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I have an idea that needs fleshing out

I have an idea that needs fleshing out
I am mad
I am mad that the media our media the oregonian, kgw...etc are not reporting all of the voting irregularites.

lets make them give us answers

march to them and shut them down till the organizations can answer why none of these news stories are being reported.

How can we get this started? how can I get this started?

10,000 Extra Votes Added in Nebraska County Another ES&S computer "failure".  http://www.wowt.com/news/headlines/1161971.html

50,000 Votes could be LOST in Dem Indiana County! Yet another ES&S computer "failure".

19,000+ new ballots were added after all precincts reported for Miami county ohio

268,159 more votes than voters in florida

22000 votes in Guilford county NC

11,283 votes in Craven county NC
 http://www.newbernsj.com/SiteProcessor.cfm?Template=/GlobalTemplates/Details.cfm&StoryID=18297&a mp;Section=Local

4,530 votes lost in Carteret county

4000 extra votes in Mecklenburg NC

4000 votes in PA

3893 votes in Franklin county OH

negative 25 million votes in Mahoning county Oh

93,000 more voters than the number of registered voters in cuyahoga county OH
I agree! It's the Media to be held to do their job 08.Nov.2004 12:40


OK....I will go with you and surround the building...no wait...that's only two of us...ok..If we hold a planning meeting - to be disclosed - how many out there (a show of meece, clicks, responses, etc.) please.

some suggestions for effectiveness and a bit of interspersed truth 08.Nov.2004 13:11

independant media maker

"I am mad that the media our media the oregonian, kgw...etc are not reporting all of the voting irregularites. "

I want to respond to this in a few points.

1. When you say "the media" you obviously mean corporate media, and shortly thereafter you call it "our media". I hope that it can be clear from the lack of the media covering the events that affect our lives that this is not OUR MEDIA. Our media, is independant and not necessarily just indymedia, but also community media. THis presedential selection did not represent the people and the corporate media did a good job of snuffing out candidates that might have actually represented people that were not part of the wealthy elite...monetarily.

2. The Oregonian and KGW et al are corporations that are projects of larger corporations that are tools of the government, they are a scam and attempts to get them to report the truth are futile at best. I will applaud any effort to actually further this cause, but at the same plead wiht those people that are leading suchg charges to also do things on a larger scale. Fighting the corporate media is noble and necessary, but I dont beleive the front we should take is in front of their corporate offices, it is in getting the communities that we live in to recognize that the shortcomings and truth behind corporate media. And to also offer alternatives. portland imc has for a long time been padering to the left but recently articles are popping up that are real original reporting that would be of interest to regular people that are reading the oregonian every morning and watching kgw each evening. ALso, community papers like the skanner, the asian reporter, oregon peaceworker, and other also do a better job of telling the peoples story and truth and these need to get out there more.

3. Some effective tactics would be culture jamming. Some specifics include producing a newsprint that looks quite similar to the oregonian front page and fill it with truth, then fill the oregonian boxes with it, or just the one that goes on the front of the box. When you go to coffee shops or so remove the corporate papers and such and replace them with local alternatives. Take the stories from portland imc and print them create pdf's and such and distribute these around town. The web is classist in certain ways, especially due to availability. Sure anyone can use it at the free coffeeshops and libraries but for real working class folks, it is harder for them to make the time and wait in the lines. Take these stories of love rage and truth and leave them on your neighbours door or so. THings like this will get people effectively thinking about the truth behind corporate media and some available alternatives. I am sure there are other points to make and I encourage others to do that.

4. The corporate media lies, do not trust them.

beyond Us vs. Them--a response to third respondent 08.Nov.2004 13:50

beyond war within us and outside!

Okay, if you want to "Jam" the cult ure, that's your prerogative. The question is, do you learn anything from our elders? When they have spoken/written about the ways in which the mainline war-centric seek to entice us into the kind of interaction that they know and have perfected.

You know, that chess game of everyday life that they're so stuck in.

weird non-sequitor but on topic:
If anything, how about making a little extra trade-goods for yourself (or money if you prefer) by selling small jars of "Culture Jam"? Or, holding taste tests at random places, comparing the competition's jams with your own brand of Culture Jam(ming)?

Or, how about music-wise?

Imagine, going up to grocery workers and asking:
"Hey man, do you know where the jams are?"

And they reply, and well, uh, well, you somehow work "jamming" in with that, re: music-wise...uh...heh...

no, but i'm trying to "flesh" this idea out--y'all got any ideahs?