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ART: Cool Pic Of Tzolk'in Time Arrow?

Examining the spectographs from the Tzolk'in Drum solo, I found a funny coincidence in the shape of the waveforms, timing and a concept known as the time arrow (time appears to flow in one direction).
Tzolk'in Beat Time Arrow (click to view)
Tzolk'in Beat Time Arrow (click to view)
Have a look at this, it may share an insight into the formation of symbolism by suggesting that the reptilian brain (lower brain functions, instinct driven), may use shape and form and microcosm/macrocosm (ratios), to interperet its environment.

Then again, it could just be a pretty picture...

The GIEIS Project
Tzolk'in time arrow 09.Nov.2004 09:57


This would be really cool, except that the Indigenous of America don't view time as an arrow, but rather as a circle. Still an intersting coincidence.