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election fraud

the results of a day on the computer

the results of a day on the computer
10,000 Extra Votes Added in Nebraska County Another ES&S computer "failure".  http://www.wowt.com/news/headlines/1161971.html

50,000 Votes could be LOST in Dem Indiana County! Yet another ES&S computer "failure".

19,000+ new ballots were added after all precincts reported for Miami county ohio

268,159 more votes than voters in florida

22000 votes in Guilford county NC

11,283 votes in Craven county NC

4,530 votes lost in Carteret county

4000 extra votes in Mecklenburg NC

4000 votes in PA

3893 votes in Franklin county OH

4000+ lost votes in mercer county OH
a m e r i c a - get back your TRUTH 08.Nov.2004 02:19

egt UP

New: Florida is reporting more votes in the presidential election
than it is reporting citizens that turned out to vote. Adding all the
presidential race votes reported by the Florida Department of State
here yields a total of 7,588,422 votes. The Florida Department of
State reports here that voter turnout totalled only 7,350,900. That's
a difference of 237,522. 3.1% of Florida's presidential votes were in
excess of the number of voters in the election. 380,952 votes
separate the President and John Kerry in Florida.


lol they are sooooo .....

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thanks 'me' 08.Nov.2004 02:58


thanks, circulating.