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Video evidence showing ease of Vote Fraud.

Check this out!
rename file extension from .avi to .swf
rename file extension from .avi to .swf
E-Voting: Promise or Peril?

Fifty million Americans will use touch-screen voting systems to elect the next president this November. It is part of a nationwide bid to eliminate voting error and fraud, but an ever-growing group of critics claims that electronic voting machines will create more abuse and uncertainty than before.

Most residents of the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area will encounter touch-screen voting machines when they go to their polling places on Election Day, and while state officials insist that they are nearly impervious to outside attack, some experts fear that electronic voting will fail to deliver on digital democracy.

-- By Robert MacMillan


Watch the flash movies, expecially Chapter 2, which shows how easy
a person can manipulate the outcome of an election where machines are used.
(Chapter 2 is attached in case the file is deleted from the original site.)

homepage: homepage: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/technology/interactives/evoting/evoting.html

How To 08.Nov.2004 08:40

Watch the Flash Movie

Save the movie to your hard drive and rename the file from 302687.avi to 302687.swf(or a more descriptive name:)
Then double click it to make your web browser play
the flash movie.

Any kid that used a computer some days knows that 08.Nov.2004 12:18

Matt Marriott

The obvious about the the ultimate trilogy, celebrating the (false) victory of satan

The first - Ultimate Satanic Celebration at St. Peter's Square, Vatican : (almost) perfect 04/10/03

The second - European UNION - constitution SEALED in Giulio Cesare hall, Rome : 04/10/29

The third
US "Elections", with the climax in Washington : 04/11/02
Halloween 2004 - last hours before almost all Americans accept to carry the mark

recipe for malintent? 08.Nov.2004 12:25

blabberin blatherscytes

So why are the instructions to download the file in the form of an .avi save it to harddisk and then change the file extension? Sounds like an old skool way (and not very imaginitive) of I don't know.... installing a nifty doggie door into joe schmoes computer.

recipe 08.Nov.2004 13:58


"So why are the instructions to download the file in the form of an .avi save it to harddisk and then change the file extension?"

maybe because pdx imc server doesn't recognize the .swf format but takes the .avi format?

if you don't trust it, go to the linked page and get the .swf from your web cache instead.