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election fraud

get the word out now!

get the word out now!
report after report after report of vote fraud and hardly a ripple in the mainstream media. reports of reporters being "shutdown", reports of reporters being "threatened"

we the people are on are own now

HELP AMERICA AUDIT: 5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Reclaim Democracy

You're our greatest hope. If you choose to accept it, your job is to spread the word in order to build a fast-growing grass roots movement -- a voting integrity project so powerful that it cannot be mowed down.

1. BE THE MEDIA -- See below.

2. CRUNCH THE NUMBERS: Discrepancies please, and hurry. E-mail them to  tips@blackboxvoting.org . Pass the word. Need source documents, too. ASAP. Follow your nose, or join the Black Box Scavenger Hunt: Pick a county. Look at small counties, as we are seeing many discrepancies in those. Look in any state. Get the official number of registered voters, Dem and Republican. Get the number of votes cast on Nov. 2, Republican and Dem. Make a grid like this, filling in the right numbers:

# reg. voters % # votes cast %
Rep 100 33% 150 50%
Dem 200 67% 150 50%
Totl 300 100% 300 100%

We can find out a lot from this procedure, very hard data, that will make a real difference. As soon as you have finished a county, e-mail it to us. Do as many counties as you can.

3. HAVE A HOUSE PARTY: Show the film "Votergate" (the real one, which you can download for free at www.Votergate.tv .) Organize "Be the media" actions and set up investigative teams to help dig up information like you have in #2. Timeline is NOW, to get action before seating the electoral college.

4. HELP CONNECT THE WIRES: Hook Black Box Voting (.ORG) up with powerhitters you know, people who can make things happen.

5. DONATE to any of 3 organizations: Black Box Voting (.ORG), the consumer protection group for elections; or the new recount fund (information upcoming, contact DU's Hedda_Foil), or send contribution to Votergate.tv (The REAL Votergate film, by Russell Michaels, Robert Carrillo Cohen, and Simon Ardizzone. There is another by someone else, make sure you get the right one.) The real VOTERGATE is the most powerful investigative film on this topic, and consequently it has been attacked and blocked repeatedly. They deserve your support.


Don't expect to see vote burglary on TV. To get the message out fast, you're going to have to become the underground railroad. Do it now. Take pictures of each other doing it. Have house parties to show others how to do it. Here's how to "be the media."

BE YOUR OWN REPORTER: We will send you new information as we get it. We need your e-mail to get you on the list, so if a friend sent this to you, please shoot an email to  crew@blackboxvoting.org to sign up.

Spread the information we send you to every blog, listserv, forum you know and throughout your personal network. Talk about it at work and to people you meet everywhere, lots, quickly, all the time.

SELF SERVE SOUND BITES: Frequent, very short messages to immediately increase public awareness. Assume you won't see it on TV.
Put vote fraud related messages on:
- Yard signs
- Car windows
- Write them on duct tape and wear them
- Print REMOVABLE stickers and stick them on things:
- Bathroom door at the gas station.
- On telephone poles in the dead of night
- At bus stops
- On the back of bus seats
- Stick them into your junk mail and send it back via return mail
- Slip them into menus at restaurants
- Leave them in books at the bookstore
- Share new self serve sound bite ideas with us and we'll send them out with new messages.

ELECTION "TRUTH TOURETTES". Please excuse the political incorrectness, as it is not meant to be hurtful. It is for a good purpose. This the antidote to "watch what you say." It is a good icebreaker at a party. Have your guests make up truths, like those below, and mix them into the conversation at surprise times throughout the party. Unexpectedly and urgently blurt them out:

Electile Dysfunction!
Gotta audit-Gotta audit-Gotta audit
--mathmatically impossible!--
Count all the votes! Count all the votes! Count all the votes!
Paperballots! Handcounts!
--where's my vote?--
Where's the paper?
Feel free to interchange and mix it up, or even try a game where different people have to interject with different truths.

Also, here are more ideas.
- Magnetic signs for your car
- If you know a trucker, have them put a message in the window as they drive across the county.
- Make a patch and put it on the front of your baseball cap
- Carry a sign and stand in the window outside the Today Show

If we have to be our own media, so be it. We will not sacrifice democracy just because TV executive producers have a problem with this issue.

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vote fraud
vote fraud

More specifics please 08.Nov.2004 10:45

bean couner

I'm interested in this effort, but I'd like to see some more specifics listed here before I dive in.

1) What are the deadlines? You mention the electoral college being seated. When is that and why is it significant? Are there other deadlines?
2) What counties are the most important? Can we investigate counties outside of our state?
3) How does a person get the information from the counties? Do we call them and just ask? What specifically do we ask for? Is there language to use or avoid to make the process easier?
4) Could you post a case study on how you got the dirt on one county? Start from the begining and walk us through the steps.

Thanks so much for pursuing this issue. If you can get me this information, I'll get you some counties.

Time to wake up to the Bush LIE 08.Nov.2004 14:01

Doug Foland sweetguypdx43@aol.com

I cant beleve in a country this size the # of people that did not vote.The people in the coutraged by the lying BUSH agenda!

Maybe this guy can help? 08.Nov.2004 14:17


James W. Walter is getting dragged in the mud by the big media for
him not believing in the "official" 9/11 version.

What makes him so "dangerous" for the involved scumbags then?
Answer: He spends BIG money on advertisments on the cable networks,
including CNN, FoxNews and ESPN, challenging the official lies.

The following trashing is from todays nytimes.com...

A Hidden Story Behind Sept. 11? One Man's Ad Campaign Says So

WASHINGTON, Nov. 7 - The grainy 30-second commercials are eerie and cryptic, and they suggest a government cover-up of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. One implies that no plane flew into the Pentagon. The other suggests that 7 World Trade Center, which collapsed late in the afternoon that day, was detonated from within.

The advertisements, which ran repeatedly here and in New York between Oct. 20 and Nov. 2 on several cable networks, including CNN, Fox News and ESPN, offer a Web site, an address and a phone number but give little indication who is behind them.

The ads are the latest salvo from James W. Walter, a millionaire from Santa Barbara, Calif., who over the years has financed programs promoting voter registration in low-income neighborhoods and prison reform. Recently he has taken a growing interest in the investigation of the Sept. 11 attacks. The television commercials, as well as ads in magazines and newspapers, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Daily News, are part of a $3 million national campaign paid for by Mr. Walter in an effort to press for the reopening of the investigation by the independent Sept. 11 commission.

"It just isn't possible that 19 screw-ups with box cutters pulled this whole thing off," Mr. Walter said in a telephone interview Friday as he traveled from Florida to California by train. He has traveled by train since Sept. 11, 2001, he said, because he has been too scared to fly.

"We've never gotten solid answers on why Tower 7 collapsed when it was two full blocks away from where the planes hit," he said. "We've also never received an answer for how such a large plane left such a small hole in the side of the Pentagon."

The independent commission, which issued its final report in July, disputed some commonly held beliefs about the attacks but not the general conclusion, that 19 young terrorists hijacked planes and flew them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

For Mr. Walter, though, what started as a hunch about official negligence has blossomed into a full-blown conspiracy theory involving government officials looking for a pretext to send troops into Afghanistan and Iraq.

Mr. Walter has tapped into a long tradition in which national tragedies - from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to the downing of Trans World Airlines Flight 800 - inflame the most feverish imaginations.

But in New York, the ads may have found a particularly receptive audience.

A Zogby poll of New Yorkers' opinions about the 9/11 investigation, released last month, indicated that 49 percent of New York City residents and 41 percent of New York state residents believed that some federal officials "knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act." The poll also found that 66 percent of New York City residents and 56 percent of state residents wanted a fuller investigation of the "still unanswered questions."

Using the poll findings to make their case, relatives of victims of the attacks and others skeptical of the commission's investigation have asked Eliot Spitzer, the New York attorney general, to open an investigation into what they said were unanswered questions.

Glenn P. Corbett, a professor of fire science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice who is part of an investigation into the collapse of the World Trade Center towers by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, said that he was not surprised by the lingering speculation about the attacks, but that there were clear answers to most questions raised by Mr. Walter's ad campaign.

The hole left by the attack on the Pentagon was not bigger, Mr. Corbett said, because the wings were lighter than most other parts of the plane and probably disintegrated on impact with the ground and the building. The reason 7 World Trade Center collapsed straight down, he said, was most likely the large amounts of diesel fuel stored in the building's lower levels. The fuel was meant to power emergency generators.

"The conspiracy theorists fail to recognize that there was structural damage in Building 7 caused by flying debris after the first two towers collapsed," Mr. Corbett said. "This led to fires that burned for several hours which eventually collapsed Building 7, too."

One skeptic who wants Mr. Spitzer to open an investigation is W. David Kubiak, who lives in Kennebunkport, Maine, and runs a Web site called 911Truth.org. He said that not all doubters had gone as far as Mr. Walter in their conspiracy theories. Most people in his group, he said, including families of 9/11 victims, simply want more of an explanation why there were so many problems that day involving emergency communication and the chain of command.

"I guess I'm one of the few people with the wherewithal to push the issue," said Mr. Walter, who says he is worth about $7 million, most of which he inherited from his father's building materials company in Tampa, Fla. Besides making financial donations to various causes, Mr. Walter, 57, also founded Walden Three, a nonprofit group in Santa Barbara that researches futuristic ideas for environmentally friendly urban development. Much of his time, Mr. Walter said, is spent working on a science fiction novel that he hopes to publish to promote utopian visions for city planning.

"Sometimes Jimmy gets a little carried away with his own ideas," said Assia Mortensen, who works occasionally as an editor for Walden Three. "But at root, he's an eccentric sweetheart with a lot of money and he shares it with a lot of important groups."

Mr. Walter said he was no stranger to adversity, having overcome an addiction to cocaine. He also has Tourette's syndrome, he said.

"I have a hard time not speaking up when I see something that doesn't seem right," Mr. Walter said. "I guess that is just the way I am."

What you can do to help 08.Nov.2004 18:41


If you really want to help out, donate a few bucks to  http://blackboxvoting.org
I know many of us are very broke, but every dollar helps. I sent off $10 today. They just got up a paypal acceptance, and it is very easy to donate a few bucks.

The time to act is now 09.Nov.2004 21:54


The blackbox website is down (mysteriously) but they can still accept donations at this site:


They need funds to file Freedom of Infotrmation Act requests and demand recounts, but the clock is ticking.....

second bean counter's request 10.Nov.2004 00:51

we are everywhere!

I second bean counter's request, above, for some more specific advice on how to obtain the information. I haven't a clue how to start, but I'd love to help.

Also: shouldn't folks include sources when emailing in county totals, etc?


Don't Tread on Me! americanpress@hotmail.com


The "mainstream" news media is the recipient of millions of dollars in campaign funds - and executive editors at radion stations, television stations, and newspapers are handing down "orders" not to cover the election fraud - however, this is just one week after the 2004 General Elections - so, more is to come.

What IS needed - is to MAKE NEWS! There are millions of people in this country who are planning to gather in Washington DC in December - some are leaving now - to protest the Iraqi War. We must JOIN WITH THEM and PROTEST the Fraudulant election.

GATHER, MEET, SHARE CONTACT INFO and plan to gather in Washington DC this December with Millions of Americans to stop the lies, cheating and denial!

Be a part of 10.Nov.2004 06:39


I think this is a good idea IF you can keep the infiltraitors out. And that's a big IF. There is a strong Israeli bent to politics (here in DC) now and they are willing to use whatever means they can to keep Bush in office and keep the imbalance of power in the Middle East.

blackboxvoting.org 12.Nov.2004 09:42

khz sans_sane@yahoo.com

Bev harris of blackboxvotng.org ahs been pursuing this for quite some time. She is organizing for an Ohio recount. Nader is applying for a New Hampshire recount (I know Kerry won there, but they use DieBold machines too, and it would be a chink in the e-voting armor. Its not even about Kerry: Diebold needs to be removed from out elections). akansas indy media had some nice links to vote fraud specifics http://arkansas.indymedia.org/feature/display/5103/index.php anyone in florida, or anyone who knows someone in florida, have them ask for personal access to a recount of the votes as they are entitled to by the "Sunshine Law" http://www.washingtondispatch.com/spectrum/archives/000720.html Thanks all, and keep it up. This story IS growing.