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Prophecy November 8th, 2004

Thus saith YAHWEH

Prophecy November 8th, 2004



Above is a satellite image of the 'Earth Day Eden Wing' protest banner, made out of clouds, unfurled over the Sahara desert during the protests at the Summit of the Americas, on Earth Day, April 22, 2001. Here is a link to the press releases sent out to announce the coming unfurling of that protest banner, sent on Friday, April 20th, 2001, a couple days before hand, because, after all, if you were planning to pull a stunt like that one, which is the kind of idea you would expect from a wing nut like myself, you had better make sure to get all your press releases sent out ahead of time so that afterwards, when people were trying to portray you as wing nut, which of course I was used to in my lifetime, well you would always be able to play defense on that one, by saying 'I told you so.' By the way these are the worst press releases of all time, and sound ridiculous, because I was still so naive back in those days and thus I sound like a wing nut not to mention a complete moron. But so be it, and frankly while sometimes I embarrassed by some of my past selves, it really doesn't bother me that much...people change...sometimes they are here and sometimes they are there and who knows what they might be tomorrow...Press release link

Now there is a story that goes along with that big wing banner, which no one could do themselves, naturally, and it goes back to when I was twelve, and I heard this audible voice in my left ear coming out of thin air, which said, 'the telephone is going to ring...your grandfather is dead.' Which then happened a few seconds later, and which then haunted me for three weeks, when I slept with the light on, and there were monsters in the closet and under the bed, even though I was twelve years old at the time, and well beyond that stage, but temporarily had to take a trip back to that stage, since my house was haunted, or so it seemed.

Then when I was in agony, when I was fifteen, at Banff National Park in Canada, when I was agony because of the ruthless brutality of the corrupted greedy system of powerful elite wealth starving to death helpless babies of the world, starting wars and plotting and scheming and just ruling the world, even though they were evil, well when that just crushed my spirit, and I decided to say some prayers for help, just to see what would happen, I was paid a visit from some people in some extraordinary craft, who have been around me and with me from that day right up to the present time. I have had an extraordinary summer, being visited all the time, although at the moment things are in a lull again, this being the pattern, before it starts up again.

Here is a copy of the letter I wrote when I was fifteen which was published in a magazine in British Columbia. Link



Above is a speeded up animation of the object when I first saw it at Banff (which makes the file size smaller). It was a brilliant stationary disk, which suddenly accelerated behind a cloud in a kind of parlor trick or stunt which was impossible to ignore.


Above is how it looked when it came back several minutes later, surrounded by a gigantic halo.



The above images show the impact of global warming and climate change over the Sahara Desert, from November 2000, on the left, to September 2003 on the right. I first noticed this phenomena taking place in the late 1990s, and came to the conclusion that it was the Garden of Eden. There is a long story for that, but to get to the point, well, after that wing protest banner, which of course was the Garden of Eden wing which of course had to be unfurled on Earth Day over top of the Garden of Eden, because where else would you protest on Earth Day except having a protest over the Garden of Eden, right, well, to make a long story short after that wing business I became even more sure that it was the Garden of Eden and spent a couple of years working on that Garden of Eden prophecy, before global warming heat stroked tens of thousands of Europeans right to death when the powerful Sahara monsoons blasted scorching desert heat up into Europe, and then threatened to flood to death subsistence farmers on the Sahel, and then created the bad locust plague problem of this year, all of which meant of course that we had a dangerous disaster and not a divine wonder like the Garden of Eden, which shouldn't be killing people and making disasters like that, which meant what was happening was something else, which turned out, after investigation to be climate change.

Well After finding out that it was climate change, last fall in 2003, I was just ruined, because my whole faith system had collapsed, and thus I have spent the last year with no real defining mission, in a state of confusion, wondering what the hell is going on. Meanwhile I can't have a mission, because, you know, it might turn out to be a wrong mission, and I wouldn't want to do that again, so this time even if I have to wait forever, I must wait until I get an exactly perfectly right mission before I start over again, which is driving me crazy, because I need a mission really fast and that screwing around waiting for absolute perfection in every theory and idea just isn't producing the required absolutely right perfect mission.

And so finally I have just decided to take on a new mission and if it turns out later to be a wrong mission or something is wrong my mission that needs changing around or whatever well then I guess I will change things around later when I find out, but right now I need a mission, and so I guess I will just have to pick out the best possible missions I can think of and just do those ones because this not having a mission for over a year now is driving me to distraction and I just can't stand all that waffling and that constant ruthless criticism of every single mission until its completely worthless and the aimless wandering looking for another mission which is one hundred per cent perfect and not a wrong mission all over again...I just can't stand one more year like this last one and so therefore I now have some missions which I have picked out and I will just work on some missions and perhaps think of some more missions, maybe dump some missions and try another one some other time and so on and so on and so on...

So for my first new mission I have decided that it is time for me to become 'the Prophet of YAHWEH'. That's right. You know how back in the utterly corrupted systems of the old days there were these notorious characters who went around doing this deed called 'prophecy' which consisted of ruthless criticism of that rotted out corrupted system....yah, that's right...a prophet of YAHWEH. This mission will keep me busy for a long time, since I cannot stop telling prophecy, given how much prophecy needs to be said about this damnable and corrupted planet.


And for my second new mission, well I have decided to try for another wing over the Sahara. You see it has been turbulent there for about a week and I keep thinking to myself, 'I wonder if someone is calling me so I can make another one of those protest wings?' So you see, I am, and will always be a bit of a 'wing nut', but so be it. This would be the Remembrance Day November 11th, Iraq War Protest Wing. Every wing, whenever you can get one, has to be put up on a special day, I figure, having that wing nut thinking style that I do, or else why bother right, because then it would lose its symbolic value, by being put up on just an average day that didn't mean anything. Above is a photo of the turbulence that has been stirring around over that desert recently. I feel that it is worthwhile to work on an Iraq War Protest wing to remind people that I am still here, and yes, that I am still on the job, or rather, I am back on the job, now that I have my new mission as the Prophet of YAHWEH, which, while it won't stop Bush and the Have Mores Elite Powers of America, as the last three years since that last wing proves so clearly, well it will at least remind them I am still here, and I would also like to remind them that I am working on a new wing since I know that it will bother them to hear that, and they have bothering me something terrible for three years, so I feel that if I bother them for three days well that sort of evens things out a little, don't you think, and God knows they certainly richly deserved to bothered by someone, because they certainly deserve it....

Prophecy November 8th, 2004

November 11th, Iraq War Remembrance Day

But wait. I have to think in the cunning, conniving way, like the Pentagon thinks. And guess what. Remembrance day is coming up. Its this Thursday. That's right. Its Solidarity with the Military Industrial Complex day, and its coming up-this Thursday. So that would make Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 'The Days of the Blooding of America.' You know Adolph told his Generals, that, although he could take Czechoslovakia through strong Diplomacy at that Munich Conference, he was angered to have done so, because he really wanted to accomplish the Blooding of Germany. You know, slaughter a bunch of young German kids in an unnecessary war against Czechoslovakia, instead of using bloodless diplomacy, because once that Blooding of the Country is completed, well then you really can't criticize the war, because that would be hurting the feelings of the grieving mothers and brothers and fathers and sisters and friends, whose sons have now been elevated by that Pentagon to the glorious eternal halls of Valhalla. You cannot say that the Iraq War was a mistake, because that would hurt many families and many Veterans, who need to use Remembrance day as a way to forget that, for example, in the First World War, when the powerful elites of the German empire were plotting to plunder and loot more land and resources, and the powerful Elites of France and Britain were drawn into that squabble over sharing all the plunder and loot of the world, millions of young kids were sent to the slaughter house, just as they have always been sent to the slaughter house throughout history as one group of powerful elites fought for more land, and more resources, either stealing that from some other elites if they could, or squabbling and fighting over some plunder with those enemy elites, with the winner getting to add that stolen plunder onto their empire. But no one wants to remember these things, which are obvious, which is why every year on Remembrance Day, we must feel sorry for our old vets, who got used like little pawns, who got blooded when their friends were manipulated, ordered about, and then destroyed in just one more of those plunder wars, and because we feel sorry for blooded old vets, we must honor the Military Industrial Complex and all the convoluted mendacious lies of war every year on November 11th.

In this sense, then, the Iraq War epitomizes all wars, because the Iraq War is the classic modern example of a war of looting and plunder. It has all the classic elements. The squabbling between the United States on the one side and France and Germany on the other side, because, as you recall, the United States was going to loot and plunder the oil fields of Iraq, and then they were going to rip and tear up all the oil contracts that were signed by France and Germany with Iraq, and then they were going to hand out the spoils of war, those contracts, to American interests, on the grounds that those who do the dirty work, who do the bleeding and the dying, should reap the rewards. And that would not include France and Germany, and besides, the United States Elite Powers really don't need to share the loot and plunder with France and Germany, they are more than powerful enough to conquer some ruined diddly squat third world colony all by themselves, so why bother making alliances. Alliances are only required is some powerful elite grouping does not have the military power by themselves to rob and loot and plunder and thus they will have to cut deals and also agree to share out the loot and the plunder, and that would not be the case with the American elite, who do not have to share loot and plunder with any other country, since they have the most powerful military killing machine the world has ever seen since the dawn of history.

Which brings us back to the subject of the upcoming Blooding of America in Fallujah. And right in time for Remembrance day, when finally, after hiding coffins while George Bush was out on the trail, body bags and coffins can start being sent home to America, like they have to be in a time of war if the Blood Bond, and the conspiracy of silence, is ever to take hold in the country, a process of hiding the obvious which as Hitler stated so bluntly is achieved by the elite powers and their military propaganda machine through that process of Blooding the country, creating a bond using super cement, and in the process crushing all real dissent, which will then have to take place within the narrow boundaries defined by the need to 'Support our Troops' as well as the need to consider the pain and intense sorrow of the mothers of our troops.

When this happens it would then be the case that hypocrisy reigns supreme, for while the country may need to hamstring their dissent and consider the pain of mothers, the scheming powerful elites, who are always pulling the strings in every war of conquest and plunder, certainly won't be considering the pain of mothers, since they are after all using their sons and daughters as cannon fodder in one of the filthiest schemes of modern times over there on the trillion dollar O-I-L fields of Iraq, which shows just how sorry they are not to be killing kids and hurting their mothers. So then it must become the case that an act of sabatoge and ruthless subversion takes place on November 11th, Military Industrial Complex Day, and instead of remembering the 'sacrifice of our valiant troops who died for our freedom to dissent from popular opinion' (which means you should not dissent, which would be disgraceful) or instead of remembering how it was 'The War to End All Wars' or instead of hypocritically chanting the slogan 'Never Again!' and calling for the stopping of all wars while at the same time doing that same trickery and abuse and looting over and over and over again, let us instead make November 11th a day to remember the devious lies of the military industrial complex, the filthy and never ending greed of the powerful elite groups, the moral depravity of the whole system which has been polluted and corrupted to serve their interests, and let us also remember their never ending cynicism, their ruthless greed, their relentless cruelty and their pitiless plotting and scheming, so that it can then be said in truth that we were supporting our troops by saving them and both countries in that war from the clutches of such wickedly immoral people, which means that our troops died for our freedom to dissent from such ruthless predators, and that they in fact died for freedom by being sent to Iraq in one of the more obvious of the looting and plundering wars that pepper human history, thus exposing the whole filthy fraud in pretty short order, making the Iraq War 'The War to End All Wars' by thoroughly and completely exposing every disgusting fraud and making everyone so shrewd and so damned angered that they cry out 'Never Again!'

Never again must the Military Industrial Complex and the Pentagon and other such instruments of looting and plunder around the world be able to have a holiday, a special day every year when the public can once again be conned and guilt tripped into supporting their bloated budgets and their perverted job description of crushing and slaughtering the people in a ruined third world nation, so they can crushed, oppressed, and then thoroughly looted and plundered.

Writing Soap Operas

You must be familiar with the Pentagon, which is a place where they spend most of their time writing soap operas. You must have heard the one about the Iraqi terrorists of Fallujah, who must be wiped out, even if it means killing the civilians of Fallujah, who have been warned repeatedly by that treacherous Quisling named Allawi to hand over the terrorists or patience will run out ... thus Allawi always prepares the way for massive slaughtering of civilians as the Pentagon writes soap operas which allow the crushing of the Iraq Insurgency, paving the way for the raping of Iraq's O-I-L wells...and the only way to crush a guerilla insurgency is through terrorism, and massive slaughter of civilians, with the ideal way to fight a guerilla movement being to carpet bomb those Fallujah resistance fighters and everything else that moves and creeps and crawls and just get it over with in one morning.

As appealling as such an easy solution to the Iraq O-I-L robbery resistance movement might be, alas poor Pentagon, such a thing while being easily possible from the point of view of overwhelming military force, is not possible from the point of view of telling stories about it before, during, and afterward, which in the end, no matter how many trillions of dollars you spend and how great and mighty and strong and powerful you become, is what war is about at the end of it all.

War is about telling stories. Whoever tells the stories wins the war. Antiwar movements are not about being seen in the streets protesting. Since the real battlefield in the war is the storyboard, the real antiwar movement consists not of protesting war, but rather consists of loading up on guns and artillery and going to war, by telling stories. Just thought I would point that out, so we can avoid futile strategies such as protests, which are not bad things, but even so even a big one doesn't stop a war, since it leaves the battleground to the Pentagon, that soap opera writer. So let us avoid mass confusion and searching for 'tactics' in the antiwar movement and let us arm ourselves and go right straight to war and of course we will defeat the Pentagon, which given the filthy task of being the O-I-L thieving hugely dominating bully in a grossly unfair fight, doesn't stand a rat's ass of a chance of actually winning that Iraq war....

So everyone has heard the Pentagon stories, and watched the Pentagon soap opera, as that heroic Pentagon targets the Iraq terrorist movement, hitting terrorist safe houses, and locations known to be frequented by terrorists, and the media starts telling about 'suicide bombers', which might be true, and is a sign of courageous desperation, by the way, but its supposed to be a real dirty thing.

I don't feel the need to tell the Pentagon's plot, but rather since I am also going to war myself I though I would tell a short story myself. Have you ever heard the one about how there were these helpless, ruined people whose good country was plunged down into a third world wreck and then ruthlessly sanctioned, so they couldn't sell any O-I-L thus making sure it would still be there for the powerful American Elites when they came and stole that O-I-L off of those people. And did you hear the one about the deviously mendacious liars, who, to avoid talking about how much they wanted to steal that O-I-L, instead made up a bunch of shit about this that or the other, you know anything but the kitchen sink, stupidly thinking that somehow they could win both the story war and the verdict of history, just by not mentioning O-I-L but always finding some other shit to make stories about instead. And did you hear the story about how the most overwhelming powerful aggressive bullies in the world got into an unfair fight with three thousand poorly armed badly outmatched Fallujah resistance fighters, and did you hear the one about how those courageous Fallujah resistance fighters took their stand, looked death and destruction right in the face, and despite the overwhelming force of that sadistic and frustrated domineering bully, nevertheless they stared down that hugely enormously foul filthy fire spewing dragon, even though they knew before hand that the odds were so heavily stacked against them, that being an unfair fight between a cowardly and mendacious overarmed bully and a small overmatched but very courageous Iraq resistance guerilla movement. Have you heard that story yet. No. You been watching the soap operas, one must suppose....

The Supreme Court of the United States of America

Now we know that the Iraq War is a War Crime. We know this because by law wars of aggression, and in particular 'preemptive wars' or 'preventative wars' (the doctrine promoted by the Nazis and used as their defense against charges of having committed crimes) well these doctrines of theirs were soundly rejected by the international community when they were charged with crimes, and then encoded into the system of international law. We also know that aggressive wars of looting and plunder were at the same time encoded into the international law at the same time, once again after the Nazi experience. We also know that according to the Constitution of the United States of America all international treaties signed by the United States of America become the law of the land in the United States of America, which means that the international laws on war crimes and against wars of looting and plunder, which were strongly supported by both public opinion at the time, and thus by the government of the United States of America at the time have since that time, and right up to this very day, been the law of the United States of America.

Which explains the utter contempt shown by the Bush administration for international institutions and the international law, and also explains their contempt for the United Nations, their veto over the international criminal court concept, and their endless attempts to have the Pentagon made an exception to the Nuremberg War Crimes Law by insisting that the international court have no powers over the American Military Industrial Complex and its rampaging looting military machine. After all the Bush administration is not stupid and understands quite well that the Iraq war is an international war crime, the killing of Iraq babies is a crime against humanity. Which explains their utter contempt for international law. This is kept hidden behind the veil of more and more of that mendacious lying that is characteristic of scheming greedy elite groupings who want more and more and more money, since you just can't get enough money, even when you already have 40 per cent of the wealth of the United States (a jump from 20 per cent of the wealth during the start of the Reagan Administration and the progress of 'eno-liberalism' since then means that they probably have 40 per cent, or even more of the wealth of the poor countries of the world as well, but like I said, there is just no end to moral corruption, rottenness and greed, which is the root cause of warfare, not to mention world wide baby starving and grinding poverty).

the United States will never sacrifice its security to the whims of international laws, we are told. The United States will not hesitate to 'protect the American people' by ignoring those international laws. The United States will 'hunt down those terrorists' even if it means sending large numbers of troops and the world's most powerful killing machine into other weak ruined third world type countries, especially other weakened countries with trillions of dollars worth of O-I-L, which I am sure is an irrelevant detail, which can submerged under chattering about 'security' and 'terror' and 'terrorism', or at the very least the Bush administration and cabal of really desperate and extra greedy American elite powers surrounding Bush can certainly try extra extra hard to make it seem so, by talking as much as possible about 'security' and 'terror' and 'preventative warring' and perhaps somehow by a long shot that will hide every last drop of that trillions and trillions of dollars of O-I-L, which the Iraq people need for themselves, and which belongs to them, since it is, or rather was, a state owned O-I-L industry, which explains how the Iraq people had a prosperous almost Western lifestyle only about a decade ago, before they were destroyed and crushed down to being a third world nation like they are now by the plots and the schemes of the United States of America. This also explains why the United States put such brutal sanctions on Iraq, forcing them to leave that O-I-L in the ground while the powerful American Elite groupings began desperate plotting and scheming to rob that O-I-L, and of course they didn't want Iraq selling a drop of that O-I-L in the meantime so it would still be in the ground when they got their forces into Iraq. That this was their really true agenda is proven by the fact that Bush administration hit the ground running, and began plotting against Iraq right from the day they took office, as we now know to be the case, since plotting against that Iraq O- I-L has nothing to do with Americans being terrified and everything to do with O-I- L,.

Which brings me to a discussion of that Supreme Court of the United States, the very same court system which the Bush administration will make sure to utterly and thoroughly corrupt by making appointments, for obvious reasons.

Now we know that America has at its head a psychologically damaged sadist, who unlike Lyndon Johnson, who had to resign from the stresses and nightmares of that Vietnam war, and not run again, really is not bothered by the looting and murdering and slaughtering going on in Iraq, and thus takes on a second term with determination and gusto, and is actually real happy to be back in office, even though during his first term he was under the nightmarish stress of being involved in blowing babies guts out and bombing the arms and legs off of old men and women among other atrocities, which, as is quite apparent, does not bother him because as the psychologists who I am sure could testify at his International War Crimes trial could testify, the man is a psychiatric case, with a personality disorder damaged by psychological sadism, which means that not only does it not bother him to be running the Iraq War, he actually gets some creepily weird satisfaction out of that Iraq War. This explains why he could, without even a hesitation, apply for a second term, and then take on that second term with the gusto for which he is now justifiably famous.

Now not only does America have at its head an untreated psychiatric patient, which many people confusingly understand to be a 'strong and resolute leader' (although actually he is just a psychological sadist who isn't bothered by anything), America also has at its head an international War Criminal, who understandably doesn't care much for the constitution of the United States of America either, for obvious reasons, because he is condemned and convicted by the document, which explains his constant attacks on the document, and his attacks on the document in the days to come. Yes King George hates that constitution, especially that part about how international laws are American laws, and he can just go ahead and break those laws ahead of time, destroy the constitution later, and then claim backwards privilege - he preemptively tore up the constitution when he broke the law, and this was then formalized for him by the protective corrupted institutions and systems of America when they later on let him tear up the constitution, so that such things would not be criminal acts, which then absolves him of his crimes in breaking the law while the law was still in force. Now this would be a totally new principle in the law, and one must assume that membership in the monarchy does come with its priveleges, since this new legal principle of breaking the law first and then getting rid of the law later was invented only for King George and for no one else in America, since we all know how far some black or latino defendant would get if they tried using such an argument in court. Indeed if the law was changed, but someone was caught before the law was changed, then the established legal precedents indicate that they would be charged by the law that was in effect at the time that they committed their crimes, the judges always saying at such times that to do otherwise would be to undermine the principle of law, thus ruining the courts and the whole legal system.

The point I am making here is obvious, and the purpose of this discussion is to point out to people just how rotten and corrupted the whole entire collapsing American Imperial Empire system really is, having becoming rotten and corrupted in every aspect. After all, America has at its head a psychologically damaged mental illness patient, with a really dangerous sadism personality disorder, confused by folks as being the 'strong leader syndrome' when actually it is just the unconcerned sadism syndrome, and America also has an international War Criminal who is guilty of violations of human rights, who is guilty of the crimes of mass murder, who is guilty of a charge of murder for the life of each and every young American kid shipped home in a box from that Vietnam over in Iraq, not to mention guilty of countless charges of murder in Iraq, which includes Iraqi resistance fighters and not just Iraqi civilians, since this is an international war crimes charge.

Is there still anyone in their right mind who would even for a moment seriously consider making an appeal through the corrupted institutional systems of a rotted Empire like America, even given the gravity of the charges. You will notice that no one is bothering to try, and the reason they do not even make the attempt is not because they are lazy or without conscience, but rather because just as most people know better than to vote in America's rotted elections, no one is stupid enough to consider making a charge through the Supreme Court, since being smart enough, we know what a futile gesture it would to appeal to such a rotted and corruption institution as that Supreme Court. It would be a waste of time, and everyone knows that ahead of time., just like most people know that they should not 'write their congressmen' or 'contact their media organization' or do anything else that since they know better, being not a stupid people from a stupid country after all, but a very smart people, who even though the filthy outrages and the level of criminality and vulgarity of American power has become the stinking foul stench up the nostrils of the whole world and just a huge scandal, they know better than to try to do anything about it through the official organs of such a corrupted rotted system of colluding conniving elite powers.

And so I mention this not because I am stupid enough to encourage the more foolish among us who are perhaps to young and unsophisticated to have fully learned not to do such things as make a case up to the Supreme Court, but rather I am writing this down just to let the Supreme Court and all the other corrupted and decaying and collapsing American elites that were are not coming, we haven't come yet, and even though it is a horrible crime, we still won't come, and I also thought it would be good to explain why we would not even consider coming, which is because the people of the country are to smart for that. This explains the rotted state of American elections, and why they stay away from polls, which will then be blamed on the laziness or some other fault of the American people, when actually they are just to intelligent while their worst critics are the ones who still haven't caught up with the mass consciousness of the American people, which is why they still continue to criticize them for not voting or for not helping with the Supreme Court case. (I just could not resist getting that dig in - hopefully it will sting and rip some more people away from that system, or at least get them to thinking why they still retain some allegiances to such a rotted system, even in its time of the most advanced rotted decay.)

As for people who are worried about the Bush administration making the courts even worse, or 'ruining the courts', well I suppose it could always get even worse, even though, technically, its so bad now that it really doesn't make that much of a difference, although it might mean losing Roe versus Wade, but aside from that one small issue being lost, given the enormous rottedness of the court system in America, and utter futility and moral and legal bankruptcy, being distracted by the American Elite powers into some fiercely contested full scale war over Roe versus Wade, thus keeping everyone busy with a project, while it might save the one single ever so important solitary isolated law, although it won't because Bush is in power, will still leave the country with the same really corrupt Supreme Court and the same brutally unjust politically legal execution system that the country has right now, so who the hell gives a damn about the great big upcoming circus and distraction of the ever ever so important Roe Versus Wade battle, you know, which acknowledges the legitimacy and importance of the Supreme Court, and gets everyone involved in 'saving the Supreme Court', as though somehow there was something left to save.

If anyone needed to be reminded not to bother making their appeals by being distracted, led off course and then sucked into that political and legal elitist vacuum known as the Supreme Court, well the Supreme Court let them know itself not to bother during the Florida Election of 2000, and the Supreme Courts now world famous hanging chad legal decision. Now for those who don't know, when you vote that way, mostly in poor black or latino neighborhoods, who still use the 'hanging or dimpled chad' voting system, what can happen is that a chad, which is a kind of round circular piece of paper, instead of falling right off the ballot, might instead remain attached to the ballet by about one millimeter of paper. Thus what you would have is a hole in the ballot and then hanging down under the hole by just a slight edge and swing like an open barn door would the very bad hanging chad, which instead of completely falling off and dropping to the floor, just remained sort of hanging there like an open swinging barn door, becoming a hanging chad beside a hole in a ballot, instead of just a hole in the ballot with that hanging chad falling right onto the floor. Because those Black and Latino voting machines don't work right, not having been upgraded or fixed for years, sometimes they also make the famous pregnant dimpled chad. So where you were supposed to vote when you pulled the lever, instead of pushing the chad out, leaving a clearly open hole in the ballot, the machine will press down on that chad, and make this thing that looks like a sharp pimple on your face. Fortunately that malfunctioning voting machine doesn't pimple every chad like that, just the one you wanted, so a vote counter can hold up the ballot and note where all those acne zits are sticking up like a pregnancy on your ballot, and just as people can tell the difference between a pregnant women and an anorexic model, they can declare that a pregnant dimpled chad and still count your vote even though that extremely aging black or latino voting machine didn't work completely right that time.

Well as everyone recalls, suddenly in Florida the swing barn door hanging chad hanging by a small millimeter of paper to an open ballot hole got taken to the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court made a ruling that declared open season on the votes of blacks and latinos around the country. From now on, every single chad had to be absolutely perfect, and even though any half decent and slightly observant vote counter could have counted the vote for that hanging chad the Supreme Court ruled in favor of absolutely perfect chads every single time, even though no legal purpose was served by such a ruling, and certainly justice was not served by such a ruling, but rather they did it because the Supreme Court is an instrument, a tool of Elite American's Powers, and thus like all the rest of them they were in on the plotting and the scheming to get George W. Bush into power, not wanting to waste the incredible fortune in money that the American Elite Powers poured into the pockets of George W. Bush making his campaign in 2000 the record breaking richest campaign for President in all of history. In addition to the vast fortune in visible at the American Elite Powers gave George Bush, there was that big pile of invisible money in the form of a highly expensive bought off and concentrated Soviet style media empire, and its talking heads and pundits, each of which has to be paid their salaries, and there were lots o other hidden costs and expenses which were poured into that George Bush campaign, making worth an even greater fortune and even more expensive than most people clearly understood at the time. And the Supreme Court, being another elite grouping, and invited to all the best parties and so on, and thus being in it right up to their necks along with the rest of them, bailed out that huge investment by giving George Bush Florida, and also established the legal precedent of declaring open season on blacks and latinos in future elections, which means that from now, people being smart as they are, they will not try a lawsuit in court when lots more black and latino votes are thrown out for being less than absolutely perfect, thus ensuring one more 'victory' for George Bush in 2004.

While doing this, the Supreme court did not rule that from now on all ballot machines had to work absolutely perfectly, because that would put the onus on the system, rather than the blacks and latinos, and it would also create democracy in America, instead of fascism, and thus the Supreme court ignored the obvious justice issues and just gave out that famous hanging chad ruling of theirs. Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead - this arrogant and defiant hubris being just typical of the American Elite Powers as they lose their powers and their whole rotted empire system collapses into a state of terminal decline and corrupted decay all around them. For this reason no one bothered going to the Supreme Court over that sneaking and filthy stunt pulled in Florida, where, just before the election, leaving them no chance to have a time to appeal, the Florida state powers just threw off the ballot rolls one hundred thousand black voters. Instread of doing that earlier in the year, leaving time for appeal, well like a smart scheming Florida state power, they waited till it was to late to appeal and then did it, and while black voters had time after the election to get back on the ballot for 2004, they had to miss 2000 because they got thrown off in a filthy and disgusting Florida state power stunt, which no one bothered to appeal to the Supreme Court about, after that hanging chad verdict, and after seeing Al Gore and the Democrats crush and silence the Black Caucus (and then spend the next four years blaming Nader, thus hiding and protecting the rottedness of the American elite system-or so they might have been thinking, since everyone already knows that, which is why they don't bother, which is the proof, but I guess maybe the Democrats were playing defense and hiding it all in case there was still someone who did not know enough not to vote or go to court, thus avoiding making things even more debased and disreputable than it already is...). For this reason no one bothered with the Supreme Court when vote machines were purchased from Republicans, which did not put out paper ballots, leaving no trace or trail, even though the other model is available which does leave a paper trail, being absolutely secure and safe. Is anyone up for a court case on that shifty scam? No of course not, because they are not stupid people and everyone knows better than to do something as worthless as that.>BR>

The Christian Mullahs

T he following poem is from the Hazrat Iqbal ....

When in a vision I saw
A mullah ordered to paradise,
Unable to hold my tongue,
I said something in this wise:

'Pardon me, O Lord,
For these bold words of mine,
But he will not be pleased
With the houris and the wine.
He loves to dispute and fight,
And furiously wrangle,
But paradise is no place
For this kind of jangle.

His task is to disunite
And leave people in the lurch,
But paradise has no temple,
No mosque and no church.'

Now you would recall, as I keep reminding people, that psychologists have written up a psychological profile of King George and concluded that he has the psychological sadist personality profile. You know, he fits the profile, having started out torturing small animals as a child and then worked his way up to people in adulthood. Such sadists enjoy power and being powerful because then they can try cruel sadism on people, which is why they gradually work there way up from animals to people as they get older, because as they get older, they get more powerful, and thus they can not bother with animals anymore since as an adult they are now strong enough to start going after people, after going after the only thing they could target as a child, which was animals. As I point out to people, this explains why George Bush wanted another term, even though the Iraq War was going on, unlike Lyndon Johnson, who threw in the towel because the Vietnam War was going on, and since the Iraq War did not bother him in his first term, quite the contrary, well it won't bother him right now either, thus he looked forward to a second term, richly enjoyed getting his second term, and now will enjoy being President during his second term just as much as he enjoyed it during his first term.

Now as you might know, our Christian Mullahs are among the strongest supporters of King George. As they have said, they finally have the government in power that they have always been wanting and working for and now their task is to make sure they don't lose the government they always wanted and have been working for over the last decades, because after all, who would ever want to give up their gains. That would mean that our Christian Mullahs would have to start all over again. Better to maintain the gains of the past, and then move on to the thorough corruption of the court system, their next target, which also dovetails nicely with the agenda of the Bush administration, understandable given the outstanding criminal charges I described above.

And is it really surprising that our Christian Mullahs support a damaged and ruthless psychological sadist, since you see, our Christian Mullahs are themselves psychological sadists. So are the Have Mores who are the real political base of King George, as you can tell by how they hog 40 per cent of the wealth of America, having grown that up from 20 per cent during the start of the Reagan Administration, then how they go globalizing and neo-liberalizing, robbing and raping poor countries using neo-colonial tactics, leaving tens of millions of hungering malnourished starved babies on the planet to feel the pains of malnourishment and then die very young, proving their sadism, which explains why they like George Bush and which also explains why our Christian Mullahs are also in cohoots with such a corrupted cabal, because they are also among the world most cruel psychological sadists. Their religion is a perversion and an offense to everything noble and sacred, but that has to be expected, since no noble religion could ever satisfy the cruel urges of a domineering terrorist psychologically sadistic Christian Mullah, so therefore they will need a morally bankrupted and thoroughly disgraceful religion instead, for obvious reasons.

Now even though the Bible is corrupted with genocide, plundering warring and looting and sadistic torturing and filthy lewd aggressive domination and other such famous filth, having been touched by the fingers of various psychological sadists in frocks over the course of the ages, as is readily apparent just reading the book, even so, if you just throw out all that shit, manure, and filth, all that psychological sadism, nevertheless you find that at the core of the Jewish and Christian traditions remains something noble, even if psychological sadists did give it a bad name by touching it themselves as well. At the core of the Jewish Story is the tale of how a powerful God being came and saved some helpless slaves from the psychological sadism of some ruthless sadist named Pharaoh. At the core of the Christian tradition is the cross symbol, and the story of how a powerful God being came and saved the victim of some psychological sadist named Caesar who like all powerful elite sadist groups, used terrorism, fear, and death, and gruesome torture, which is what the cross figure is, to keep the slaves in line. So the both the Jewish and Christian traditions are all about slave driving systems, and corrupted sadistic elite powers, and about finding liberation from those corrupted fear driven, violence ridden, legally corrupted rotted imperial slave driving systems. In this way these two faiths also have a commentary to make on the nature of God, for by comparing God to Caesar or Pharaoh, and noting how both of those are extremely powerful and easily able to torment and crush and oppress and boss around and use smaller more helpless creatures, well, if it should prove to be the case that the psychological sadists of the elite powers fit the profile, and an even more powerful God being did not, well that makes God look good while making them look even worse than they already are.

Now people like to point out that the Bible is contradictory, which is true, and you can easily understand why that would be the case when you understand that those psychological sadists, that brood of vipers who like to show up for every religion, touched the document. Now anyone familiar with our Mullahs would be aware of how there isn't a trace of goodness outlined above that is in their doctrines, or that is inside them either, which is why there isn't a trace of goodness that is ever heard coming out of their mouths, for out of the inside of a person comes the words of their mouths, and they have sadism inside, so naturally sadism and cruelness comes out of their mouths for that very reason, and it also comes off of their pens, and when you mix sadism with those other stories about freedom and resisting the powers, well you wind up with a contradictory Bible, which is not a surprise but easily explained and easy to understand.

And the religion of those Christian Mullahs is easy to explain and easy to understand as well, which helps us to understand why they leave helpless babies to starve by the millions while the work endlessly in the service of George Bush and the Have Mores of America, and it also explains why they help out so much in the murdering and the stealing of the oil of the poor and downtrodden people of Iraq, who are just like the people in those religion stories, being crucified, and terrified, and slaved over by the elite powers and their overwhelming god like mighty powers, and of course, being a bunch of deeply twisted and warped psychological sadists, with no decency, who like hurting people and do it all the time as a professional job, naturally our Christian Mullahs would be found on the wrong side of those stories, helping both Pharaoh and Caesar while doing their level best to brainwash the slaves making them easier to exploit and slave drive.

Truly the 'Christian' religion which comes flowing from the honeyed lips of those Christian Mullahs is one of the greatest offenses and insults to holiness as well as being an blasphemous stain on the reputation and honor of the name of GOD. For this reason the name 'God' would be likely a filthy foul swear word to lots of people, since any God who would foreordain and divinely mandate the imposition of a psychological sadist and an oil thieving murderer over a country is a God which really should buried into a hole forever and forgotten, and whose name should be blasphemed over and over again and cursed all day long, like it so very often is today. That is understandable because after all any decent person would find such a God being abhorent for choosing out a psychological sadist and O-I-L murderer for the office of Caesar. Yes such an overbearing tyrant as that God figure that uses all that great powerfulness to crush people down, scare them really bad, and then make them work like slaves for Pharaoh requires a revolutionary rebellion, which is why Christian Mullahs preach about torturing people and burning them on fires forever and ever till the end of time just to let them know how useless it is to resist the awe inspiring and overwhelming powers.

So then in this way Christian Mullahs preach a so called 'faith' which models reality on earth, the reality they so obviously prefer. Christian 'salvation' is permeated with such ideas concerning slavish subservience to feudal institutions and those who rule and lord it over others due to their noble births, and none of this a coincidence, since Christianity was the bulwark of the feudal order for ages past. This supposedly charming tale of divine god like being who came down in human form to die on the cross for sins inherited through DNA from some guy named Adam (a problem for the code designer, and one of the irrational inconsistencies of that dogma( sits in opposition to the story of a persecuted, executed slave which symbolizes the overthrow of those very corrupt and sinful elite powers that are responsible for teaching human infants the very sins they will then generously offer to cure, at the price of obedient subjection. After being worked over by those Christian Mullahs the whole story gets turned inside out and upside down, and soon is even celebrating eternal torture and the abuse of the weak by the powerful, which, as I suggested previously is the polar opposite to the message embodied in the symbol of the cross or slaves in Egypt story.

The Mullah Christian version of religion is so violent and ruthlessly oppressive partly because of the twisted sadist disorder of those Mullahs who propagate this system, and partly because their inconsistent nonsense and ridiculously exaggerated ruthlessness is so hard to believe, requiring increasingly levels of violence and threat and intimidation on their part if they are to hold that whole rotted corrupted religious Madras of theirs together and share the throne for a few more years.

Embedded in Christian revelation of those Mullahs is a hierarchical vision of human life that is hardly palatable to most people who harbor a belief that at the end of it all most people are pretty much the same and we are all equal. In this the story of the crucified slave of Caesar, of the slaves redemption and Caesar's humiliation carries within it elements that resonate with what most people already know to be true, and embedded in this symbolism is the message of freedom from both oppressive power but also the corrupt elite powers which are the real carriers of sin in society, not the DNA code. This gospel is also easy to understand, whether a person has the faith to believe or not - the gospel of the crucified slave in victory has embedded within it a symbolism that not only dignifies humanity (as compared to degrading them as Christian doctrine does) it is also instantly comprehensible. One can compare this to the tales of sinful orgasms and bad DNA code for which people will be punished by being burned eternally in a fire pit and sacrificing pure gods as though they were sheep or goats as 'payments for sin debts' and various other types of ridiculous superstitions that most people regard as nothing more than coercive dogmas, which is all they are, and thus are instinctively resisted, requiring ever greater levels of violent sadism on the part of those Mullahs as the response. The gospel of the slave is attractive, while the ugliness of the Christian doctrine, its degrading of humanity, its violent sadism, its virulent threats of tortures that go beyond all reason in their ghoulish cruelty, its offense against commonly held virtues and values in favor of elitism and slavery and oppressive social systems, is inherently unattractive. Something that unappealing can only be peddled using the most sadistic coercion and threats which is why Christian salvation consists of such psychological sadism, brutality and coercion.

And so at the end of it all, my response to those sadistic Mullahs is not only to expose the rottenness of the corrupted religion of that brood of poisonous vipers, treating them with the sadism that their sadism deserves (for it is wrong to be gentle with the sadistic and the murderous elite powers, while they are being odiously sadistic with the suffering and oppressed people of Iraq, for example), I will also deal with those Mullahs by picking up a cross and dragging that thing back and forth with me everywhere I go. Because, you see, I am challenging the elite powers, and I am giving them a really serious challenge too, which is what picking up a cross means, in case you didn't know, Christianity having become the corrupted unrecognizable thing that it has, having been touched by a Christian Mullah's tainted fingers after all.

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