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A poetic rant inspired by recent U.S. events.
NOTE: The complexities of U.S. foreign policy are not adequately dealt with here, as that would take much longer, and would require a different form of text. For example, many U.S. leaders deny that they are at war with Islam, but this theme is still used to support the war by many. The U.S. has supported all manner of dictators, including Islamic ones, for their own strategic interests, in the course of its history of wars and covert operations. M.

I have the urge to shatter the heart of hierarchical class society

And burn the flag of this open air prison

And the prison within the prison

Financed by capitalists

Whose social managers seek to conceal the dead

With televised glamour beamed to wage-slaves

Weaving price-tag nooses of fast food trash

The moral values of a bombing raid

Icing the global prize in Dick Cheney's dreams

As G.W. Bush promotes markets freer than people

While Rumsfeld speaks of unknown knowns

Condoleeza Rice fauns over Chevron's oil tanker bearing her name

John Ashcroft secretly lusts after the breasts of a statue

While his God makes him his bitch

Eager to punish pleasure in the name of duty

Bush and Pat Robertson revel in their warlike faith

As Admiral William Boykin speaks of God Vs. Satan in the Middle East

The minions of Allah emerging from ruined cities with Jihad lips

Cry for revenge

Fixed idea versus fixed idea

Strengthened by a body count

By profits to be made

By self-righteous force

And map lines of statism

'We know the enemy, his name is Satan and he's in Fallujah'

Said a U.S. soldier on TV

A religious war backed by money and power

Animates the murderous hypocrisy

Dung-wafers of tyrannical primates passed hand to hand

By Fortune 500 companies

Whose fly-strip haloes are polished with everyday suffering

To America, its political parties, its wage-labor and exclusion, to its police and soldiers who obey orders, to its servile press, to its long history of wars and covert operations, its petroleum fetish, and its theological excuses, I raise the specter of disgust and subversion!

Let the morally fixated voters pray for relief as their misleaders violate their children

As video-game necrophiliacs fatten the 'defense' budget

Under the sign of the imperial cross and dollar

May all empires and nations be undermined from within

MURMUR 11-04
Poetic? 08.Nov.2004 16:46

Don't rhyme worth a dime

That poem don't rhyme worth a dime and that's a real crime. Maybe you already know it, but you ain't no poet.

poetry that rhymes 08.Nov.2004 17:07



Still don't rhyme 08.Nov.2004 20:16

What you talkin' bout Willis

Finish school fool, you still doesn't rhyme at all sucka.

Rhyme Time 10.Nov.2004 16:29


The rhyme can be a forced and contrived poetic form, altogether unnecessary most of the time. I did not make rhymes in the rant about moral values but nor do I make rhymes in more surrealist poems, unless they occur by chance, and thus are not contrived.
Anyway, the focus of this rant is upon the hypocrisy and miserabilism of U.S. politics and culture today, even if I perhaps put it out before it was completely what I would imagine.
If you think that rhyming is what poetry is all about, then I feel sorry for your sense of closure. Listen for hypnagogics instead.