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PUD campaign party & raffle on November 11

The Central Portland PUD campaign is working to bring public power to Portland's inner east side. We'll be holding a party and raffle this Thursday to celebrate the next phase of our campaign.
Please join us at our signature gathering and raffle party to celebrate
the expected completion of the signature gathering phase of our campaign,
and to hold the drawing for our raffle fundraiser. (Please continue
gathering signatures until then, and bring your sheets to the party!)

What: Signature gathering and raffle party
* Last minute raffle ticket sales!
* Raffle drawing! You need not be present to win, but winners who attend
get to choose their prize!
* Turn in signature sheets!
* Beer at happy hour prices!
* Affordable tasty food from a worker-owned collective!
* Celebrate 1000 signatures and make toasts to the future of the campaign!

When: Thursday, November 11, 7 PM
Where: Red Wing Coffee and Baking, 1700 SE 6th (corner of 6th and Market)
Who: Anyone who supports public power

Raffle tickets can be purchased online or at the party, for a chance to win
great prizes from our local business supporters!


Please help support the PUD as we raise money to continue our legal battle
and get on the ballot for May 2005! Please forward this information to
other lists and friends and family.

Prices are:

1 ticket for $3
2 tickets for $5
5 tickets for $10
12 tickets for $20

Prizes include:

* Lunch for two from Salvador Molly's
* Gift certificate from Hippo Hardware
* Gift certificate from Coventry Cycle
* Hiking gear from Climb Axe
* Gift certificate from Red Wing Coffee & Baking
* Gift certificate from It's a Beautiful Pizza
* Glass chess set from Division Hardware
* Gift certificate from Grand Central Baking
* Massage from Larry Wolf, LMT
* Massage from Jefferson Kincaid, LMT
* Wood salad bowl set & sandals from Mirador Community Store
* Tax services from Joan Horton, CPA
* Computer tech services from Norris Thomlinson
* Didgeridoo and flute from Spirit Song Flutes
This is the best political project in town 08.Nov.2004 19:54


Hi,I want to add some perspective to the announcement of this event and explain why I think this is the best political project in Portland at this time.

First of all, this current effort comes in the wake of Multnomah County officials using devious legal tactics to deny "us" the freedom to vote to create a People's Utility District. Consequently, it is now necessary to collect signatures again and go through the process of trying to get on the ballot. The County authorities, in my opinion, conspired and colluded with agents of Portland General Electric and Enron to disenfranchise voters in the PUD territory. So, this is a case of an underdog struggling for liberation from corporate domination(and state collusion) and being denied. But we are not giving up.

Second, this is a virtuous struggle because the Oregon constitution features a provision that says Oregon citizens may petition to divorce themselves from a private corporate entity if they desire it. 'we the people' of inner-southeast Portland have already voted yes in an earlier (Nov. 2003) election for creating a People's Utility District. We are merely endeavoring to fullfill our constitutional right to liberate ourselves from corporate tyranny.

Thirdly, I believe that if we are going to transform society so it is just then 'we the people' need to start using our constitutionally permitted means to transform society. A People's Utility District is a superior means for a free people to provide essential societal services than we currently receive from investor-owned, for profit (may I add kleptocratic)entities like PGE/Enron.

Come down and support this noble effort.