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election fraud post-selection actions

PDF about sElection fraud from portland indymedia stories to PRINT & DISTRIBUTE

People have been saying it would be cool to have something about the sElection fraud to print out and distribute to people. I whipped this thing out today as fast as I could. It's not an official indymedia publication or anything like that, but it's got great info, is laid out clearly, doesn't have any misspellings (i'm pretty sure!) and says a lot in a small amount of space. Please download it, print it out, make copies, and distribute wherever you can! Bus-stops, inside corporate newspapers in their boxes, in cafes, to people on the street, on telephone polls, in bathrooms -- everywhere!

I highly encourage other people to make their own flyers/posters/news-sheets, too. The more the merrier. I'm hoping this will encourage other folks to do stuff too. This one is local-to-Portland as it has a story about the protests downtown, and takes some slams at the corporate media for ignoring everything. Anyway, download away!
PDF to download - 2 page, 8 1/2 x 11, intended to be double-sided
PDF to download - 2 page, 8 1/2 x 11, intended to be double-sided
I can only do a few copies myself, so take advantage of whatever resources you have. Work in an office? Got friends at the late shifts at Kinkos? Know anyone who'll kick down some change if you do the footwork? By whatever means necessary!

here's a preview so you can see what you're getting 08.Nov.2004 01:58

The WORD on the Street

this is too small to print. it's just to give you an idea.
for preview only.
for preview only.

graphic for feature 08.Nov.2004 02:15

pdx indy graphics drone #6082

logo of publication for use in feature.

looks good, btw. you should do more!

Thank you! 08.Nov.2004 10:25


Thank you - it looks good! I'm forwarding it on

feedback 08.Nov.2004 18:23


Thanks for doing this, it's good. Some feedback for the future: tiny columns break up lines into akward lengths, two columns would have been better than 3. Also, getting to the facts quicker with less rhetoric would have been real nice, for example, the big "Optical scan" section on the back would have been nice on the front. Tangible stuff is what i think most readers want. I think puting the protest as the last, not first, story would also have been a good idea. But that's just me.

Thanks for doing it

Reply to Feedback 08.Nov.2004 21:38

The WORD on the Street

Thanks for the "Thanks"!

Re. narrow columns -- yeah it's difficult to know how exactly to do a layout like this, especially when you want to include photos, etc. If I do more, I'm sure I'll try different things.

Re. rhetoric vs. fact -- I thought about that, too, and decided both were important. Regarding corporate media and it's power, for example, and the rant about that -- this is an unreported fact, too. Some big picture stuff is important to include to remind people of the nature of the world we live in. That is, it's not just the crimes (like stealing an election or cutting down old growth trees or poisoning rivers, etc.), it's the system that makes it easy for these crimes to happen. And that system is propped up by the corporate media. I think that's one of those things that lots of people know, but often go into denial about. Plus, it's good to put the rhetoric out there for people who might feel the same way, or are starting to, but who don't have the words themselves yet.

Re. story order / front/back, etc. -- fortunately it's small (at one double-sided page), and many people immediately turned it over to see what was there, too, and make up their minds where to start.

Anyway, "moi", thanks very much for the feedback! I'm sure it'll be running around in my head if I do another one.

Pretending to expose to cover-up better 08.Nov.2004 23:16

Matt Marriott

"Almost half of the people eligible to vote in the United States declined to do so on
Nov. 2, 2004. Those who did were quite partisan. That is, those registered Democrat tended to vote for Kerry, while Republicans went for Bush.
This pattern was nearly universal except in 50+ rural counties in Florida, where final official tallies varied wildly from what was expected."

This is suggesting that in the US, "except in 50+ rural counties in Florida", there was no fraud.