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more from union county florida

more from union county florida
Something seems wrong with Union County

In the 2004 Primarys

Republican voters Democrat voters
Senator 499 2419
Representative 491 2888

In the General Election of 2004 total turnout is 4714

Republican voters Democrat voters
President 3396 1251
Senator 2816 1632
Representative 2834 1592

Don't these numbers seem a little odd?
In the primaries over 2888 people came out and voted democratic but in the general election the top total is only 1632. Where did the other 1256 democratic voters from the primaries go?

Do you really believe that 580 people come out and vote for a republic president and not vote for a republican senator and a republican Representative? Do also believe that 381 people would vote for a democratic senator and a democratic representative but not for a democratic President?

What is going on here? This County uses the hackable error prone Op-Scan machines is this evidence of fraud?

2004 primary information
 link to election.dos.state.fl.us

2004 general election information
Its simple 07.Nov.2004 16:01

two reasons

Reason #1 Nobody was running against Bush in the primary.

Reason #2 Republicans crossed over to vote for the weaker democrat candidate in the primary. This is an old Texas political trick used for decades in the south. I know at least 4 Republicans who are registered democrats and the keep this registrations for no other reason than to vote for weak democrat candidates in primaries.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

okay.....so 07.Nov.2004 16:48


why did 580 people come out and vote for a republic president and not vote for a republican senator and a republican Representative?

Numbers are correct 05.Nov.2005 08:25

Union County Resident

I know this was posted around a year ago- But I was googleing Union County and came across this.

Those numbers are about right.

Most everyone is registered Democrat because this was very much a part of the "Solid South", and if you want to vote in local elections, you pretty much have to register Democrat or you're not going to get very far.

That being said, this is probably one of the most backwoods counties in America, with a very Hardcore Neo-Conservative following (the kind of people who listen to Ann Rice). The school system doesn't help any, I'm sure if anyone representing the ACLU showed up for a day the school system would have more lawsuits then it would know what to do with (on issues like racism and religion).

But, those numbers are right. Other than a handful of high schoolers, and maybe a few people who have recently moved here- Bush is all anyone cares to think about.