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Upside down -the hipocrisy of the "e-voting shock"

More Excel Sheets and other democracy attempts
Monday, November 8th

By Ewing2001


Upside down -the hipocrisy of the "e-voting shock"


By now, you probably have read the 20th editorial about "voting fraud", or received a new dozen of emails, which include the same collection of articles about some "glitches", you already had anyway.

I promise you, whether you agree or disagree with me this week, you WILL get a headache :)

Maybe you also have received a note like this:
"...In Baker, Florida there were 8926 registered Dems but only 2180 kerry votes, while there were
3126 registered reps but they got 7738 votes. In Liberty the figures look even worse.
1927 Rep votes from 320 registered (600% up) while there were 1070 Dem votes from 3597 registered (down to under a third)..."

Everything clear?

Others might have convinced you, to "examine at the precinct level, not at the county level".

Or, "follow the registrations!".

Do you still know, what to do?

Maybe they also asked you, if the following report from December 2003 could show, how Bush took the 2 percent in Nevada:
"...the other 2,186 older Sequoia machines may not have the printers installed in time..."


Is this kind of research implying to contain a "smoking gun"?

You also might have saved one of these cute graphics, which do want you to inform about oddities between exit polls, exceeding registrations, switched votes and all other discrepancies.
I'm sure, freepers are working already on the first photoshopped hoaxes. Have fun next week :)

To come to the point. Nothing has changed in lefty-world. They're still behaving like Charlie Brown, who is trying to hit the same football all over again. But Lucy always won, Charlie lost.

However, "politically", the analysis of these football players, was never such simple.

The Democratic Party finally confirmed to their sheeple, that they're a corrupted collection of traitors, puppets, cowards and ignorants, inflitrated with the same warmonger- and homeland security spirit, the neoconized republican party sucked so easily after Sep11th.

Nothing has changed. The timeline of humanity sellout continued.
If Sep11th was 1933, then 2004 is 1936.

A reality check, please:
SkullBone Kerry (even Reuters figured that out) and his Bilderberger buddy John Edwards conceded so quickly, to shut down the voter fraud investigation before the Republicans had to do any explaining.
It's your candidate, stupid!


Kerry's mentor, Bill Clinton, yet another traitor, followed with his remark, not to "whine" about the outcome, but to find a "clear national message."

But this didn't stop some newbie wannabee "e-voting activists", to continue with their desperate fight, but to stand behind Kerry and his own hipocritic picture of democracy, which doesn't exist anymore anyway.

Welcome in One-Party World.

If the U.S. had real activist groups, and not just some fake peace stalinist fronts like ANSWER, there would have been a massive voter protest by now, this weekend.


In Ukraine, 50.000 people protested this week, against alleged election fraud, ironically also reported by U.S. Media, but nothing happened here.
Please, i need an excel sheet for Ukraine, too, but maybe it was just a video manipulation.

Instead, here in the U.S., some spontaneous protests by unorganized students or alternatives, during last week, might point on a pending possibility for uncontrolled outrage, riots, anarchy, civil war or worse.


Because the left wing is too ignorant to face and restructure this orchestrated reality, too sophisticated to accept the bigger picture of globalist chess, too arrogant to debate a clear evidence of the 9/11-inside job and to blindscripted to recognise the next patterns of setups: Hillary vs. Rudy for 2008.

Maybe some LIHOPers also registered already hillaryreopen911.org?

It can't be sarcastic enough, because more dumbness followed last week:
Popular lefty blogger Joshua Micah Marshall supported the idea of Bill Clinton as Chairman of the DNC, as a "great idea", as if nothing had happened.

If i had a lefty tin foil hat, i would argue, that Marshall is on the payroll of Karl Rove, CFR or worse.

Other, true patriotic democratic party hardliner, especially on democraticunderground.com (now also famous at Salon), argue with silly phrases, that "we must channel our anger into determination rather than hate. Hate fuels the terrorists who seek to destroy the U.S.".

Means to me, it's not allowed to hate the White House and still believe in their official version of 9/11, plus their phantoms like Abu Zarquawi, who never dies and probably always has enough anti-termite spray for his wooden leg.

The bizarro world continued at democraticUnderground.com, also known as DU (which does not imply, that you will find WMD over there).

More embarrassing, "DU" released an online poll, which found that 72 percent agree that "Bush's re-election" was worse than the 9/11 attacks.



Meanwhile famous in blogosphere, DU's disgusting and ignorant vibes had been picked up by Newsmax.

Possibly the 9/11 widows might have their own take on these vibes, recently divided into Bush- and Kerry supporters as well.

But Bizarro world continued:

Why is leftgatekeepers best buddy, and former Clark supporter, Michael Moore writing these little "pick me-ups" to make us feel better?
Why isn't he at least asking for Kerry's "army of lawyers and millions of dollars ready to work on the recounts"? Why does he need 3 days to add one link about voter fraud?
Why is he dividing North America into "Jesusland" and the United States of Canada?

But the desperation of leftie land is even worse. Instead of finally planning for a real revolution, they already seemed to have caved in for 2008 and just bite on the latest REP-propaganda, which gives us polls, when to plan a new exodus from the U.S.

Cornered between the one or the other trap, desperately begging their cyberblog buddies, not to leave this country and just hangin' in here, this lack of charisma can only be described as zomby dumbness.

Ironically, the same front within the 9/11 Truth Movement, which endorsed Kerry over the last couple of months, jumped on the bandwagon of "VoterGate" and tried to hijack this movement into the next level of super matrix and bizarro "movement" of 11/3:

Nic Levis aka Jack Riddler (911truth.org), tabular as ususal, just recommended to establish a "hierarchy of evidence", with the effect of creating new anti e-vote-spam and self-appointed committees, ignoring that verifiedvoting.org already established some excellent maps, which got ignored by the majority of e-vote-activists until Zero Day, who hoped, it might be useful enough, to show up at the election with some cell phone batteries.

Some days later, silent since weeks, Bill Douglas of 911Visibility followed, less emotional, with an outdated update, to lurk on Bev Harris' website, who's asking for some bucks for her "Freedom of Information request".

However, since when is a FOIA $50.000 worth?
I thought to believe, it's just $25?

And why, instead, there aren't attempts to fund at least mathematical strategist teams around Cathy Dopp, who at least knows, what she's doing?

Instead, Harris is abusing the hope of many e-voting activists.

This is not the first time, since she started her blackbox-voting campaign, which never really informed her readers about the military background of this industry, which is supported by a military task force including Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and EDS.

Instead of responding on this reality check, Harris irresponsibly preferred to spread this myth and stale argument, that electronic voting machines should have a paper trail, that's all.

However printing of any kind including voter-verifiable prints is meaningless.
Any programmer knows that the printout doesn't have to match the vote that was recorded internally.

Also, an internal manipulation code in the tabulation system can theoretically swing the vote at ANY time. By then, a printout (a recipe about what?) becomes finally useless.
Also, what about memory cards, which can be switched or just erase some votes?

Harris' initiative is a no-brainer. Her deadend strategies obviously also confused her Plan Nine Publisher David Allen, who is no longer affiliated with her.

Also, my endless advices, to follow much more advanced e-voting investigative journalist Lynn Landes, got constantly ignored.
The old rule: if you don't release a book or a nice movie, you are nothing in this country.


Meanwhile, at the other end of the progressive rightwing, controversial 9/11 author and no-plane flip-flopper John Kaminski, brings it exactly to the point:

"...How, in an election year where the central questions should have been about waging wars based on well-known lies and throwing away the lives of American soldiers chasing phantoms who don't exist ? as well as questioning the cynical coverup of the greatest crime in American history, which 3,000 Americans were murdered by these same phantoms .... how could these momentous questions be overshadowed on election day by a relatively irrelevant brouhaha about gay marriage?

In fact, it was because the loyal opposition chose not to mention these issues, but instead participated in the media coverup of these crimes, because in fact there is only one party in this country ? the party of the banks. On that level this election was a complete sham. There was no real contest. So why are you so upset about the results of an election in which both candidates were saying the same thing? ..."

http://www.gnn.tv/ ... crop-center-middle-180-180-no-[-]_var[-]users[-]46-cee1815a59a94e69a70be6293f7097eb.jpg

Endorsing U.S. Green Party candidate David Cobb, New York's 9/11 activist Michael Kane reflected his reality check and explained, why he's glad "Bush stole the Election":

"...It's hard to find comfort in the Bush Regime's 2nd American Grand Scam, but for some odd reason I feel "warm & fuzzy" on the inside about it... with Bush showing our democracy to be a smoke screen in place to merely veil the fascism that lurks at the core of our former Republic, I no longer fear inertia from the resettles masses..."

This kind of slang needs support!

However 911truth.org prefered to morph into the red cross for fake democracy.

Possibly they will also support the latest hot patriotic s**t like notmecampaign.com, sorryeverybody.com, turnyourbackonbush.org, caseohio.org, and the refreshed votergate.tv, which possibly hacked themselves, to make some extra money.

With all this amount of new numbers, links, graphics and tabulations, one must wonder, if the e-voting machines in reality not belong to Microsoft, who's regularly using their customer to test their latest bugs, to improve their rotten system software as well.

Let's see, that makes it Diebold 2+, ES&S Bug(4)free, Sequoia2008 and SAIC Super Botox.

Wow! Someone at dailykos had even the absurde suggestion, that George Soros should buy Diebold.
What other utter nonsense might follow? Bruce Springsteen for President?

Endlesss complex numbers to impress everyone of a conspiracy, but it just takes two mouse clicks at BTS, to find out, that Flight 11 and Flight 175 never departed.

However, some e-voting activists, who also asked me for help, try to impress the leftgate keepers with some excel sheets about discrepancies between party affiliation and vote totals?

Only my investigative curiousity pushed me to compile the very same links, which i possibly should trashcan at the end of the week, when CNN might report about some new conspiracy nuts.

If these link lists are already the biggest smoking gun of e-voting activists, then it makes sense, why scientific evidence about 9/11 was always ignored by 911truth.org and their "ThoughtPolice".

Mathematicans, scientists and programmers are obviously in the minority of the PR department of the left wing.

The story will however continue. Watch out for VoterGate Soap Pt. 2 next week:
Jeff Fisher vs. FBI, Cobb in competition with Nader, Latinos and their 11/03 rap "Bush hacked the machines", moveon.org with an update called voteon.org, Al Franken's new show "hottest county voting pubs and stripper clubs in Florida", Greg Palast's new book "Why i missed my plane to North Carolina" etc, etc...

That's enough, asshole, you might think.

I agree.
But you should have really shut me up in 2002, when i wrote about the ES&S Urosevich brothers at the very same DU, at the 2002 U.S. congress election and noone gave a damn!


Back to another reality check.
The war in Iraq did not stop, currently the U.S. colony is under martial law.
Also, former colonialist competitor France now seems to compete with the U.S., struggling with Ivory Coast (C?te d'Ivoire).

Also, there is a lot of new chatter going on in Washington, about an American attack on Iran.

Iran, meanwhile between European Union and key backing from China, would become another new trigger
for so called "World War IV" (as described in older documents from Neocon hardliner Eliot Cohen, Norman Podhoretz and Robert James Woolsey).

Do these disturbing developments not open the eyes of the democrats, who just wanna slow down a real opposition movement and revolution on the streets, with some lawsuits, which get blocked from the establishment anyway?

However, it's still even more bizarre.

Ronald Godwin, a top aide to Dr. Jerry Falwell, recently predicted:
"I see a real battle for the Republican Party starting about Nov. 3".

Last week, NY Times picked up this message again:

"...the euphoria of Mr. Bush's victory postponed the battle, but not for long. Now that Mr. Bush has secured re-election, some conservatives who say they held their tongues through the campaign season are speaking out against the neoconservatives, against the war and in favor of a speedy exit..."

This looks, like a possible nixonisation process of Bush is now (accidentally?) faster among the REPs, than at the DEMS.
They really have to catch on, otherwise the PaleoCons will win more sympathy among progressive leftwingers, who already turned their back from the leftwing establishment.
This effect might also attract some progressive-leaning lefties and newbie Clinton-Haters.

More domino effects to come... :)

Let's better come to the real news.

The 9/11 truth movement can relax for a while. They're still expanding and might even profit from the re-selection of Bush. However, the next 2 weeks might decide about the future on outdated activist strategies and their loudest spokesmen.

Currently the loosers are 9/11truth.org (now also endorsed by mind- and population controller Hawken + Abernethy) and the election-LIHOpers, followed by leftgate keepers around MoveOn.org, Medea Benjamin or Truthout.org.

On the winner side, much new hope:
911Truth Action, Team 8+, Craig Hill, Karl Schwarz, David Cobb, 911TruthLA.us, reopen911.org and my biggest guess: Jon Stewart and Howard Stern!

(more at) Frameup on Humanity- Updates (Issue November 8th)

homepage: homepage: http://inn.globalfreepress.com

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