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Andean Free Trade Negotiations Coming to Tucson, AZ

Andean Free Trade Negotiations coming to Tucson, 11/20-12/4/04. We need to organize around this.
Negotiations are coming to Tucson to finalize an Andean Free Trade Agreement--bad for the environment, and bad for workers everywhere!
The negotiations are held up around issues involving agriculture and intellectual property rights. The countries involved are the United States, Colombian, Peru, and Ecuador.

Considering the growing Latin American resistance to neo-liberalism, we may be able to play a role to help stop this agreement. If you are interested in helping organize for this important event, please contact me at: turnwind_az (at) yahoo.com or give me a call at 520-620-0480.


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From bilaterals.org

US-Andean countries

In May 2004, the US began negotiations with Colombia, Ecuador and Peru to reach some form of FTA with the three Andean countries -- and later, if US plans work out, Bolivia as well.

According to media reports, "There are three different scenarios under discussion about how to structure the free trade agreement with the US. The first would be one plurilateral agreement between the four countries. The second would be individual bilateral agreements between the US and each of the three Andean countries. The third would an agreement between the three Andean Community of Nations (CAN) members, who have obligations within the CAN, and the US. The US prefers the arrangement used in the CAFTA agreement, i.e. one plurilateral agreement among all parties. This option is not viable through the CAN because not all CAN members are involved in this FTA process with the US. Therefore, according to the head of the Colombian delegation, what may emerge is a plurilateral agreement between the US and a special bloc comprising Colombia, Ecuador and Peru."

A number of special tensions mark these FTA discussions. One is that the Andean countries are reluctant to go beyond their WTO obligations in terms of intellectual property rights. They keep expressing strong concerns about biodiversity, traditional knowledge and access to medicines. Another concern is in agriculture, where the Andean countries are reluctant to liberalise their markets on bilateral terms if the US will not agree to reduce domestic subsidies. An overarching concern is how the FTA would interact with Andean Community law: which would take precedence.

Indigenous peoples, farmers organisations, labour unions and other social movements are heavily mobilising to stop this FTA. The "TLC" or "TLC Andino", as it's referred to in the region, is seen as a deep capitulation to US economic and political interests.

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bilaterals.org is a collective effort to share information and stimulate cooperation against bilateral trade and investment agreements that are opening countries to the deepest forms of penetration by transnational corporations
See:  http://bilaterals.org

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"The fight against the FTAA is ongoing, but we are winning. we hope to see you... at the next FTAA ministerial... wherever it may be."

Be sure to see The Miami Model! Here is an upcoming benefit for pdx-imc tech with a screening of The Miami Model.

Miami Model tech benefit

Hey folks, time for a tech benefit...you remember the garage sales, right? Well, the tech team is now hosting the first screening of the long awaited film: THE MIAMI MODEL.

This film documents the protests and police state built up in Miami around the Nov. 2003 FTAA Ministerial. Many Cascadians headed down there to be in the streets, and they met up with thousands of folks from around the hemisphere to all be part of the catastrophe that has constantly encircled this free trade agreement.

This film is simultaneously gut-wrenching and uplifting, there is amazing resistance and equally amazing repression. The fight against the FTAA is ongoing, but we are winning. we hope to see you at this showing and at the next FTAA ministerial...wherever it may be.

miami model

homepage: homepage: http://arizona.indymedia.org/news/2004/11/22941.php
phone: phone: 520-620-0480
address: address: PO Box 2814, Tucson, AZ 85702

pdx-imc tech benefit on December 4th! 08.Nov.2004 15:18

casual observation

since the pdx-imc tech benefit is on december 4, perhaps there could be some (rough cut) footage from the protests in Tucson which are taking place 11/20 - 12/4

PLEASE note American manipulation - divide and conquer 08.Nov.2004 16:22


The Andean Common Market has been functioning for three decades to whatever extent the State Department did not block its ways. The FIVVE countries that make up the ACM are BOLIVIA, VENEZUELA, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. So why are only 3 of the 5 being invited? Because these are the 3 easiest to buy! So the American strategy is to wreck the real Andean Group, remake one thatt will no t be as viable and strong and rename it with the US in the middle. Then you wonder why did they do the WTC?