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Proof of vote fraud -- look at the numbers

Impossible voter turnout -- Highlighted in yellow are precincts where more than 100% of registered voters cast ballots
Tell me how Highland Hills village, with 760 register voters, counted 8822 ballots!

Vote Fraud in Ohio? 09.Nov.2004 03:30


November 5, 2004 12:25 AM

Now that the data is beginning to trickle in from the November 2nd election, many across the nation are raising an eyebrow to results that do not seem to mesh with reality.

In one voting precinct in Gahanna, Ohio, 4,258 voters supposedly cast an electronic ballot for George Bush while only 260 voted for John Kerry. While it is vaguely possible that over 94% of voters in the precinct supported George W. Bush, it is a hard number to believe considering that only 638 voters were counted at the polling center.

To view the vote count for yourself, click on this link and scroll to page 23 (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

Another curious number that should be investigated is how the Gahanna District ended up with a voter turnout above 100% according to data compiled by the members of DemocraticUnderground.com and confirmed by the Washington Dispatch. Within this recent election, 20,736 voters cast ballots in all of Gahanna's districts while the City of Gahanna only shows that it has roughly 20,130 citizens of voting age. Even with 90% voter registration, 20,736 ballots cast within the City of Gahanna would be an amazing feat worthy of biblical notoriety. Others may call it fraud.

For more information, see Shane Cory's latest commentary on the matter: Should America Trust the Results of the Election?

Oh dear... 09.Nov.2004 09:43

Tony Blair's dog

it is starting to become embarrassing how blatant
their lies are.