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E-vote fraud? On election night Karen Hughes told Bush he’d lost!

Major trouble brewing for Bush?
In the following article,  http://www.commondreams.org/views04/1106-30.htm, Thom Hartmann reports that on election night, an Associated Press bulletin said that at 12:30 a.m. Karen Hughes sat Bush down to tell him that, based on exit polls, Kerry had won the election. Bush sat, stone-faced. Then, when electronic votes began to come in, Bush's loss "flipped" to become a victory, instead.

In fact, in smaller Florida counties where registered Democrats are as much as 70 percent of voters, voters saw the counties' votes "flipped" when electronic counts were done: the amount that should be registered Democrats is for Bush, instead. Be sure to click on the first link in the story—a chart showing bizarrely reversed Democrat majorities seemingly "flipped" to favor Bush. Hinting that there is more to be done in order to expose this case, former Clinton consultant, Dick Morris said, "I suspect foul play." ABC exit polls showed Kerry won swing states Florida, Ohio, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and Iowa, but when un-recountable e-votes came in, Bush showed a win in each case.

Given this situation, a clearly inconsistent "winner" based upon method that doesn't meet constitutional standards of reliable tally (there can be no e-vote recount, plus, as Bev Harris of Black Box Voting demonstrated, the computer code for e-votes is easily changed to flip the votes in seconds), Democrats would do well to subpoena suspected computers and run a check on the electronic record of how suspicious votes were processed. There should be an electronic record of altered commands.

If e fraud can be documented, a new kind of court case may be possible. Unlike the Rehnquist Court's appointment of Bush in 2004, this fast-developing situation could lead to direct action of a refreshing, new sort.

*George LoBuono is a writer and free-lancer living in Davis, CA, who has reported in the Sacramento area and covered the 1992 presidential election in Indonesia for Pacifica radio network. Author of Alien Fringe (book of short stories on synergebooks.com), Deep Black (screenplay about black budget corruption), The Big One (a children's book about the universe), plus numerous essays.

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