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War Makers Will Try to Hook Us Into Playing Their Game

War makers and planners have spent BILLIONS of dollars on their efforts. And this isn't just for making their missiles and bombs and tanks and watercraft! If we are to learn anything from those whom have marched before us, we must learn from their mistakes!
So you want to REALLY live? When?!?
So you want to REALLY live? When?!?
When we learn from those whom have sought excellence before us, we may begin to see the value of imagining (and remembering and enhancing) forms of interaction and communication which finally escape perpetual war.

The war-makers and their planners may not know any other way than perpetual war. So we "have" to teach them. We have to *realize the value* of teaching these fellow human beings the excellence of our claims. The beautifulness of our claims!

How can we teach them anything--how can we DIALOGUE with them--if we get stuck in focusing and *reacting* in the ways they already know how to contain and attack?

How about you passivists/pacifists? Are you creative enough to come up with something more than mere sitting down and being silent? Or must you give away your power forever to your "leaders" (those who take up such positions, but whom you don't really seem to know as people too well)?

Time to learn from all of our relations, and then add to and enhance their depth!

Time to *art* ourselves beyond our beliefs of "What Art Can Be" and "Who Is An Artist". We are ALL "artists"! We all are DOING art right now! In the way we dress every day! In the way we speak or talk! In the way we walk! In the way we live our lives!

The question is, fellow peasant/serf, do you DARE set off on the adventure of life in a way YOU DARE experiment with, consciously?

Let's stop giving our power away to these obsolete, dark age methods and rigidities!

Let's stop feigning life, and "arm" our desires!

(oh, but you say "it cannot work"; what do you *know*? i have seen creative nonviolent confrontation methodology work across the country! The art of such way, which can *keep the armor of others down* is by seeking to beautifully liberate/bridge with anyone we can!)

a male or female or tranny HO to all my relations! (heh)

Understand the war of everyday life
and playfully BLAST our most excellent humanity
at key times and places! And...?!

homepage: homepage: http://www.Africa2000.com/PNDX/pndx.htm

Most Americans are already hooked by the war makers... 08.Nov.2004 20:25


It happened when they deluded themselves that John Kerry was somehow anti-war. Suckers. Talk about throwing away your vote!