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in search of community

looking for hope
In these trying times I'm finding myself needing communion with like minded people. Does anyone know of any of such communities? I would like something that goes beyond the scope of politics. I want left-wing people, people united against Bush, who are perhaps working towards revolution but this community I'm looking for would not be about work rather support in trying times.
come to portland 08.Nov.2004 15:09


or if you're already here, look around!

Finding your affinity group 08.Nov.2004 17:14

grateful code pinker

Find your affinity group.

Follow the newswire on this site. Go to the actions, demonstrations, and other activities announced here. Meet people. Find people you get along with. Find a *group* you get along with.

Look at the resources section of portland.indymedia (left side, scroll down).
Many local community groups are listed here. Check out a few that seem sympatico. Visit their websites. Join their email lists. Go to meetings. Get to know them.

Find your affinity group. I did. I can't tell you how much it helps, especially during the dark times, to have a group of like-minded souls supporting each other.


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reply from poster 08.Nov.2004 18:53

thanks for the info

First of all to the second person who replied, thanks for the info. However, all of the groups listed here seem to be mostly political groups and are for working together towards social change but don't guarantee emotional support. To the first person who replied: Where in Portland are you living? Yes I am thankfult o be living in Oregon, but I have lived in SE Portland my entire life, in what might be called the most liberal sector and it seems like if you are working class then you are not cool enough to be part of the activist crowd. Portland is the least friendliest, most close-minded city I have ever been in. We may all have similar politics but we don't know how to take care of eachother.

Do you like to play cards? 08.Nov.2004 19:57


I don't mean gambling...I mean high energy games like spoons and oh Hell?

play is good