowly evolved to the level of being applied to men in the '80s, and perhaps as early as the '60s or '70s. It was and is now used to
  • Refer to a canine of the female sex.
  • Indicate a womyn who has somehow upset the speaker. The gender pool of people who use it this way has become more androgynous over the years, but men still have a majority.
  • Describe a complaint (this is an offshoot of its usage to describe "uppity women"; most assertive females are seen as whiny/complainypants by sexist men).
  • Point out a male who complains unduly or excessively, or who possesses any apparent "feminine" characteristics such as compassion, sympathy, or an aversion to machismo/violence. This is fucked up because it insinuates that "feminine qualities" are somehow undesirable or inferior to "male" ones.
  • Degrade a man who is a subordinate partner in a homosexual relationship.

The reason I titled this comment "dead horse" is because that's what this whole "offensive semantics" argument is nowadays. The reason you don't use the word bitch is because you recognize that it invariably brings up really negative shit in people's psyches for no good reason. It's one thing to use it facetiously in a joke, or to use it to parody someone, but to seriously use it like you mean it when there's plenty of other just as serviceable words you can use is kinda messed up. I guess you either get it or you don't, though. My main point I guess is that nobody's trying to force you to not use the word, we're only pointing out that it is offensive and that if you gave a shit about other people's feelings then you wouldn't use it.

I would first suggest... 09.Nov.2004 13:16


...that you stop fighting amongst yourselves. Now they're even dissing KBOO morning show hosts. Okay, so they have been pretty pro-democrat, so big shit, it was worth trying to get this asshole out of office even if he was replaced by a softer version. And Barbara Bernstein is one of the finest environmental advocates around. You can move on all you wish and get over it as much as you think, but it is you who will pay the consequences of Bush's reign, if he gets his way. The Iraqis, of course, will pay even more dearly than if Kerry was elected. If you don't believe that, you are fooling yourselves. Apologies if I seem to be fighting, just frustrated. The ends justifying the means mentality is inherently evil. We need creative means for change that excludes egos.

clamydia 09.Nov.2004 16:30


yeah dude we seem to have lost that one.

you can say "bitch" on TV now.

kids say it like it's nothing

progressives my age (late '30s) are appalled. apparently this is now considered prudery. along with being vaguely disturbed by the mainstreaming of pornography and the newly graphic contents of the back pages of the weekly tabloids.

if young women wanna let this shit go, i don't know what middle-aged men can do about it without just confirming various stereotypes about middle-aged men.

you're all right 09.Nov.2004 16:36

( but men still shouldn't use that word )

I agree Bush is not the problem.

I don't agree that how I live is the problem, but then I probably don't live like most people reading this.

I fully support people trying to live better personal & public lives, talking to Republicans, and raging about the Man all they want. Let a thousand flowers bloom.

If you get sick of it all... 09.Nov.2004 19:32


Just move out. I plan to.

me 09.Nov.2004 19:43

George Bender

"The Iraqis, of course, will pay even more dearly than if Kerry was elected."

No, about the same. Kerry said in the debates that he was determined to "win" the war. I doubt that it can be "won," but trying to means continuing the war and slaughtering more Iraqis. So if you voted for warpig Kerry you voted for the war. Denial is killing your mind.

KLS 09.Nov.2004 20:02


"Can we all please stop bitching about Bush? "

Does no fuck'n way explain it to you? Make america icth, scratch, bleed and bleed out.